Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Domain Name:

Why are they all so cute?

It's about time too! I've been so confused about how to get this domain name working, I actually payed for it a few months ago!

In celebration for this grand event, I decided to make another banner for our site! Hope you all like it!


  1. I think transparent background would look better.There is a pretty big space between the logo and the top, which is a bit ugly ( )

  2. I like how you never mentioned me that I helped you with the mistake what you made (poiting the domain to the wrong nameservers/not configuring blogger correctly)... oh well ;)

  3. Oky... just that you registered the domain name on 15-nov-2012 and didnt knew about it until i told you on facebook that you own it but its not configured... anyway, its not important ;)

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