Sunday, 27 January 2013

Episode 17 Synopsis Revealed

We finally get a Minka episode! Has there never been a Minka episode before? Wait no, there was Episode 3, I remember, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, Zap2it has once again released a new episode for February, and Roger Mitt Romney Baxter returns! Check out the synopsis after the break!

Episode 17 Title: Helicopter Dad
Air Date: February 23rd, 2013
Synopsis: Blythe's dad surprises her at school and so they can spend the day together and Minka makes friends with an antisocial tortoise.

The return of Tank? Hahaha, I don't know, maybe! Also Blythe thinks her dad is embarrassing. Nothing new there.

What are your thoughts? Tell us below!


  1. Episode 4 was Gailbreak, you're thinking of Episode 3, Bad Hair Day. :)

  2. Yes there has been a Minka episode before. Episode 3 "Bad Hair Day".

    As for the Blythe, after seeing him dive, no way am I getting in a hellicopter with Roger Baxter. RIP Blythe.

    I like to see an episode in which we see Roger and Fish Biskit together, the battle of the dads. I am sure there is a father / daughter competition plot they can do in the future. Who knows if Fish would show up, he might no show and sent some professional athlete mercenary in his place.

  3. YES A MINKA EPISODE. And "antisocial tortoises" sounds like a great name for an indie band.

    Also, I swear, Mr. Baxter is the best dad ever. He's so nice, and he tries to hang out with his daughter and take her places and connect with her, and he's a big dork. He reminds me of my dad. ^^

  4. Replies
    1. Minka better have an epic song this episode then.

  5. Intresting indeed...can't wait to see it. I hope we get in return Blythe's father Happy Wheels skill like in the first episode.

  6. Antisocial tortoise? *cough cough* CRANKY DOODLE *cough cough*

    1. Not exactly. Pinkie Pie tries but keeps failing to befriend Cranky, while Pinkie actually suceeds in befriending him, probably to help him "come out of his shell".