Friday, 11 January 2013

Possible Title for Episode 14/15?

Zap2it has a space for a new episode that gives no more than a title and an air date (no synopsis). It's listed at "S01, E15", even though there's no known Episode 14 yet. And Google seems to tell me that this is the only reference so far.

I'm going to put this one after the break to avoid spoilers.

Episode Title: Trading Places
Air Date: February 2nd, 2013


  1. I thought the first season is only 13 episodes long. Tho I can't remember any solid confirmation on the subject so I may be wrong...

    1. I personally think it's actually going to be 26 episodes, with a pair of two-parters; Blythe's Big Adventure (the season premiere), and whatever the season finale will be. It was almost the same thing for MLP.

      And don't forget, Zap2it still hasn't fixed the error which has MLP's "Secret of My Excess" as episode 8 in the LPS episode list. Not everything on that site is entirely accurate, though they have been right many times in the past.

  2. I have a feeling that if the air date is 2/2/13 (if this is in fact reliable information and not just random guesswork), then it's actually episode 14, and the person who uploaded it got the number wrong, or was just playing it safe in case there were any delays or re-arrangings.

    And season 1 is likely to be 26 episodes long, just like season 1 for MLP, though on iTunes they split it up into two volumes of 13 episodes each so as to maximize profit.

    Back on subject, this episode has quite a lot of different ways that it could go. I myself thought of three different scenarios within 10 minutes of reading the title.

    But no matter the scenario that plays out in my head, one thing always remains constant; two of the main characters are going to have some kind of argument or dispute about the others' lifestyle.

    OR, perhaps even more interesting, is one of the pets believes that Blythe's life is better or more desirable than their own...

    Now I'M the one doing random guesswork...

  3. Well I am hoping for a Blyte and one of the pets preferably Zoey body switching episode. If it is just two pets switching jobs or personalities that is boring, I want Freaky Friday like body switching craziness.

  4. Hey, that airdate's my birthday!

  5. Will The New Season permere on September 21