Friday, 28 December 2012

Revealed Synopses for Episodes 10-13

This doesn't relate to the synopses at all. I just really wanted to use this image. Cause I like it. A lot.

Zap2it and a press release made by the Hub about January Highlights have the synopses for Episodes 10, 11, 12, and 13, but they're not going to air until next year! (Hahaha! Sometimes, I crack me up.)

But in seriousness, these are all the new episodes airing in January!

New year, new episodes. To avoid spoilers, click "Read More" to check out the synopses!

Episode 10 Title: Eve of Destruction
Air Date: January 5, 2013
Synopsis: With Mrs. Twombly away in search of her favorite cleaning supply, Blythe is left to manage the shop and keep the peace between Zoe and rival dog model, Madame Pom.

Episode 11 Title: Books and Covers
Air Date: January 12, 2013
Synopsis: The pets suspect that a visiting Siamese cat is a spy from the Largest-Ever Pet Shop. Meanwhile, Blythe takes a risk and fills the remaining spots on her Mathlete team with the Biskit twins in order to compete in an upcoming match.

Episode 12 Title: So You Skink You Can Dance
Air Date: January 19, 2013
Synopsis: Blythe and her dad take a trip to Hollywood with Vinnie in tow. The camera-shy Blythe is mistaken for a substitute dancer during a set visit to Vinnie’s favorite dance show, and Vinnie gets his groove back from a local dance crew.

Episode 13 Title: Lights, Camera, Mongoose!
Air Date: January 26, 2013
Synopsis: Famous movie star mongoose Shahrukh is in town shooting his next film and the pets go on set to visit their favorite star. But when Sunil is mistaken for Shahrukh, he’s in for the ride of his life.

Dog models? Spies?? Hollywood??? A movie star mongoose????
I must say, this looks like an exciting upcoming month for "Littlest Pet Shop"!

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  1. And I'm the derpface who misread "Madame Pom" as "Madame Porn"

    Don't have particular expectations for any of 'em. Should be nice to see where they go, though.

  2. Oh god, this season keeps getting better and better. Dogfights, siamese cat spies, Vinnie episode (squee!), Sunil episode (double squee!), prince and the pauper esque shenanigans(triple squee) starring Sunil (heart attack from all the squee!)...

    This is gonna be epic as all heck.

  3. Ooh, these episodes are lookin' GOOD! Can't wait to see 'em!

    They may have given away Vinnie's actual scientific classification with the title of episode 12; turns out a Skink is an actual family of lizard. So it narrows it down to roughly...1200 individual species.

    Also: I'm calling it right now, If there's going to be a guest star on Littlest Pet Shop, then it's going to be Kunal Nayyar as Shahrukh in episode 13.

    I'm not saying that that'll be the case, but if Pound Puppies can get Jim Parsons as a guest star *twice*, I can see Littlest Pet Shop getting Kunal Nayyar to guest star for this episode. Besides, wouldn't that be so cool?

    1. Talk about overreaching. Lol!

      But this really helped me understand, so thanks! I was really confused so I thought "skink" was like a portmanteau of "skunk" and "think" even though Pepper isn't even mentioned in the synopsis.

      Also, that would be so awesome if we had guest stars on "Littlest Pet Shop"! Another example is all the guest stars, including Jenna Fischer, on "Dan Vs."