Saturday, 6 April 2013

"Door-Jammed" - Discussions/Streams

On this week's episode of "Littlest Pet Shop", the pets give a tribute to the late Michael Jackson by throwing babies out of windows  getting nose jobs  dancing the "Thriller".

Episode 22 airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT!

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  1. Looks like psycho Twombly is back. I just love her, when she is crazy. Last minute bidders, I hate that too, though I have a trick for that, but I am not giving that away, I thought online bidding is suppose to be anonymous.

    Well it looks like the Biskits biggest obsticle of having friends are each other. They are very possesive, which I can understand if I was a twin. I guess Fisher didn't watch that one episode of Full House that addressed that issue. If he did, he would have known should have seperate the girls and make their own friends at a very early age, so they wouldn't become too attached to each other. As least they have different names, and not names are just spelled differently, but poor Whitney and Brittany are going to become lobsters one day. If this issue is not resolved, how are any of them going to get a husband, you just know if one of them gets married, the other one is going to hate their brother - in - law.

    Well I thought suffered greatly from the two plot syndreme. The Blythe should have more time to developped, instead of wasting time on the pet plot which I thought was out of a bad episode of Rugrats, it is just silly to me. They don't intercept each other well, the only thing connected is that Blythe and Russell are the two most normal characters and everyone else is crazy.But the "Thriller" influenced song is cool.

    What they should have done with the pet plot is have a day camper that is really unfriendly, distant and mean to everyone, and the pets try to get along with him or her which would mirror the Blythe plot. Instead of this werewolve stupidity.

    I do feel the Blythe was rushed, but Blythe and Whitney should have locked in the bathroom at the end of act one, not the end of act two, thus their bonding was speed rushed.

    Anywho, I give the episode an okay, any Biskit development is good, nice to see Fisher do some parenting again, but if he only he did that much earlier, his daughters wouldn't be so messed up.

  2. Wish HD YouTube uploads didn't take so long..

    1. Gotta wait for iTunes, and then our two HD uploaders (PetSh0pAppreciation and Ryaless - and Apple Jerry, I didn't know about him until a recent search on this blog's episode list) have to do stuff to the video on their computers before uploading it. Speaking of which, as of right now, it looks like Ryaless' upload of this episode is currently processing. It should be ready soon. It's already on iTunes.

      We also don't have someone like XyroTR to record the HD broadcast live and have it uploaded within three hours. Xyro only does this for MLPFiM.

    2. HOW soon? I NEED the DATE! I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT NEW EPISODES!!! *Ahem* What I'm trying to say is, I don't have the hub here, and youtube is my only hope (for survival) so can you guess a date? (HD or not. PLZ! i need it)

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    1. This episode kinda disappointed me. There were a couple of redeeming parts though like Crazy Twombly mostly, one of the biskit twins actually warming up to Blythe until the near end (despite the fact on why the twins particularly Whittany act like jerks were shallow). Plus the pet's side plot on this episode honestly irritated the hell out of me due to how non-sense it is and how tiring it was.

    2. Sunil and Vinnie came off like idiots in this one - I'm sure they have LESS of a fan-base now for their respective characters after this. And that is not good, especially this late in the current season, and especially this early in the series. This is just one of many base-breakers, sadly (and to think, this came from an actually good writer...). Real shame - the werewolf pets looked awesome enough... But cuteness counts for nothing IRL. COLD HARD TRUTH.

      I'm mostly in agreement with ZetaRidge7 - and I'm that guy who wants this show to focus and develop the pets more than the humans are as of late - but only if their characterization and plots they are given are better than this.

      For that, I feel they may need to be removed from the human setting and put into a more fantasy-like setting; something to make their existence feel less boxed-in and more productive. Anything to improve this show's situation with utilizing its pet characters properly (alongside its humans IF they must be in this show...).

  4. Well this one pretty much knocked Sweet Truck Ride off my favourite Season 1 episode spot. Both plots were generally fun and I was smiling the whole way through. Huuuge step up from last week's IMO

  5. I loved this episode! It wasn't perfect but its faults where forgivable IMO. The B-plot about the pets being convinced there were werewolfs among them was enjoyable even if it did take away from the main plot which admittedly I would have rather seen more of but there was a Thriller-style song and an MC Hammer reference XD so I'm ok with it. Plus I liked the idea of all the pets getting the wereworlf myths mixed up with other myths like vampires and stuff, that was amusing.

    I'm a huge Biskit fan and I love watching Blythe interact with them and I'd been hoping for a locked in together type story for since episode one. It was interesting to see Whitteny separated from Britteny and I really got the sense that they have more going on than just the mean girls thing. Also Britteny is apparently a Jedi, or possibly a Sith. :D

    I liked the insight into Blythe that we got out of this whole thing, with her admitting she would have liked to have been a twin herself. It makes Blythe's stint as the third Biskit in Mean Isn't Your Colour a lot more interesting.

  6. I loved it! Blythe's Biskit impressions are funny! Also, the Beetlejuice and MC Hammer references were priceless!

  7. I figured a Thriller-ish song with Sunil would sound more like but okay.

  8. When Whitney expressed a sadness when she realized Blythe rejected their offer for friendship, she showed a sense of self-awareness. I was pleasantly surprised by this piece of character development.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if Brittney thought Whitney also disliked Blythe, so Brittney only acts like she hates her because she believes that her sister does. I think that they're only the "mean girls" because they're spoiled and don't know any better. They're only mean to Blythe because she rejected their offer of friendship in the season 1 premiere, and again in "Penny for your Laughs." When she became the "third Biskit," Both girls seemed so happy to have her.

    It wouldn't surprise me if both Biskits genuinely wish for Blythe's friendship. And I hope that someday they get it.

  9. The song was better and is intresting that the Biskits got something different like one likes Blythe and the other don't. And to keep the balance this thing I guess. But anyway...Blythe is getting a better reputation with the twins and the werewolf part...I liked the werewolfed pets.

  10. I really liked the harmonies by the girls on the second chorus of the song, and they used the Wilhelm Scream, too! Has the Wilhelm Scream been used on LPS before?

  11. Well I believe the idea of Blythe diseace that Brittany believes, she got that idea from Whitney. It has been show that Whitney is the leader of the duo, the one with slightly more brains, so if Brittany really doesn't like Blthye, that is Whitney's influence, ironic isn't it. Whitney can't be friends with Blythe because of Brittany, but that is all because of her own creation. That would mean that Whitney would have to admit to her sister that she might have been wrong, and that might be hard for her as would be for the Fonz.

    It is nice that Blythe did a Biskit impression right to one of their faces, oppose to behinds their backs like she has done in the pase like in "Bakers and Fakers", which she and her friends are just as bad as the Biskits making fun of people behind their backs, she should know better. LOL

    1. And yet, people who watch and have watched this show still dislike the human characters, even though in some cases, the Biskit twins deserve malignment and disrespect in return for their behavior towards others.

      At least this show gets more than one thing right (that I almost feel even Friendship is Magic did preach about, but seems to be missing outside of the main focus characters... almost, and IMHO, of course) - there is no black-and-white to who is right and who is wrong.

      Shame, that is - I still dislike the twins and how they feel like one-sided antagonists (no matter how much development they get - which would be little to none on a much lesser show than this one.), wherein a much better show, they'd just be deservedly picked on for annoying or pissing people off with their snobby attitude/behavior...

    2. You are responding to my last comment with a essay, in the words of Pepper, it is a joke not a philosphical discussion. But there is some truth to it, talking or making fun of people is no more right no more wrong depending on who does it.

      But seriousLY, you seem like a hateful unforgiving person, what have the Biskits ever done that deserve so much hate, they haven't killed anyone, physically hurt anyone or even put anyone in danger except for themselves ironicly in the series premere, save it for characters that deserve it, not that LPS has any characters so far. LPS universe is a very nice world, there are no real evil characters so far.

      But you are entitled to your opinios, I am welling to forgive, they haven't crossed the unredemable line yet.

    3. Researching this show and its fan-base, most viewers see them more as one - dimensional characters than flawed, conflicted beings who lack social skills and the compassion required to make actual friends, no matter how much development they seem to be given, which is sad when I think deeper about it, too.

      But at the same time, they don't do enough for me (all that much) to convince me that they're personalities/attitude & behavior aren't difficult to put up with (i.e. convince me otherwise), even in a good show like this one! And I think it's good that Blythe and her friends aren't clean slates/perfect, if only to avoid going into black-and-white territory, but still.

      I don't want this show to fail because of two annoying/bumbling antagonists who have no social skills, whatsoever.

      I definitely don't want this show to fail because of the pets not being given enough to do or because of what they're doing not being all that interesting/entertaining, either.

    4. Well I am a sucker for redemptions stories I guess. I like the experience of characters that start out flawed and grow as the series progresses, I kind root for them to turn their lives around. I love that rollacoaster ride of them making progress than making taking a step back and so on,oppose to the Mary Sue like characters that already perfect.

      For example, I more invested in characters like Zuko and Azula oppose to Aang and Katara, or Seto Kaiba more so than Yugi, and the character that interests me the most in Ben 10 franchise is by far Charmcaster (the cliffhanger they left her character arc on really irritates me), those types of characters that interest me at times more than the "good guys". And those characters have really done horrible things, compared to the Biskits who just have a bad attitude.

      Nothing to do with the Biskits, I am just telling you my mind set and what characters I move towards, of course it differs from series to series. I can't stand Sasuke Uchiha. I hope that character meets a horrible end.

  12. Thanks for understanding - I'm only tough on this show (and any others I truly like) because I actually care about them deeply and don't want to see them come up short, like any other show sadly would or may have, like Naruto for (a good) example (right there)!

    1. I don't know who in the fan base you are talking to. But the feedback I am getting, most of them find the Biskits funny at the very least. A lot of the fans love the Biskits, Of all the human characters, the Biskits are second behind Blythe when it comes to fan art. They are popular characters amoung many fans.

      And if there is any character on the show that might drag the show down, it is Jasper. Everyone I talk to, every fan forum I go to, every YT comment about him that I read, people just can't stand Jasper. If you had a LPS popularity poll like they do in Japan, Jasper would finish low on the list.

    2. There's only room in heart for one character named Jasper - and he's a hippy bongo-drummin' elf an obscure show I really f---ing like called Pearlie. Let's keep it that way, only if because this "Jasper" feels like a mandate, hence my gross negligence and justified ignorance of him...

      BTW, you're right - maybe I'm just not talking to the right people about this show, hence this feeling of feeling like I'm only person who legitimately likes this show (besides you and other people, of course!).

  13. Don't get me wrong, I have huge respect for the human characters. I like them and they were all crafted very well. Blythe is a sweetheart, Roger is hilarious, Mrs. Twombly is a nut, Blythe's friends add some interesting bits, and even the Biskits are enjoyable with their antics.

    For some people it's just a matter of preference though, and I prefer watching the pets. I just find the group dynamics in LPS Day Camp too be far more entertaining, and they lead to some really fun/sweet moments. So when their screentime gets cut to less than half the episode and all we get is Vinnie and Sunil running around, paranoid of werehogs, I'm just not going to like it as much. (Although that song was amazing)

    But hey, everyone has different tastes, and the world takes all kinds.

  14. I realised there might be some continuity to "Dumb Dumbwaiter", might be why Blythe was so calm in this episode, because she has been through this situation before, plus being trapped in a large bathroom is a big improvement over a cramp dumbwaiter.

  15. I think LPS suffers from the fact that the 7/8th of the main cast can't actually directly interact with most of the supporting least they can't speak to them. So that has to be pretty limiting in terms of what the writers can actually do with them.

    I can't really think of a work around that but IMO they do surprisingly well with what they have to work with.

    1. Doesn't Rugrats suffered from the samething. Blythe is suppose to be bridge between the two words, just like Angelica was in Rugrats.

  16. I kept on screaming "Stop watching B-movies!" to Sunil and Vinnie while watching this episode.

  17. Something I don't get is when Whittany said that she isn't friendly to Blythe because Brittany says so. This confuses me, because up until then I thought Whittany was the alpha and Brittany was the "dumber" one who follows Brittany's ideas.

    That is precisely why I had been liking Brittany so much. Because she is/was more "innocent".

    But this looks like an example of characteristics of their relationship being not so obvious from what we had seen. Or it could be that Whittany is making up excuses.

    We did see Brittany's actual reactions from hearing Whittany laughing with Blythe... So there is that however much it was.

  18. Holy crap that was an awesome episode (despite the whole werewolf thing, which was forgivable only because of the Thriller parody). As an enormous Biskit fan, this was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see. One of the Biskits warming up to Blythe. Not only that, but it was Whitney, the meanest one.

    I really enjoyed reading the headcanons about this. It makes me wonder what's really going on between the twins. They seem to be very loyal to each other, but also very possessive. It's as if their attachment (and complete b*tchiness of course) is what prevents them from making friends (which they don't seem to notice because of their delusions of popularity). What really baffles me, however, is how it was WHITNEY warming up to Blythe and that Brittney's the one who "doesn't like Blythe". In all the episodes before this, I expected Whitney to be the one who hated Blythe, and Brittney, being the loyal sister she is, was just following along. I hope the writers get to explore these characters some more because that was really interesting.

    Also, did anyone notice how Brittney immediately came to Whitney's rescue after noticing she was gone for too long? It's funny because the first time we see the twins get separated, Whitney completely forgets about her and goes shopping. I'm guessing Brittney's the most loyal of the two. She looked pretty jealous when she saw her sister and Blythe having fun anyway. XD

    All in all, this episode was pretty fun for the Biskit fans. Not necessarily for the pets though. Although the Sunil x Vinnie fans might have gotten a little dose of fanservice, that's about it. The song was awesome, and the references were cool too.

  19. Well after this I hate Brittney. She basically forces her sister into doing stuff which had not been revealed before and would never be if they didn't get locked in the bathroom.

    In penny for your laughs I noticed that Britney was more into the big deal of this is a bad idea than Whitney. That means Whitney was itching to be Blyhtes friend.

    In books and covers, Whitney did say why she can't do it without Britney and it was a logical answer not a stupid one like " Math is like, SO boring, and like Britney makes it not like boring!" But she said Britney is the one who converts it into numbers and it doesn't make sense if its clothing as we saw. Whitney had the right answer, just not in number form.

    In bakers and fakers Britney was more into the idea of stealing Blythes recipe and making it so she'd lose. Whitney was like " eh whtevr she's my sis so ok I'll do it."

    After this thing long story short Britney is a bully and Whitney is a stander-by. I think Blyhte could actually pass as Whitney's friend some day, if it weren't for Britney. She is a drama queen bossy pants. I am wishing that there will be a big biscuit episode in the future ( posssibly big enough to be a season premier or finale) where the two leave each others company.