Saturday, 23 February 2013

Episode 19 Synopsis Revealed / Episode 20 Title Revealed

Looks like Zap2It released another episode plot-line for us all to get hyped over!

Check it out after the break!

Episode 19 Title: What Did You Say?
Air Date: March 9th, 2013
Synopsis: When Vinnie falls into a garbage can and is accidentally transported to the city dump the pets ask Blythe for her help, only to discover she can no longer understand them.

Oh boy, looks like we have ourselves an interesting episode to look forward to. I wonder how Blythe is going to get her ability back? Guess time will tell!

Episode 20 Title: Bakers And Fakers
Air Date: March 16th, 2013

I wonder what this one will be about. Sounds like it'll be another sweet-shop centered episode considering "Bakers" is in the title. Who knows? 

What do you think these episodes will be about?


  1. Sounds like good times ahead. And as for episode 20, it seems like wikipedia has something on that: "A weasel tricks Buttercream into giving him the largest cake in Aunt Christie's sweet shop and the pets set off to find the con artist."

  2. Hmmm...losing her power to understand pets...intresting. This show really goes up and up.

  3. I've said before, and I'll say it again: Episode 19 seriously better elucidate as to how she acquired the ability to talk to animals in the first place. There's a myriad of headcanon surrounding it but they all seem pretty weak, and it has been a pretty big question regarding the show since episode 1. I have confidence in the writers, though, so I'll await the episode with absolute eagerness nonetheless.

    But really... if they were negligent and how she can talk to animals isn't made clear... man. I can't even begin to speculate the backlash and controversy it'd spawn within this fandom. Hell, it'd be the first time I've ever seen this fandom get upset over *anything.*

    Also, episode 20 sounds pretty promising. Alas, full on optimism for episode 19 not being moot crap.

  4. Since this is Littlest Pet Shop we're talking about EP19 probably boils down to Blythe hitting her head, a radio signal jamming her communication or some other silly thing without explaining anything about how her crazy ability actually works or why/how she gained it. But hey, it'll lead to craaazy hijinks

    I'm guessing EP20 will be showing off the latest candy themed pet, one who is a prick/rival of Buttercream and challenges her to a baking contest or the like.

    1. Orrr EP20 will be about what Thomas posted. Sounds good to me!

  5. Ep 20 synopsis according to Zap2it:

    Bakers and Fakers
    Blythe and her friends enter a cake baking competition, the pets learn that the Biskit twins plan to cheat their way to victory.

    And to add to that, Ep 21:

    Terriers and Tiaras
    Blythe agrees to appear on the reality pet pageant show and discovers that the competition brings out the worst in people.

    1. Those two synopse(s) alone put a lot of doubt in me, sadly.

      Seriously, must these writers go & villainize the show's most complex character(s), especially when a majority of people who I can't speak for (so far, including whether outside of the fanbase or not) seem to find Blythe and he "friends" to be either unlikable and/or a key factor in why this show is seen as nothing but Friendship is Magic's shadow (sad as that is...)?

      Also, the beauty pageant ep has all the making of a typical beauty pageant ep... As in not too promising. They're going to need some good writing for both to keep anyone interested, just by reading those synopses alone...