Saturday, 23 March 2013

"Terriers and Tiaras" - Discussions/Streams

All I want is for Zoe's stage name to be "Honey Zo-Zo". That's all I want.

Episode 21 airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT!

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  1. As soon as I have access to a HD version of the episode, I'm gonna upload Zoe's "Daww" moment.

    1. And my god those Honey Boo-Boo references were crazy!

  2. I don't know what to make of this episode. A couple of things they have done already. But there are some possitives.

    First of all, just me or did Blythe voice go from slight less gruffy Rainbow Dash to Applejack and back again in this episode. She even had Applejack's thing of calling people by nicknames. And the Applejack voice is the "evil" Blythe.

    I really disliked again that the pets were under used, only Zoey had sugnificnat dioloque and screen time. Penny Ling and Vinnie weren't in it, Sunil and Pepper were only in the beginning, Russell and Minka were just in the background for the most part.

    And for the third time, they did a guy mistaking for girl joke. Do these writers have a fasination with cross dressing.

    I do wonder what the Biskits were planning with this pagent, did they know it was a dog pagent?, they don't have any pets, I bet they didn't and they were just going to waste the pagent directors time. But I would like to have seen their reaction if they saw Blythe on tv and realise she stole their spot. Speaking of which, the possitive of this episode, is finally we have an antagonist that is not the Biskits. I was worried the writers were obcessed with the Biskits being the only antagonists in the whole LPS universe.

    And Judy Jo's assistant I liked her, if Blythe didn't get all "evil" maybe they could have become friends. She had like two scenes of dioloque, and already she is better than Sue and Jasper.

  3. Unfortunately, M.A. Larson has let me down with this one (and to think, he's pretty good on FiM; he's just feels out of place here with an episode as mishandled as this one was!) - I already posted on another forum about this particular episode, but I'll give you my bare bones of it all:

    1. The lack of pets (the characters WE REALLY CAME FOR)doing anything productive hurt this one significantly.

    2. This episode took Blythe and made her too OOC just to fit the plot (this probably would've worked as an earlier episode, but even then - that's a stretch, knowing problem #1 and my next complaint exist...).

    3. Again with parodying Reality TV? Really. LPS, you'll never earn, let alone keep a decent fan-base repeating mistakes that hurt your show's image, as well as your show itself, doing things like reaching out to the LCD! Cold hard truth!

    Yeah, I don't see myself warming up to this one all that much going on those 3 facts about what went wrong here alone... Only next week can improve what's a bad situation here, knowing what a base-breaker this comes off as (if Episodes 17-18 didn't do that already... Or Episode 12, which was the first time they tried this and it didn't turn out to well, save for Vinnie and the pets doing more than just being "there" and feeling the same way (even if just IMHO, too!).

  4. These are probably the the few saving graces that keep me from ignoring it forever like certain episodes of FiM I've ranted about before:

    1. The dogs just wanting to be normal pets and having fun with one another's company like real friends should aim to do.

    2. The ending scenes - seeing that girl putting up with that purple eater was sad enough...

    But that's all the positives I can give this one, if any at all, sadly. Seeing just another
    social statement against Reality TV, and having Blythe act OOC and regress into a Southern Stereotype alone hurt this one for me (besides just the pets not getting much to do to improve/help litigate the first two problems I felt this ep. suffered from, hence whay I feel it is a base-breaker in itself...).

  5. I liked this ep, despite being less focused on the main pets. Russell's worried expressions as Blythe kept getting nuttier were good fun.

    Kinda weird though how they went out of their way to explain how Blythe could get away using someone else's pet in a contest while she didn't even question taking Vinnie with her back in episode 12