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"Helicopter Dad" - Discussions/Streams

Yes, Vinnie. Dance on her shell. That'll definitely get her to come out.

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  1. I honestly disliked this episode, mainly how the writing was handled and especially how Flanderization affected Roger...badly. :\

    1. I honestly thought the writing in this episode was fantastic. The parallelism between the A-plot (Blythe and her dad) and the B-plot (Minka and Olive) was great. With the A-plot, we were shown Blythe's point-of-view at how annoying her dad is and how she just wanted to be left alone, same as Olive did. With the B-plot, we were shown Minka's point-of-view at how she wanted a best friend to play and have fun with, same as Roger did. In the end, they all just needed to understand each other, and to exercise boundaries.

      Plus, so many references!

    2. I sort of agree, but Roger was always that way. That's not a new character aspect.

  2. This episode is going to hurt this fanbase royally - and not just with what you pointed out...

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    2. With what who pointed out?

    3. I have. I pointed out that this episode might have flanderized Roger really really badly. Before you ask, the term Flanderization is the act of taking a single (often minor) aspect of a character or a work and exaggerating it more and more until it's huge and cartoonish and almost entirely consumes the character. - From

  3. Honestly, I didn't hate this ep. Not at all... The flanderization of Roger is what makes me feel people should not really watch it, as it is not a good representation of an otherwise decent to excellent enough show (so far, anyway).

    My problems with this ep. is that this plot has been done before (better too, sadly to admit). That, and more focus could have been on Minka to take away from that feeling (the fact the Minka and that turtle were actually getting along fine the whole time was actually some good writing there, even for one plot...).

    The ending was alright, and quite heartwarming, but the flanderization of one character to get us to all these things and more was not really necessary in the end.

    Hopefully, I could warm up to this because of its positives, but I really hope next week's is better, overall(knowing who's frontlining it, next week's ep has its work cut out for it...).

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  5. Episode wasn't godawful, but it was in no way very strong to me.

    I felt like that certain dialogues and beats were a bit rushed, which kinda ruined the sentimental value of the respective scenes as a whole. The scene of Blythe divulging to her father that she just wanted to be alone just transpired far too quickly for me to actually get that somber feeling, could have slowed it down and given the change of emotional ambiance some more time. That's probably my biggest gripe with the episode.

    As for Roger's "flanderization", it has been made clear that he is a gregarious, happy-go-lucky father that cares dearly for his daughter and has no qualms about goofing off at the risk of embarrassing his daughter. So, by the stated definition, Roger isn't a flanderized character. In fact, he's actually still pretty obscure. We know enough to say that he isn't as prone to being a fool as other characters that emphasize it (like Minka and, to an extent, Vinnie), he just has a childish side, it is apart of his character, it isn't entirely his character. Now, was it made prominent and almost exaggerated in the episode? I wouldn't disagree, but the later events of the episode suggest that he has realized that there need to be limits to his behavior, especially on behalf of his daughter. If anything, this episode was to resolve or assess Roger's asinine behavior, NOT to show that he is an absolute knucklehead incapable of composing himself like the adult that he is, as he should most of the time.

    To conclude, this episode actually RESOLVED Roger's outrageously kooky behavior, rather than just putting it into the spotlight, deriding it, then leaving us with a still asinine father figure. We can only truly ascertain this by observing Roger in future episodes, but that's my observation of Roger through this episode.

    I concur with the sentiment that Minka and the tortoise could have been regarded more, and the reuse/rehash of this plot from "A Friend in Deed" proved no better, and, in my opinion, no worse. Plot 1 (Pet Shop plot) saved this episode for me. The allusion wasn't as awesome as I thought it'd be.

    How the plots converged was a nice touch, with Blythe and Minka both realizing their breaking points. I wanted to have a more empathetic feeling for Blythe's misery after she told off her dad, but the plot just sped by too quickly from that point forth. I spent that time telling myself "Whoa, slow this s*** down. Everything's just happening and I'm having no time to react."

    Overall, I didn't like this episode very much, which marks another weak episode to me for this season. Luckily, there have only been about 2 other episodes that I found subpar this season, and one of them is debatable. I'm more interested in keeping an eye on how Roger behaves after this. If nothing changes, then I will be compelled to agree with the notion of flanderization regarding him, but I think this episode marks a turning point for Roger. Or, rather, a newfound discretion on his behavior? I dunno. I just know he shouldn't behave exactly the same way after this episode. He just shouldn't.

    Oh, and because it's worth noting: The continuity shown in this episode was freakin' amazing. This show still gets my props in that aspect.

    My episode rating: 4.5/10. Needs more pets, or a less (painfully apparently forced) obnoxious Roger Baxter. Or, you know, the plot with him could've gone smoother.

    1. Even though I might not re-watch the episode yet or anytime soon, I do agree with the points you made. This plot had the potential but it really could've been smoother and I really did feel sad for Blythe. Until then, the waiting game awaits (get it? XD) for net week's episode.

  6. First of all, spoiled Blythe getting driving to school, what happened to school buses, in my day we had to ride a bus to school. Okay old man rant is done, now to the episode. What kind of school is this, first they allowed a butler to hang the cafeterria, now they allow a parent to just around school, I don't what school would do that, not my school.

    Roger he so reminds me of Mr Turner from Fairly Odd Parents in this episode, all the other kids were cool with Roger, except for Blythe, while the Biskits netural towards the subject. Some minor things, we find out who the principal is, and the medicine lady finally has a line, don't blame Roger from flirting with her, I always thought she was kind of cute. And we get a callback to "Blythe's Crush" Josh Sharp reappears? I am not sure, I don't know if the boy in this episode knew Blythe's name. Could just be is identical twin or his bizzare world counter part from another dimension.

    The Biskits don't know what a father is, big surprise. Fisher Biskit father of the year. He would make Joe Jackson and Fire Lord Ozai proud. I think like in "Books and Covers", we might some hidden depth from the twins, I really thought they were going to let Blythe have it, but they kind of lay off, they were more concerned getting out of gym, and just ignore the whole thing. I think deep down they envy Blythe, and wish their father would take interest in them like Roger does Blythe. I think the writers smartly didn't have the twins laugh at Roger and call them losers. I am hoping for more follow up on that in the future.

    Onto the Minka plot, it does seem like a rehash of MLP "A Friend In Deed", except not nearly as funny. I say Pinkie and Minka were equally annoying and over bearing, but is was more fun watching Pinkie be over bearing like that, also helps that Cranky played off that much better, as he actully talked and was funny, while Olive did nothing tell the end. Though Minka riding Olive was hillarous, and I loved the Braveheart bit.

    But if you want to say LPS is a poor man's MLP:FiM, the Minka plot is a great example for it.

    But the saving grace for this episode, is we might have gotten some character depth to the Biskits. And that is always cool with me. I can overlook everything else.

  7. I can't hate any LPS episode that has Braveheart Minka in it

    And somehow even the crocodiles are cute in this show

  8. If you recall from last week's episode Roger can be more than the overly doting and oblivious dad. Though i also give props to the writers for having Roger's old classmate which further cemented the fact that Roger may have been cool in his High School days just a little dated now. And what adult wouldn't feel nostalgic and act out a bit by having a chance to relive heir glory days?