Thursday, 10 January 2013

LPS Trading Cards On the Way!

Dat Blythe

Suddenly, I, the one and only GaugeN, am revived, with some pretty interesting news, too!

According to Enterplay, LCC's Facebook Page, it looks like they will be releasing cards dedicated to the 3rd generation LPS characters, for all of you card collectors out there! Packs will also include tattoos, foil cards, daily scratch-off cards, and more!

Keep an eye out at any store that holds cards from Enterplay, they'll be here as soon as February!


  1. I do believe Hasbro is spoiling us with all of these merchandising goodies.

  2. I love how Hasbro seems to just be cutting to the chase with non-necessarily-little-girl-oriented merchandise for LPS.
    Took FiM almost two years.
    ....but I'm not complaining.

  3. Are the cards random or could you finish set 1 by buying each of the 6 packs?

  4. You should do some more blogs about the toys!