Saturday, 2 March 2013

"What's in the Batter?" - Discussions/Streams

Funny how Buttercream and the Sweet Delights sweet shop only showed up a few episodes ago and are now integral parts of each episode! And browsing through LPS fan art, you guys really love Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles! Though sadly, I have not seen any Youngmee Song fan art. Get on it, guys!

Episode 18 airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT!

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  1. Episode was okay, kinda died for me 3/4 of the way through. As far as I'm concerned, this was a Bizkits episode, and not a bad one, at that. After all of what Blythe said, I find it remarkably rude how she never managed to apologize for the pets crashing the party.

    Wish Pepper got to say/do more this episode. I got a few chuckles off from her as well.

    1. Exactly. We can't like characters like that when they are no better than those they seem to paint as antagonists! I fear this alone holds this show back from reaching greatness of any fathomable kind.

      It is, however, nice to see that a protagonist isn't right about everything, but some humble pie is the key to balancing it all out!

    2. I get what you are all saying. But I think when it comes to Blythe and the "good guys" and their interaction with the Biskits, and who is in the right and the wrong, it is vast improvement from "Penny For Your Laughs".

      I thought what Blythe at the end saying how they wouldn't understand how important that necklise means to her, it sounded more hopefully, sad, empatic, etc. than what she said at the end of "Penny For Your Laughs", which was pretty much "your terrible people, you will always be terrible people, I have no sympahty for you, and I barely consider you human." Here is more like "You don't understand how important that necklise is to me, sadly you don't, maybe some day you will, I am actully kind of sad that you don't." More hopeful than in "Penny For Your Laughs".

      And props to Youngmee, she treated tried to be civil with them. She treated them like human beings gasp what is wrong with her, and wasn't all like "What are you mean girls doing in my store, get out, I don't want your business". And from what it sounded like, the Biskits are Sweet Delight regulars.

  2. ^
    Noted. They try to make Blythe/her friends such likable characters, but they could learn that sometimes, the Biskits are the better people in a given situation. Failure to realize this from the writers can/will continue to hurt this show and its ability to gain a fanbase in the long run...

    Otherwise, it was okay, knowing who wrote it (Merriwhether FUCKING Williams!), it could have turned out much worse than FiM's Dragon Quest/Spike At Your Service... But, yeah. You have a point about the Biskits being the most respectable characters on this show - I konw they're supposed to be antagonists... Yet you can't help but feel sorry for them, especially at times like this, for example.

    So yeah, other than that ephiphany that Blythe/her friends aren't saints and are base breakers for the show as a whole, unfortunately - this was definitely a huge step up from last week, courtesy of the pets having Blythe's back( even if she didn't really deserve it), and actually getting something to do.

    While next week's ep. looks like another base-breaker, unfortunately (judging by the promo and how it's written out), at least the pets should have a more prominent role than even this week, which is what I really want to see if I'm going to keep up with this show!

    1. Well if the writers need lessons in that protagonists aren't always right, the antagonists are human begins too, etc. They should check out Avatar: The Last Airbender. They did a great job protraying everyone fairly.The writers should watch A:TLA if they want some lessons in that department.

    2. Hey, I LOVE Merriwether FRICKING Williams. Being a rare fan of The Mysterious Mare Do Well, she is one of my favorite episode writers (just... um, not good at Spike episodes). And she in particular is the perfect writer for the Biskits; antagonists are her specialty.

  3. I really liked this episode. We finally got some focus on the Biskits twins. This is the first episode that has scenes that take place form their prospective. I liked the Youngmee and Biskits scene, I would love to see outttakes from that scene. Shannon was talking to herself in not two but three different characters at the sametime. I am sure they are some funny outtakes. And she does a great job giving Brittany and Whitany similar but different indiviudal voices. If you have to listen carefully, but there is a difference. Brittany has slightly more airhead valley girl sound, while Whitany has a slightly more husky sounding voice. Of course Youngmee is her real voice. Shannon is joining my list of awesome voice actresses.

    As I said before, Youngmee has jump started way ahead of the other two friends in sugnifiance in the second half of the season since the Sweet Shop opened up. No coplaints for me, I like her better than those other two to begin with. All of Blythe's classmates voiced by Shannon are awesome.

    Minka and her shinney things obcession well get in trouble one of these days. There will probably be a "MMystery On The Friendship Express" type episode, in which everyone suspects her of stealing something. Minka she has got a problem One of these days, she is going to be in trouble.

    Nice to see Tiny back, he is a little more friendler than the last time we saw him, assuming he is the same guy. Maybe it is brother Tenie

    So we find not only do the Biskits not know what a father is, but they don't understand the meaning of kindness. What kind of life do they live. A sad empty life if you ask me. I do hope Blythe comment at the end of not understanding how important that necklise is to her, opens the door to some more development. I liked it better than what she told the Biskits at the end of "Penny For Your Laughs", there is more hope in those words. Maybe shows some character development from Blythe.

    The Biskits party turned into a caotic party, or as the people in the Fairy Tail guild calls it, a very tame lame boring party.

  4. > While next week's ep. looks like another base-breaker, unfortunately (judging by the promo and how it's written out)

    It's been regarded as such since the synopsis for it was released. Regardless, it appears as though a sickness is the reason for Blythe not being able to understand the pets in the upcoming episode. I won't have a problem with it if some regard is made as to how she was able to interpret and understand them in the first place. That's the prime concern, if it's not clarified, I reckon this fandom will take one heck of a turn. Moreover, it was a pretty discursive promo, as they usually are, but this one wasn't as overwhelming as the promo for today's episode, so there's still hope for the episode itself.

    Alas, next week.