Wednesday, 19 December 2012

LPSMV: What is Butler? / Git Nit / Everything You Do

We've got a whole range of LPSMV's this time!
We've got (yet another) extended tribute to Garçon from Serotone, a dubstep remix from Phoenix Ashes, and a RussellxMinka shipping music video from FKandFriends!

Check 'em all out after the break!


  1. I rewatched the episode and the butlers name is actually Francoise (or something like that, pronounced fran swah) Blythe says that at 12:55

    1. It is definitely, in fact, Garçon. You can read why in the fun fact here: I believe the joke at 12:55 is that Blythe doesn't understand French and so she thinks that the Biskits are saying "Francoise".