Friday, 26 April 2013

Nicole Oliver Nominated for BTVA Awards

If you are familiar with the website, and its well-run, chock-full-of-info section on the show, then you might be familiar with the "Behind the Voice Actors Awards", in which voice actors from movies, TV, video games, and other media are nominated for awards chosen by YOU, the public!

For the first time, the new generation of "Littlest Pet Shop" is nominated for one award:

Nicole Oliver as Zoe Trent for "Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series - Comedy/Musical"

Considering there aren't many awards or nominations for TV voice actors, this is quite an honor! Let's show everyone what the petters can do! Click here to vote for Nicole Oliver!


  1. I didn't know Nicole Oliver sang in Littlest Pet Shop. I just assumed that someone else was cast as Zoe Trent's singing voice.

    1. I would've thought so too since it's such a demanding singing role. I do know she did the singing for Celestia in MLP though.

    2. I think it's always been Kylee Epp singing for Zoe...

      (Long-time reader, first-time poster, BTW)

    3. Hm, I looked at several sources (, wikipedia) to confirm this, and it looks like you're right. Goodness, does that mean that she shouldn't even be in this category?

    4. Someone else IS cast as Zoe Trent's singing voice! Kylee Epp! I don't know what the heck you and Shadowcross are looking at, but Zoe Trent has two voices, one for speaking and one for singing.

      (I made an edit to correct a mistake in my original comment)

  2. Already voted for her when EQD posted it since she wasn't running against any ponies.

  3. Too bad we didn't win. All though I have o say congrats to Mabel she is VERY funny. Also good job to MLP. If u saw there were two thingies. One for official, and one for public votes. In two of three of the categories it appeared in they got people's choice. The only one who lost was flam.