Monday, 8 April 2013

"Frenemies" Promo

Looks like the Hub can't hold out showing this one early. Episode 24, "Frenemies," looks pretty good. 

Again, it won't embed, so if you're up for the spoiler, watch the video here.


  1. "O fine, just go ahead and use your little elements 'frenemies'... just make it quick! I'm missing some excellent chaos here!"

    (what I thought about when I heard the title)

  2. This was certainly an excellent episode. Although the title kind of threw me off a bit (if you've seen the episode before this one, you'd get why) I still found it enjoyable. For the last several episodes I felt like we weren't seeing enough of the pets, and when we were, they were doing something ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I love the humans, but this is Littlest PET shop, isn't it? Anyway, so this episode was a very nice change. Not only that, but Penny Ling got more screen time (she never seems to get enough), we got to see Sunil's parents and Penny's owner, and there was some character development in Zoe, Pepper, and Vinnie. So I am left very satisfied. :)