Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Episode List + Links!


Episode 1: Blythe's Big Adventure (Part 1): 1080p
Blythe Baxter moves to the big city above the Littlest Pet Shop. She finds out she can talk to the pets in the shop and must save the shop from closing and turning into a sweet shop. 

Episode 2: Blythe's Big Adventure (Part 2): 1080p
The pets enlist Blythe to help save their beloved pet shop from going out of business. The aspiring fashion designer hosts a pet fashion show starring her new animal friends in hopes of saving the day. 

Episode 3: Bad Hair Day: 1080p
Blythe frantically races to fix the absolutely horrendous haircut she gave Zoe while the other pets pressure Minka into becoming a rich and famous art superstar. 

Episode 4: Gailbreak!: 1080p
Zoe’s sister Gail gets trapped in the Largest Ever Pet Shop. In order to rescue her, the gang must first get past the Biskit twins and their high-tech security robot.

Episode 5: Penny For Your Laughs: 720p
Pepper is unaware that her new stand-up comedy show routine might be offending the other pets especcially sensitive Penny; meanwhile, Blythe is persuaded to become friends with the Biskit twins.

Episode 6: Mean Isn't Your Color: 1080p
Blythe has a hard time accepting that her dad has a date while Penny struggles with admitting she does not like the outfit Blythe is making for her.

Episode 7: Russell Up Some Fun: 1080p
Russell tries to show he has fun side, which includes wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Meanwhile, Sue mimics Blythe, so Blythe attempts to help her find her own sense of style.

Episode 8: Blythe's Crush: 1080p
Blythe and Zoe try to return a set of keys to Blythe's new crush, the remaining pets team up with a parrot who claims he is a legendary hero. 

Episode 9: Dumb Dumbwaiter: 1080p
Penny Ling leads the other pets on a mission to free Blythe, Zoe, Pepper and Minka when they get trapped in the dumbwaiter. 

Episode 10: Eve of Destruction: 1080p
With Mrs. Twombly away in search of her favorite cleaning supply, Blythe is left to manage the shop and keep the peace between Zoe and rival dog model, Madame Pom.

Episode 11: Books and Covers: 1080p
The pets suspect that a visiting Siamese cat is a spy from the Largest-Ever Pet Shop. Meanwhile, Blythe takes a risk and fills the remaining spots on her Mathlete team with the Biskit twins in order to compete in an upcoming match.

Episode 12: So You Skink You Can Dance: 1080p
Blythe and her dad take a trip to Hollywood with Vinnie in tow. The camera-shy Blythe is mistaken for a substitute dancer during a set visit to Vinnie's favorite dance show, and Vinnie gets his groove back from a local dance crew.

Episode 13: Lights, Camera, Mongoose!: 1080p
Famous movie star mongoose Shahrukh is in town shooting his next film and the pets go on set to visit their favorite star. But when Sunil is mistaken for Shahrukh, he's in for the ride of his life.

Episode 14: Trading Places: 1080p
Zoe asks for Penny Ling to share her feelings about a pet shop camper named Digby. Meanwhile, Russell hides inside Blythe's backpack and gets lost at her school.

Episode 15: Topped with Buttercream: 1080p
Youngmee's Aunt Christie opens a sweet shoppe next door to the Littlest Pet Shop. The pets get trapped in the shop's pantry with Aunt Christie's pet rabbit Buttercream, and enjoy a few too many treats.

Episode 16: Sweet (Truck) Ride: 1080p
Blythe jumps into Aunt Christie's new catering truck to bring it to a stop after the pets accidentally slip it into gear, sending it careening down the street, but everyone, from a police officer to Blythe's dad assumes she was taking the truck for a joy ride because Blythe can't and won't reveal how she knows it was really the pets who were responsible.

Episode 17: Helicopter Dad: 1080p
Blythe's dad surprises her at school and so they can spend the day together and Minka makes friends with an antisocial tortoise.

Episode 18: What's in the Batter?: 1080p
While helping Youngmee fill a huge cupcake order for the Biskit Twins' quarter-year birthday party, Blythe accidentally loses her new favorite necklace in the batter. She enlists the pets to help her retrieve it.

Episode 19: What Did You Say?: 1080p
Blythe comes down with a bad cold and finds she can't understand the pets anymore, while Vinnie is accidentally transported to the dump and has to find his way back home through the dangerous city streets.

Episode 20: Bakers and Fakers: 1080p
Blythe and her friends enter a cake baking competition, the pets learn that the Biskit twins plan to cheat their way to victory.

Episode 21: Terriers and Tiaras: 1080p
Against Blythe's better judgment, she and Zoe agree to appear on the "Terriers & Tiaras" reality show as they compete in a pet pageant where Blythe discovers that such competitions really do bring out the worst in people.

Episode 22: Lotsa Luck: 1080p
Pepper's comedy idol visits the Littlest Pet Shop, and she makes every attempt to earn his approval. Meanwhile, Blythe discovers Mrs. Twombly's secret past.

Episode 23: Door-Jammed: 1080p
While at the Biskit mansion for a rare art exhibit, Blythe accidentally gets locked in a bathroom with Whittany. Meanwhile, the pets hear strange howling in the Littlest Pet Shop and try to identify the werewolf among them.

Episode 24: Frenemies: 1080p
Zoe and Pepper get ultra-competitive planning a party for Penny Ling. Vinnie loses his tail and is shocked to find that it makes him a better dancer.

Episode 25: Blythe's Pet Project: 1080p
On a search for Mrs. Twombly's missing glasses, Blythe meets Shivers, a charming squirrel who makes himself at home at Littlest Pet Shop. When items from the day camp go missing, Blythe and pets soon realize who may be to blame.

Episode 26: Summertime Blues: 1080p
Blythe is accepted into the junior program at a prestigious fashion school and has to cope with the anxiety of leaving her family and pet friends behind over the summer.


  1. Haven't seen the episodes yet, but I will soon.

  2. Despite my challenging opinions of this episode (and in some regards, this show), I've sent a download link for this recent episode, courtesy of a generous uploader on YouTube.

    If you got my email already, let me know.

  3. the videos have been removed or at least they are all unavailable