Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Revealed "Trading Places" Synopsis + Revealed Episode 14/15

Yeah, you read that right. Whoever's updating the Zap2it Episode Guide for Littlest Pet Shop is fucking up pretty bad with the episode numbers, but at least we've finally got some new upcoming episode synopses.

For "Trading Places", we sadly don't have any body-switching or "Prince and the Pauper"-type story here. To be quite honest, after reading the synopsis, I'm still confused as to why it's still called that. 

Check them both out after the break!

Episode 14/15 Title: Trading Places
Air Date: February 2nd, 2013
Synopsis: Russell hitches a ride to school inside Blythe backpack and gets lost; Zoe asks Penny Ling to relay her feelings for a handsome doggie camper named Digby.

Episode 14/15 Title: Topped with Buttercream
Air Date: February 9th, 2013
Synopsis: The pets get trapped in the sweet shoppe's pantry with Aunt Christie's pet rabbit Buttercream and enjoy a few too many treats.

If you click the link above you'll see that, although "Trading Places" is set for Feb. 2, it's listed as Episode 15. Let's just assume that it's just the episode numbers that are wrong.

Well "Trading Places" isn't what I expected at all. I'm also glad we're getting some new characters up in here: "Digby" and "Buttercream". And I'm just imagining the pets getting drunk on candy...


  1. Zoe's got a crush? So soon after Blythe's crush, at that (random prediction: Digby isa Josh's dog). And she's getting Penny to rely her feelings? Oh my gosh, do you know what this is? This is gender-flipped Cyrano de Bergerac, but with pets! *squee!*

    Also, the pets on a sugar rush is going to be the best thing ever. It'll most likely be followed up by tummyaches, but the sugar rush will be worth it.

  2. No body switching episode? Ugh, actully I knew that was a long shot. So finally we see on of the pets have romantic feelings. I wonder if Russell is going to interact with any of Blythe's human friends?

    I wonder who is Aunt Christie, is that just a nickname, is that a relative of Mrs Twombry, or Blythe? Is the rabbit going to be a tribute to the bunny from the first LPS cartoon?

    So many questions, can't wait for them to be answered.

  3. Russell episode followed by a Penny Ling episode? Yes!!

    1. Oh, I read the secnd one as "Penny LIng get trapped in the sweet shoppe's pantry with Aunt Christie's pet rabbit Buttercream and enjoys a few too many treats". -_-
      Oh well, still sounds pretty good!