Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Music: Sprinkles On My Head (Sponsored By Chex Mix)*

I had trouble deciding whether or not I should call this "Music" or "Bullshit" (do we have a "Bullshit" category? I think we need one).

Anyway, listen to it after the break. It's fun to listen to, and it's pretty funny (especially at the end. Wait until the end!)

*Not really.

Also listen to it on SoundCloud!


  1. Man, this is going to be stuck in my head now. ;_;

  2. not bad..I wonder if there will be a extended version.

  3. That ending, bro. That ending.

    Also, lol, we do need a "bullshit" cagtegory.

  4. That ending. It was beautiful. So yes, we do need a "bullshit" category.

  5. This is why this fanbase needs to grow - so better music can be made. Besides, with how many songs are in this show to begin with (while not all of them are my cup of tea, nor am I a fan of musical numbers) the potential for some quality musicmaking is there, just like for the show itself(provided people really are as dedicated as they are to making music for Friendship is Magic...).

    1. More songs would be nice, but I'd really prefer us to stay smaller if we were to become anything like bronies.

    2. ^^^^^^^^^^^
      Ultimate "this." I'm looking to get music producing software and hardware within the next few months, so I should be apart of the community's music producing scene soon.