Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Episode Follow-Up: Lotsa Luck

Now that everyone's watched the episode, the time seems ripe for an episode follow-up. This is the first time I've ever tried an episode follow-up, for LPS or for anything, but I figured I'd give it a shot. It might stick around, it might not, but hey, tell us in the comments what you think.

Well, there's no time to lose let's get started!

5 seconds in and we already have a reference. Can you spot it?

No? Here let me give you a hint:

Baby Pepper is adorable. Case closed. Everyone go home. Pepper is officially best pet (not that we all didn't know that before).

Old Bananas sounds a lot like Mr. Sawdust, the janitor, from "Trading Places". I understand that they're both voiced by Sam Vincent, but when you have 3 voice actors to voice almost every male character on as how that always has new characters showing up in every episode, characters start to sound alike. Brian Drummond sometimes voices a few parts (Shahrukh, Tiny the Security Guard), but Sam Vincent, Peter New, and Kyle Rudeout voice the rest.

That's right, kids! Old people used to be cool, too!

Another awesome song by Daniel Ingram, with help from Tom Minton and MandoPony!

"Everything on TV is real!"

If that's the case, would Pepper Clark's parents please send me clear directions to their dwelling for...reasons.

Third lesson of the day: Watching kung-fu movies will teach you how to do kung-fu. Who know?


Am I the only one whose back started to itch while watching this?

Conclusion time: So, the two "lessons" (that term used loosely) for the episode were (as far as I got them):

A: in show business, you have to be used to people being disappointed in you (this lesson is a weird one to be teaching to children, unless, I guess, for kids who want to be in show business), and

B: leave old people alone

Odd endings to both plots in the episode. However I did like how they really made me think O.B. was a jerk up until the ending, though for an odd reason. Maybe it's a show biz thing. Pepper was great and funny, as always, though we heard little to nothing from the other pets.

What were your thoughts on "Lotsa Luck"? Tell us below!


  1. I thought OB was a bit rude, but I kinda knew he would just be testing Pepper, and I'm glad it went that way. It meant so much to her, and she was so happy! Yay Pepper, the skunk who believes everything she sees on TV!

  2. You have to do more follow ups! Pepper is best pet and Rainbow Dash is best pony!

  3. Plz continue! I think they are funny and just plain weird. Also where did the follow ups for episodes 7 8 and 9? I liked those.