Sunday, 28 April 2013

Julie McNally Cahill and Tim Cahill Interviewed at LA Festival of Books

Last weekend, at the LA Festival of Books in Los Angeles, the Hub network took the opportunity to host a premiere pre-screening of "Summertime Blues", including a Q&A with show creators Julie McNally Cahill and Tim Cahill! (Did you attend the screening? Tell us in the comments below)

2 BROKE GEEKS had its own interview with the Cahills at the screening, where they asked questions like how they got into animation, how they met, what they think fans of the show should be called (brace yourself), what they geek out about, plus much more! And the best part is: they filmed it!

So go watch after the break!


  1. Littlest Petron sounds awesome and I would totally watch it. I think they said Littlest Petron. Not sure.

  2. I was at the screening. It was so fun! :)

  3. Heh... "Frank". Sounds like a good nickname for the male LPS fanbase, but I prefer "Pet Shoppers". :-)

  4. Schroy: On the *chans it's Shoppers. LPS General header has often been titled: "Attention all Shoppers!"

    Also: Dat Pet Shop Boys reference. I can dig these Cahill cats.