Saturday, 27 April 2013

"Summertime Blues" - Discussions/Streams

The last episode of Littlest Pet Shop...premieres today. Well, of Season 1, that is.

I remember when the first episode aired last November. We were but a few souls who were brave enough to try out this brand new show on The Hub. And what we got was something amazing. Extraordinary. And, 5 1/2 months later, we are hundreds upon hundreds of artists, musicians, writers, and ordinary people from all walks of life, all over the world, who fell in love with a good TV show, and are brave enough to say they love "Littlest Pet Shop". We are a fandom. We are a community.

The season 1 finale, Episode 26, airs at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT.

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And don't forget this is also a discussion board, so go ahead and discuss in the comments below! Got conspiracies, questions, hopes, reactions? Post them in the comments below! 

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  1. Well, that was certainly a lot better than I thought it would be. From the preview, I had thought that the Pets, and the Friends were going to sabotage her dream of going to Fashion School, but they were all very supportive of her decision to go.

    I really liked the fact that this episode seemed to show that Russel was probably closest to Blythe, in that he was constantly wondering what to get her, not even realizing that he was organizing the entire event at the end of the episode.

    If there was anything that I really wanted to see, but didn't it would be to see some closure with the Biskit Twins. They were the first ones to meat her, and offer her friendship, albeit in a conceited, and shallow way (likely the only way they know), but they still tried. Would it be so bad if Brittney and Whittney became her friend?

    I did think it was a bit odd that Jasper seemed the most vocal (among Bltyhe's "real" human friends, considering how he has the least amount of screen-time, especially compared to Sue and Youngmee.

    I really enjoyed the Season 1 Finale, and really glad I gave this cartoon a chance. I know that I only really tried it because I admire Ashleigh Ball's voice acting, but I stayed because the stories are very well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed the songs.

    Cheers Studio B and the Hub! I look forward to season 2!

  2. A good season finale, I felt part of it was a message to the viewers, that they won't be anymore new episodes for a bit, but they will be back. I wish we saw more of Blythe's fashion camp. What kind of people will she meet, maybe we will find out next season.

    I liked that everyone for the most part kept a level head, and in the end let Blythe go ,both animal and human alike. I wanted to hear more of Zoey's song.

    Didn't think this show would reference the Wizzard of Oz, Blythe's comment was nice, but I hope the other pets didn't hear it.

    The only thing I could really nippick, I wish we saw a bit more of the Biskits, at least more of the hint that deep down they are going to mis Blythe they just won't admit it, they bother to learn her name, that means that she makes life more interesting for them.

    All in all, a great way to end the season, and look forward to more LPS in 2014. Till I am going to mis it.

    1. I wanted to see something with the Biskits, too. Maybe they were waiting for her at the airport, or maybe a text, just before she entered the plane. It's not like the we see the twins surrounded by friends, so Blythe may be the closest thing to a friend they have.

    2. But, like, everyone wants to be their friend.

  3. Well I've seen the ep so I'll give my thoughts...

    Regarding the episode as a whole I thought it was a rather nice ending to the season with a great song, funny moments and best of all every pet got a chance to shine. It was sort of sad to see Blythe go, and by extension for the season to end but it is ok because we know there will be another season. :D

    Ok now what makes this show so great IMO, the details. :D

    First of all the song makes much more sense in context since the pets think Blythe is leaving forever and the song happens before they know she'll be coming back. Every pet gets a chance to express themselves and not just be "I'm sad. Yeah me too. And me" there was real character to their reactions which made it feel that much more believable.

    Mrs Twambly was at her crazy best and Roger was great with his mix of supportiveness and concern that his only daughter was going away for so long. Having Blythe's friends and family try to act like they won't be miserable while she's away to make sure she doesn't feel guilty about leaving was a nice touch. It makes sense and of course backfires since Blythe doesn't want her loved ones to not care she is going away, even if it is only for the summer.

    The song at the end playing over the pets' good bye gift show was pretty sweet and the bit with the bird at the very end was a fun way to close out season 1.

    Sigh, I suppose if I had one, well not complained but aspect I would have rather been different, it would have been the Biskets. In the end there scene was true to their character but I suppose I would have liked for them to have one last scene. It wouldn't make sense for them to brake down in tears and bid Blythe a heartfelt good bye but I think if they had just shown up just as Blythe was leaving and in passing said something like "like bye. Yeah bye, or whatever" with losts of eye rolling and folded arms it would have stayed IC for them and still been a nice little moment. Oh well...

    Can't wait for season 2! :D

  4. After having watched the episode, I must say it was very good, but it could have been better.
    (Personally) The Best Parts:
    *The Music
    *How every pet was working on a gift for Blythe
    *Mrs. T's reactions (both to Mr. Baxter about Blythe leaving, and when she hires Madison)
    *A possible explanation as to why Blythe can understand pets (Russell: Why, was she in that dumbwaiter accident too?)
    *Mrs. T's gift to Blythe
    (Personally) The Less Favorable Parts/Worst Parts:
    *The Biskit's reaction to discovering Blythe is leaving
    *How the episode ended

    The music in this episode was great. And how it included every pet (Stay Here Forever) and how it really expressed the pet's feelings about Blythe (It Won't Be Long).
    With every pet working on something for Blythe, it really showed how much they care for Blythe. Minka's gift for Blythe even caused a little bit of tears when she gave it to her.
    Mrs. T's reactions were so over the top and funny, they just lightened the mood of the episode.
    Based on what Russell said when Blythe tried to see if Madison could understand the pets, it made a slight explanation as to why she can understand the pets (the dumbwaiter accident in the first episode). Plus, that explanation could make sense since Blythe couldn't understand animals until after that accident.
    I loved Mrs. T's gift of a webcam in the day camp area. It showed (to me at least) that Mrs. T sees how much Blythe would miss the pets and did what she could to help.

    However, the whole Madison thing seems too forced to me. The second Blythe says she is leaving and after Mrs. T accepts it, she just pulls some random girl off the street. Plus, Madison just seem WAY too weird. She doesn't even want the pets to breathe on her, which is strange now she works in a PET SHOP!
    My main thing with the Biskit's is not the amount of screen time they had, but Whitney's reaction. I thought she would, at least, show a LITTLE sadness about Blythe leaving (based on what she revealed in Door-Jammed). Even with Brittney there, she could of at least shown something in her eyes, but to show nothing at all?
    My main beef with this episode is how it ended. Blythe actually leaving without even a second thought just seemed a bit ooc to me.
    The way I see it, there are now 3 ways they can start season 2:
    1) Blythe suddenly returns at the end of summer. That just seems anticlimactic to the whole season finale. A whole episode for Blythe leaving, everyone sad, a new girl in the shop, etc... and it all goes back to normal at the very start of season 2.
    2) Blythe is still at the camp. She spends the whole summer there and that time is the whole season. That seems to me doomed to fail because if the pets need her advice/comfort after something happens, she can't talk to them because she isn't there. Even the webcam probably doesn't have a microphone (Why would Mrs. T think they would need one).
    3) Blythe is at the camp, realizes she doesn't want to stay because she misses everyone too much (especially the pets). By the end of the season premier, she returns home.

  5. And that's the end of S1

    Looking forward to S2.

  6. Is Hasbro finally cracking down on LPS uploads because they're getting ready to release Season 1 on Netflix?

    1. It looks that way. All my favorite youtube accounts with the LPS cartoon are rapidly losing episodes.

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  8. I was totally hoping that I could see some snippets from Blythe at camp. I also am in the process of writing a fan fic that is sort of a sequel to this episode that may be featured of
    N the pet shop daily soon! It is about how Blythe came back but she doesn't remember the pets. So now the pets ( mostly zoe) will do anything to get her back. Tip will tell you I think there will be five chapters and I only have the first done. I am gonna send this in tonite! This is my first try at fan fic so I am keeping my fingers crossed!