Saturday, 20 April 2013

"Blythe's Pet Project" - Discussions/Streams

Not really sure why this is called "Blythe's Pet Project". Looking at the plot synopsis I thought it was just going to be about Shivers, who we found out in yesterday's episode is a [motherfucker].

Episode 25 airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT!

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  1. I have to say that this Episode was great! From introducing the new character Shiver's the Squirrel, to the rather out-of-place, but none-the-less enjoyable "Lost and Found box" song. It was pretty funny when the Blythe and the Pets started doing their best to remove Shivers from the Petshop, and the Fantasy-sequence of "My Small Squirrel was a delightful parody of My Little Pony, were, I think I saw a Rainbow Dash Squirrel, Octavia Squirrel, and Golden Harvest Squirrel.

    Yeah, I really Liked this episode, wish more of them would be to this quality. Here's to hoping the the season finale will be just as good!

  2. Definitely right up there with last weeks as overall, enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end (even if that song felt kind of out-of-place, but I can't complain too much as it wasn't bad)- the only bad thing about it was Shivers, except he was an antagonist, so it believably makes sense. Though I don't like the guy, I'm glad things ended the way they did regardless of sides involved.

    That parody and the attempts to get rid of Shivers were the highlights and show that the crew have come a long enough way in delivering the necessary amount of comedy needed that felt lack when this show started out. No lie there!

    Here's hoping we get the same positive results from both the season finale AND going into Season 2 as well (knowing this show has surely earned the right to that much!).

  3. Cool episode! The My Small Squirrel part was pretty funny. The whole episode reminded me of that show Hoarders. Also, in the dumpster, was that the hairball Vinnie hacked up after licking Sugar Sprinkles' head?

  4. The crossover parodies have begun.

  5. An okay episode. I thought the Mr. Magoo parody with Mrs. Twombry was funny, they didn't over due it.

    I thought the "Lost and Found" song was defentely a big lipped alligator moment, so random, I think they did that because before the season was over they wanted Shannon to sing at least one song with her Pinkie Pie voice. So that is kind of like fan service for the bronies.

    I thought Blythe's friendship with Shievers was very sweet actully. The sequel being a animal cletomaniac was hillarous, though you have to suspend you disbelief. But it is a cartoon.

    I thought My Small Squerrel was a parody of the old My Little Pony, more so G3 than FiM, but if Pound Puppies can reference it, why not LPS, eitehr way it was hillarous.

    A good episode, nothing spectaular, looking forward to next week's finale, that looks awesome.

  6. I really liked this episode overall and it had a lot of fun little moments which I think are the best part of the show as a whole. Such as Zoey saying she forgets she's a dog sometimes and heyo thing. I could go on and on :D I also like the little things like Blythe brushing Pepper, I don't know it just felt um real I guess and how Pepper was the first to point out Blythe had never mentioned having a pet ever. That hard edge in her voice made me wonder if she wasn't a little jealous maybe. ;)

    The story was pretty simple but I felt like it flowed well and was entertaining. The song was pretty random but given how it was led into, the subject and the fact that Blythe lampshades it I can't help but wonder if that wasn't deliberate as a form of self parody?

    Speaking of parodies, oh boy. When My Small Squirrel came on my jaw ached from the grin it gave me. I want this to be a thing, a one-shot special, Blythe's attempt to right a cartoon series something. XD

    It's funny, I was watching the Penguins of Madagascar's episode Lunacorn Apocalypse (Lunacorns being the in-universe version of the MLP franchise and I was reminded of the Dexter's Lab episode involving there in-universe MLP franchise My Little Unicorn.

    So yeah, My Small Squirrel, make it happen Hasbro, I'll buy it. :D

  7. What can I say about this episode? I liked Shivers. It was packaged with comedy, but not overwhelming. It reminds me of why LPS has comedy as a main genre. It seems all I have to say was already said, so I'll cut it short.

  8. I really like this Ep, It be on my 5 fav S1 episodes list by far and like how there was a reference to Sugar Sprinkles from Sweet Truck Ride. (Ya know, the furball in the trash)

  9. Shivers was great. But then again, any character voiced by Brian Drummond automatically qualifies as "Awesome" in my book.

  10. I was just singing " my small squirell!" Basically the whole time after that! The best part is the day I watched it first, my god brother and sister were over and this was their first experience watching it! I think it is one of the great episode to introduce a first timer in the middle of the season along with the first episodes, gailbreak and penny for your laughs.