Saturday, 16 March 2013

"Bakers and Fakers" - Discussions/Streams

Don't be fooled too easily-- that person on the left who looks kind of like Whittany is actually a man with pink eyes, lipstick, and long hair!

Also, we seem to have a spike in views whenever the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is mentioned for some reason. Thankfully, the Hub's Facebook page did that for us this time.

Episode 20 airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT!

If you have a YouTube video link, please send it to us (! Do NOT post it in the comments below! Comments with the YouTube link will be deleted.

And don't forget this is also a discussion board, so go ahead and discuss in the comments below! Got conspiracies, questions, hopes, reactions? Post them in the comments below!  

Apparently, Haxmega will not be able to stream today's episode. If you know anyone else that streams new episodes of LPS live, or if you yourself are planning to start a stream account for new LPS episodes live, please e-mail us at

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  1. Check Haxmega's page on "NOTICE: Littlest Petshop will not be streamed here this week. (March 16th) Sorry for the inconvenience. "
    It seems we will have to wait for YouTube upload. ;_;

  2. No one else is streaming episodes? I am so disappointed in you people.

  3. why haxmega, why ;_;

  4. Well, this stinks. For the next two weeks I won't be able to catch the streams, why couldn't it have been then? ;_;

  5. Ahh, that's a shame. I don't think Hax particularly cares for the show so I'm happy he still goes through the trouble of streaming it most of the time. Better luck next week~

  6. Great episode. I thought the history teacher and home ec teacher were influced by SNL characters played by Well Ferrell and Ana Gastayer. And I owe a certain character a big appology more on that later.

    Though the pets once again especially the regular 7 get the shaft, made up with Buttercream and the Biskits geting a chance to shine. And the goth kids talked yeah.

    The Biskits finally go all Team Rocket on us with those diguises, it was never revealed if Blythe and her friends knew it was them and was just humoring them.If they were, than they are smarter than Ash Ketchem. If Ash was there, and Blythe reveal she knew it was the Biskits, Ash would say "wait a minute they were the Biskits. And nice that Fisher Biskit finally got off his butt and did some parenting.

    Also finally Roger and Fisher meet, it is about time the two dads meet. Why couldn't have had the Baxters vs Biskits in a father / daughter competion, instead of throwing away that plot line in a sub plot in another episode, especially if it ended like it did here, more on that later.

    The Biskits did cheat by taking Blythe and friends reception, though they have been irresonpsible to just leave that laying out, but whatever. But they still had to bake the cake themselves and do some work, so some possible character development for the twins. They actully did some hard work even if they don't realise it. And the cake they ended up building, I was laughing histrically. They have no self imagine problems, maybe they need some therapy.

    Finally the ending, I loved it that the Biskits got a possitive ending even if they didn't know it. Their dad said he was proud of them, I owe Fisher a big time appologies. For the longest time I have been very critical of his parenting, in the past I have compared him to Fire Lord Ozai "the worst father in the history of fathers", but here he does show that he cares. His parenting still needs some work, but he tries.

    All and all some comedy, and for you Biskit fans like myself, yes we get some character development and a happy possitive ending though they don't realise it yet for our favorite twins.

  7. I'm disappointed in myself as I forgot that I get the Hub on my TV where I live. I am not a clever man.

  8. I really do wish Hub would stop putting images with MLP and something else together.

    Anyway, I was really happy annoying and creepy Penny Ling and Minka Mark wasn't in this episode. No offense to their fans, but I really hate them. Hopefully one episode will make me change my opinion of them like with Vinnie. Too bad there's no Pepper and Sunil was only there for a short time though, but sacrificing (is that right word?) them to remove the monkey and the panda is worth it.

    Blythe's cake certainly looked scrumptious and the Biskits' cake was really scary especially when the heads slipped off. And blood came out. I am now forever scared of the Biskits.


    Favourite part of the ep