Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Behind-the-Scenes Photo From Shannon Chan-Kent!

Click for a full-size view!

Shannon Chan-Kent just posted a photo on her Twitter of a whole bunch of voice actors working in the studio for "Littlest Pet Shop"! How cool is that?!?!

The picture is a little skewed because it's a panorama, but the faces shown here in the studio are:

From left to right: Peter New (Sunil), Jocelyne Loewen (Penny), Nicole Oliver (Zoe), Sam Vincent (Russell + Fisher Biskit), Kira Tozer (Minka + Sue), Michael Kopsa (Roger Baxter), Kathleen Barr (Mrs. Twombly + Jasper), Shannon (the Biskit twins + Youngmee), Ashleigh Ball (Blythe), Peter New (it's two pictures put together, so of course Peter decides to put himself in both, much to the surprise of Ashleigh)

UPDATE: Thanks to Peter New for helping us identify the people in the picture!!! He also told us the picture was taken by Kyle Rideout (Vinnie)! Though I still don't know who the guy in the center is...

And don't forget to comment on the pic on Shannon's Twitter here and Peter's Facebook page here!


  1. I'm actually pretty sure Ashleigh's the one on the right, the one who you assumed with Kira Tozer.

  2. This is cool, i never seen the studio before, (looks pretty crowded) I wouldn't sitting around and see the real people talking in their charaters and i always thought they recorded in separated rooms

    1. The voice actors for My Little Pony have mentioned how, for that show, they have them work together in a single large studio, just like seen here, to create a dynamic and give-take energy in the scenes and it makes for much better dialogue for the show.

  3. *I wouldn't mind sitting around and see the real people talking in their characters

  4. eeyup Peter is taking lessons how to warp reality for hilarity's sake.