Friday, 8 March 2013

Episode 22 Synopsis Revealed

Already we have a new episode synopsis from Zap2it! And it looks interesting!

Check it out after the break!

Episode 22 Title: Lotsa Luck
Air Date: March 30th, 2013
Synopsis: When Pepper's comedy idol visits, she tries to earn his approval; Blythe discovers Mrs. Twombly's secret past.

Secret past, eh? So I'm guessing either something dark in her past about doorknobs, or she's Batman. Either, sounds awesome!

What are your thoughts? Tell us below!


  1. Secret Past ? Hmmm...maybe that has to do with Blythe's understanding on animals and why Twombly looked strange when saw Blythe for the first time. Very intresting indeed.

  2. "...and that's why you've never seen mr. Twombly. Now don't you go being a blabby Betty to the fuzz about this. *adorable older lady giggle*"

    1. XD Yes, could totally picture this happening. Especially with her little omega 3 episode...

    2. I bet it's either that she used to be able to understand animals too, but lost the ability or she's covering for Penny Ling's owner.

  3. This shell be a fun episode...