Monday, 7 January 2013

Daniel Ingram Tweets Behind-the-Scenes Picture of LPS Music

Daniel Ingram, song composer for "Littlest Pet Shop", posted this picture on his Twitter of some magical music-making that him and Steffan Andrews, other LPS song composer (on the right), make. The man on the left may be Daniel Ingram himself or somebody else playing an LPS song (Daniel and Steffan often bring in musicians to record live music for the songs on the shows they work on). Thanks for the photo, Danny!

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  1. It's not Daniel Ingram. I've met him in person, and there's a photo of him on his official website, as well as his Wikipedia article (among other places).

    1. That's what I figured. He's probably a guest musician.

  2. Off-topic, do we know if there's going to be more than 13 episodes?