Sunday, 20 January 2013

Episode 16 Synopsis Revealed

Once again, our friendly neighborhood Zap2it has released the title and synopsis of Episode 16. Check it out after the break!

Episode 16 Title: Sweet Truck Ride
Air Date: February 16th, 2013
Synopsis: Blythe rescues the pets when they accidentally send the truck careening down the street, so when Blythe gets blamed, the pets decide to film a reenactment.

The...the truck? What truck?!

Well this sounds rather intriguing, but that's really all I can say about it now. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. If this episode unfortunately gets bashed/maligned for being about a misunderstanding, than we know why.

    That's the biggest problem with this show - this idea of designng episodes around "misunderstandings" undermines any ability for the show to properly develop its characters and for us as viewers to like them. Am I right or wrong?

    1. ....I, personally, think you're wrong. I think they're wonderfully developed, misunderstandings and all. It's not like people in real life are always understanding everything perfect.

      I'm just getting sick and tired of people saying there's no proper character development. Twelve episodes in and we've gotten plenty of development. Just look at Penny (shy girl who can kick some butt and won't be a doormat for anyone). Or Vinnie (started out a dumb klutz, but turned into a nerdy guy who stands up for his friends when they're being scammed). It's like people are looking for faults just so they can make this show look bad.

      But that might just be me being sensitive after all the bronies were yelling at us for liking a show that wasn't ponies.

    2. ^This. We're already 12 episodes in and only 2-3 of them are about "misunderstandings".

    3. To tell the truth, I'm only being harsh because unlike FiM(which is overrated, IMHO), I don't want this show to fail and worse yet, be forgotten - if I'm overreacting, it's because I'm serious about that! I just don't want to see this show get labeled for being unoriginal with its plots. It's sad enough this show has been a victrim of such BS already and it really pisses me off, too - I mean, there are so many times FiM has felt unoriginal IMHO as of late, it pisses me off that no one can see them and fight accordingly to point them out when deserved and necessary!

      Also, these bronies need to shut up at this's like I can't enjoy a good show like this one, either way, because of an undeserving fanbase with no respect for others... In oither words, glad I'm not one of them. I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh on this show, but unlike some cartoons out there that I could easily have skipped out on and not gave no care about, this is not one of them. I don't want this show's schtick/antics to get old. I want this show to succeed (maybe even exceed my expectations a little), but I guess I'm asking too much - but that's because I actually enjoy what I'm watching, unlike some other (unfortunately overrated) shows.

      Just me telling the truth.

  2. Yeah and LPS is a slice of life show. There is no villains trying to take over the world, let's save the world plots, etc. So you have to have some conflict in other ways. Would you rather MLP G3 when there was no conflict at all.

    And not everything is about misunderstandings, like "Eve of Destuction" there was no misunderstanding, Mrs. Twombry is crazy, simple as that.

    1. MLP G3 sucked, so hell no to that. If I am being too harsh, it's because I see nothing but potential in this show, unlike the people who have dismissed it after the first two eps (ex. Bronies with no respect for others opinions, like ours.).