Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Summertime Blues" Clip [SPOILERS]

BSCkids was given an exclusive music video to share with you from this Saturday's season finale, "Summertime Blues", that (apparently) "pays homage to the Live Aid music video from the '80s".

WARNING: This clip contains mega-spoilers, and is known to cause mega-feels in some persons. Watch at your own risk.

You risky enough for it? Watch it after the break!


  1. I mentioned it before, and I guess I'll re-type it: It's just for the summer! Are her friends so needy that three months of separation is enough to trigger their abandonment issues? Go to the summer fashion camp, Blythe; you earned it. Your family, friends, pet-pals, and the Biskits, will be right where you left them when you get back (most likely at the season 2 premiere).

    Despite the fact that I fail to see any real conflict (Blythe didn't seem to be all that broken up in the season 1 premiere when she moved away from her home and friends the first time), I actually am looking forward to the season 1 finale.

  2. Hmmm I suppose it is a little much but they are animals so maybe attachment and time scales work differently for them? *shrug* If you want to go into real world logic it actually makes perfect sense since all of the pets have significantly shorter lifespans than Blythe so three months is actually a really long time...but lets not think about that sort of thing. :(

    Anyway, I really liked the song, it has some funny moments but has some real emotion to it as well. That's pretty impressive.

  3. This is all Russell's fault.