Saturday, 4 May 2013

Discussion: Season 1 Discussion Thread

If you came here for a new episode, then I'm sorry to say there is no new episode, and there will be no more until the fall.

However, since you're already here, let's have a discussion! We've been through a lot these past 5.5 months- 26 episodes, countless guest pets, numerous plots - and, obviously, you've stuck around this long cause you like the show.

So we want to here your review! What do you think of Season 1? What were the show's strengths and weaknesses? What did you enjoy most about watching each show? Who's your favorite character? Least favorite character? What's your favorite and least favorite song?

You guys write such great reviews of each episode in the comments, now try it for the whole season!

Buttercream Bonus: Try discussing Season 1 of "Littlest Pet Shop" without mentioning "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"!

"Buttercream Bonus" is a small challenge that is added at the beginning of each discussion thread. Commenters are not required to take the "Buttercream Bonus", but are encouraged and challenged to. 



  1. Oh that Buttercream Bonus...

    Ok, let's get reviewing.

    Season 1 as a whole was amazing. Countless laughs, gasps, sighs of relief and singing escaped from my mouth each episode. Not to mention dancing!

    The show's strengths were the pet's personalities. Sunil loves to show off his magic tricks, yet he is shy and a scaredy cat. Zoe is a fashion diva, but she can always be defensive. Minka is usually crazy, but at some points she just zaps. (Bad Hair Day) I can say more.

    Come to think of it, I don't really know any of the weaks. There WAS one point in "Lotsa Luck" where Pepper did that umbrella shower joke. I loved it. I was surprised that nopet laughed about it.

    I enjoyed laughing and sad moments the most. Like in "Summertime Blues", that got the best of me. Various jokes from Pepper set my laugh box off. And the originality was great.

    My favorite character would be Russell. He's just always so... nice and cute and.. oh he's just adorable! That little hedgehog. I'm tempted to say Whitney, but she isn't exactly a fave.

    My least favorite character? Probably Brittney. She's just so... sassy and stupid. (Second part of the pilot.)

    My favorite song would have to be a tie between "Wolf-I-Fied" and "Humanarian". They both have this '80s feeling about them. And the Thriller reference in Wolf-I-Fied was awesome. Before Sunil started to sing, I was seriously like, "Wolf-I!!!!!! Wolf-I-Fied!"

    My least favorite song? I don't have one!

    Overall, Season 1 was amazing. Next, I need some LPS creepypastas to keep me from drying my boat.

  2. That was a pretty decent first season there, LPS. To be honest, even though I've been watching since the first episode, I didn't really "like" it until maybe about the 10th episode. Although I really enjoyed Gailbreak (and it's still probably one of my favorite episodes, behind maybe Summertime Blues or Terriers and Tiaras), none of the other early-season episodes stood out to me. In my opinion, the later part of the season was when I really started to enjoy the show and get excited for new episodes.

    The show's strong point is definitely it's humor. Each character is extremely comedic and the show seem to exhibit a much more "adult" tone of humor than...a certain show that airs on the same channel that I think we all watch (does this count for "Buttercream Bonus"?). All of the references were excellently done too. Nothing ever failed to make me at least chuckle (aside from Pepper's jokes). Of course, the show's other strong points are probably it's voice acting and it's music. The VAs just seem to put so much effort into their roles, and it sounds like they're just having fun. Of course, the music is excellent for quite obvious reasons too.

    As for weaker points, the stories are maybe a bit too cliched. Many episodes gave me a feeling like "this has been done before...better". Sure, it is very common for cartoons to fall into old cliches and plotlines, but this show almost seems to suffer from "trope-overload" and in return, not much is original. The show's other weak point is Jasper. Seriously, why did they even need to introduce him in the first place? So that Blythe could have a token male friend? He's extremely annoying in every single scene he's in and didn't do anything. He didn't even get an plotline like Sue or Youngmee. Worst character for sure.

    Favorite character would be Sunil, with Russell, Vinnie and Zoe sharing second place. If it weren't for Sunil in Gailbreak, I probably wouldn't still be watching this show. Mrs. Twombly is also pretty awesome and hilarious, so she'd probably be my favorite human character.

    My favorite songs would probably be "It Won't be Long" (mostly due to the emotional value), "Humanarian" or "Wolf-i-Fied". I have no clue what my least favorite song would be. Maybe Pepper's "I'm Sorry Song" during Penny for you Laughs? I don't know. It just felt like that scene would have been handled better in a montage or something. The song itself was bland.

    All-in-all, a great season that blew away my non-existent expectations. I look forward to the references, humor, songs and seeing the characters again in season 2.

  3. Wow, I'm gone for a few weekends doing new-job stuff and the first season is already over? Darn.

    The season started out kind of slow, as though it wasn't sure of how far it wanted to go with itself. Then around episode fourteen, it figured out just how goofy it could be and went all the heck out. It was the most glorious thing I'd ever witnessed with a television show.

    The show's got a lot of strengths. The animation is beautiful and uses perspective very effectivel to put us into the world of these quirky critters (Dumb Dumbwaiter deserves a shoutout for getting the claustrophobicness of the situation across through it's angle shots). The music is amazing and manages to be sweet without being saccharine/clever without being obnoxious. The characters are all unique and well-personified, with various weaks and strengths that make them realistic and relatable. There were a couple of episodes where I would be nodding and thinking "I know that feel." I (and this is something I admit with some embarrassment) even outright cried during "So You Skink You Can Dance" when Vinnie was rejected and thought he was no good; having had people roll their eyes at my artwork, I totally understood that feeling. I actually can't think of any weaknesses the show has; all of the season's early problems were fixed by the end of the season.

    My favorite character is definitely Minka. A part of it is because of her talent: she's an abstract painter, as am I (painters gonna paint!). But mostly it's because of her optimism and friendliness. She can be a little overwhelming and annoying, yes, but even through all of that you can tell she's got a good heart and just wants to be as good a friend as she can be. That and she's just too darn cute!

    My least favorite character is probably Zoey. I don't hate her or anything, but I don't really love her either. I'm just kind of "meh" with her. I don't even really know why, to be honest.

    My favorite songs are "Wolf-I-Fied" and "Humanarian." "Wolf-I-Fied" is catchy and spooky, and a great homage to "Thriller." "Humanarian" has some amazing harmonization on its chorus that keeps sending shivers down my spine. As for least favorite song, I'd have to say "Sweet Shop." I usually adore that kind of music, but for some reason that song irks me. I don't know why and I feel kinda bad that I dislike the song so much whilst everyone else loves it.

    To conclude, I love this freaking show and can't wait until the fall when season two premires.

    1. Buttercream Bonus accomplished! You have earned a trophy: "A Dog, Not Pony, Show".

  4. Am I the only one that can't stand Buttercream?

  5. A whole season review, give me time to gather my thoughts. I will do that soon, but for now, one thing for sure, Jasper is worst character. I think all of the characters both animal and human alike contribute to the show and it's wackiness. But Jasper sucks, he is the Jar Jar Binks of the show.

  6. *insert long review*
    tl;dr it was awesome and I can't wait for season two. :3

  7. Overall, I was very pleased. I came in about halfway through and had to catch up but I was very entertained by this show. I am a fan of My Little Pony and a few other bronies on the forum had brought up the show. The characters are loveable (even Zoe) and the songs are really catchy. Also, as with, MLP, there is a good underlying message for the kids at the end so I view LPS as good wholesome entertainment. Even if I was not a fan, which I did quickly become, I could appreciate the quality of the animation and storytelling.

  8. This show seems fine to me indeed. Is well made, well-developed characters, but it lacks 1 thing....not sure what. Anyway...looking for next season.

  9. Some episodes were really disappointing.

    Strengths: Awesome songs and adorableness of the characters
    Weaknesses: Execution of some songs like Humanarian. That was so random.

    Enjoyed everything about the show really.

    Russell is my favorite because he's smart and adorable.
    Penny is my least favorite because her voice is annoying for me.

    Favorite song is It Won't Be Long and Fun Being Fun.
    Least favorite is......... I guess Gotta Get To The Studio and If You're a Guy.

  10. Season 1 was alright. Not the best, but you rarely get the best of a show in just the first season.

    It had plenty of strengths, but also many weaknesses. Personally, I loved the episodes and how they were made. Some of them were hilarious, like Topped with Buttercream, and some of them were emotional like Summertime Blues. The episodes are a little cliche and really geared towards much younger girls though. I think the thing that put me off is the worry that there aren't many males that watch this show. At least on my Youtube, it's about 60% female watching my videos, and most of them are young girls. Not about the show itself, but there needs to be more males in the fandom!

    My favourite character would have to definitely be Zoe from the mane 7 pets, and Madame Pom for the minor characters. Sorry Buttercream. Least favourite character is Vinnie. Not too fond of him, plus he can't dance for his life.

    My favourite episode is Eve of Destruction, as noted by me loving Madame Pom. Since I don't like Vinnie, my least favourite is So You Skink You Can Dance. I didn't like Books and Covers either, the episode was really boring.

    For songs, I really loved the Pets Introduction song from the first episode. That was the first video ever released of Littlest Pet Shop back in October, and I fell in love with it right away. I knew I had to watch and follow this show. My least favourite song, I ranked recently, is My New Tail. Self explanatory.

  11. LPS is a really great show! I mean I'm taking the time to write some sloppy, opinionitive review about it, right? Season 1 started with a really good episode, and I was hooked from the start! I watched it and a good chunk of the episodes that were already out one weekend when I was really sick, and the fun, innocent antics of Blythe and her pet pals kept me hooked. I went into this show with an open mind, and was pleasantly surprised at how splendid the animation is, and the great voice acting, and top-notch humor and songs.

    Weaknesses? A few episodes had some rather weak plotlines, but nothing major. Sometimes a bit too much emphasis on Blythe, even though I like her character. I mean, the day-campers are still my favorite feature of the show, and a few of the pets still need to be fleshed out a bit.

    At first, I thought my favorite character would be Zoe because she was so much like,...ahem...another main character on another Hub show that is not to be named... but she ended up being second to a snarky skunk. Pepper was just too much fun, and I couldn't help but love her. She was a constant source of entertainment, and is always trying to cheer up her friends. I'm kind of the jokester in my circles of friends, so I can relate, especially when her brash and rude attitude sometime causes a joke to cross the line. Russel and Penny are up there too, and Sunil rounds out at "meh".

    I dislike Vinnie. I'm sorry, I just do. Maybe his whole doofus niche was entertaining for the first couple episodes, but it got old really quick. In my completely unprofessional opinion, he's a bit of a bore and 1D. I like his crossdressing though. Not too fond of Minka either, she's the basic Pollyanna topped with hyperactivity. She isn't bad by any means, but I've seen it one too many times before.

    Favorite song is The Sweet Shop, I listened to it for a week straight, and Buttercream by far is my favorite side character.

    I liked all the songs, but the BFF one didn't stick with me.

    Can't wait for season 2, and I may just -attempt- to write a fanfic at some point for you guys during the dry summer! :D

  12. It's hard to pick a favorite but "Summertime Blues" rank in my top 3.

  13. This rather entertaining. The humor and some of its writing were its strongest points. However the characterization are one of those aspects that I'm mixed about. Depending of the writers of course. Quality of the season one episodes for the most part were decent though not without its flaws (I'll get to that on another time). My favourite main pets would have to be Penny Ling and Russell to an extent. My Favourite One-Shot/Minor pet is Madame Pom. My least fav though....I'm not sure to be honest. My favourite human characters are Mrs. Twombly and The Bisket Twins. My Favourite one-shot/minor human characters are Youngmee and Judi Jo Jameson. My least favourite human character....Jasper. Just Jasper. He wasn't even helpful in the slightest most of the time. I admit the most of the songs in this series are great but the one that stands out for me was Humanarian. My least favourite song? Not too sure. I hope for the best of season two later this year. Hopefully some of the one-shot pets like Scout, Madame Pom would return and especially more background story about the twins.

  14. Despite a rough start with the FIRST 2 episodes, I actually grew to like this series - but not immediately. In fact, I think these rankings sum up my feelings on this show as a whole:
    While I feel some of these should be lower, I only really disliked 5 episodes, even though
    each episode, INCLUDING those 6, had some positive moments in them.:
    GOD TIER: Lotsa Luck, Frenemies, Blythe's Pet Project, & Summertime Blues.

    HIGH TIER: Gailbreak!, Sweet (Truck) Ride, & What Did You Say?.

    MID-HIGH TIER: Bakers & Fakers, Topped With Buttercream, Trading Places, Eve of Destruction, Blythe's Crush, Bad Hair Day.

    MID TIER: Mean Isn't You Color, Lights, Camera, Mongoose!, Terriers & Tiaras,So You Skink You can Dance, Books & Covers, Russell Up Some Fun, & What's in the Batter?.

    MID-LOW TIER: Penny For Your Laughs, Dumb Dumbwaiter, & Door-Jammed.

    LOW TIER: The First Two Episodes & Helicopter Dad.
    As I said before, I only really disliked 6 episodes (OVERALL) and though each episode (despite their ranking) has something that ACTUALLY does make it stand out in a positive light, like for example - how Helicopter Dad ended (despite being Season 1's WORST ep. IMHO) or how awesome the pets looked as were-creatures in Door-Jammed (despite being Season 1's most annoying episode - courtesy of Sunil and Vinnie's unacceptably stupid behavior, and the main plot feeling done to death, hence my disliking of it), Season 2 has its work cut out for it - do better than this and keep up the good work, by studying my examples of what made the GOD- and HIGH-TIER(s), basically.

    Oh, and while I've warmed up to So You Skink You Can Dance and Terriers & Tiaras, less episodes from the writers making social statements about

    As for character rankings - I'm going to get this out the way, NOW - as much as I like how developed the human characters are (those not below MID TIER of course), MORE focus on the pets, in terms of episodes and character development would be real damn nice, IMHO! Also,
    I'm only listing characters who are prominent in this show (that means no one-shots, as much as I feel Sugar Sprinkles is a HIGH TIER):
    GOD TIER: NO ONE Qualifies; they'd be beyond flaws or worst yet, MARY-SUES/GARY STUS if anyone made this ranking. Sad, but true.

    HIGH TIER: Russell, Penny, Mrs. Twombly, & Sugar Sprinkles (Despite being a one-shot!).

    MID HIGH TIER: Blythe, Roger, Youngmee, Aunt Christie, & Fisher Biskit.

    MID TIER: Zoe, Pepper, Minka, & Sunil.

    MID-LOW TIER: Vinnie & Buttercream (I think we all know why!)

    LOW TIER(Because both Vinnie and Buttertcream are far more tolerable than these 2, despite their moments where I want to hurt both of them - quite badly for their actions.): Jasper & Sue.

    A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN: The Biskit Twins (Because are we really supposed to like these two?! Despite some positive moments with them, ONLY SEEING THEM HURT for their actions makes me happy, and even then...While there is potential for them to become actually likable enough for them to become MID-TIER at least, I'm not seeing it fast enough, nor much).

    Bottom line - May Season 2 kick far more ass than its First (that means keeping up the quality we were shown in Episodes 24 - 26, for example!).

    1. Finishing one of my sentences:
      While I've warmed up to So You Skink You Can Dance and Terriers & Tiaras (Hence why they are both MID-TIER at the most), less episodes from the writers making social statements about current events or taking potshots at reality TV and ACTUALLY making GENUNIE efforts to develop these characters and make us actually feel something for them where it counts (sans the used of semi-forced morals to do so, like how last few episodes of the Season successfully DID do!), would definitely & certainly be a step in the right direction for this show -if only to make a 2nd Season of this feel like it was worth it all... And not just to me!

  15. Fav early season Ep: Gail Brake
    Fav Mid season Ep: Helicoper Dad
    Fav later season Ep: Blythe's Pet Project
    Fav pet character: Be a choice between Russel, Penny Ling or Pepper Clark
    Fav one time pet: Choice between Suga Spinkles or Shivers (Even though he is not a pet i still count him as one)
    Fav human character: Roger Baxter
    Final over all thoughts: For a frist season of a kids show i say this was pretty solid and well done.


    1. Oh forgot one thing: Fav song: That would a choice between The Littest Pet Shop Pets, Dance Like You Know You Can, Be Your Self/Just Like You, So Much Fun Being Fun I Got A New Crush, Super Star Life, The Sweet Shop Song, Miss Anna T If You Please, Wolf-i-fied or Stay Here Forever. (Pretty much half of the songs in the show i say, hard choice)

  16. Season 1 review eh? Time for a badly written wall of text!:

    At first I found it kind of refreshing the whole show didn't revolve around Blythe having a hard time at school, getting bullied for her 'ability' and getting in trouble because of it. It was mostly just about the pets and Blythe hanging with the pets. The few B plots that were focused on Blythe at school weren't too shabby either really

    The opening two-parter wasn't too interesting, but that's what happens if you spend time laying out the basic plot of the show. In my opinion things started to pick up from episode 3 and it only went better. Sure plots were pretty simple most of the time and characters react in a way just to move the plot forward (really obvious in Penny For Your Laughs, where everybody is just laughing it up until the 10 minute mark and all of a sudden Pepper's harmless quips hurt everyone's feelings), but the fun characters, funny gags, cute designs, rockin' musical numbers and parodies that got crazier and crazier got me back watching the livestream every saturday.

    About fun characters, I thought Baxter and Mrs Twombly would be a pair of uninteresting side characters, but season 1's last few episodes made them two of my favourites. And Jasper is just plain bad, obviously filling the male main character quota and not serving anything to the story, but his pointlessness and dumb dialog is SO BAD it actually makes me grin whenever his dumb mug pops up.

    Pet-wise think they're all really great (and it's obvious who's my favourite), but there's something about Penny-Ling. I don't find her really awful or anything, but I have a hard time placing her. One episode she's really sensitive, but in another she's really bossy/angry and ordering the guys around, then in another episode she's just SO SASSY and then somewhere she starts raving off about guns. Alright that last one is a gag, sure, but it feels like they don't really know what kind of character she should be.

    The guest pets were pretty good too, and it makes me sad that some of them will probably never make another appearance again. Except for that dumb Gorilla, he sucks. Good riddance

    Best episode IMO is "Door-Jammed". Plenty of character development, awesome music video and both A and B plots were great. It's also the episode where both Twombly and Baxter went from uninteresting to TOP TIER characters. Very close is "Sweet (Truck) Ride" which was a good chaotic episode featuring all the pets in a balanced way, with lots of great gags and the best guest pet of the season.

    Lastly I'm having a hard time picking a best song as all of them are generally really catchy. I liked both 'Be Yourself' and 'It Won't Be Long' so much I actually endded up ripping both and adding them to my mp3 player pretty quick so it's gotta be one of those two. It's too bad the latter is a little on the short side.

    So yeah season 1 was pretty entertaining to me and I'm hoping season 2 will continue with the same quality where season 1 left off.

  17. Strengh: based off of other things with a little twist to make it funny

    Weakness: going from awesome episode to a pretty bad one.

    Enjoyment: waiting for the next episode, especially when I know what it will be about.

    Fav character: probably Minka or Blythe. In my opinion they are both pretty wacky and go through hilarious stunts.

    Least fave character: probably Jasper. He is the only one of blythes friends who didn't have an episode. I do have to admit he was pretty funny in Topped With Buttercream.

    Fav song: either humanarian, be yourself, of stay here forever. The first and third bcuz I know all the words and they are catchy. The second because it can teach everyone a life lesson. I go through troubles where everyone else in my grade is in a rush to grow up, while me and a couple others are just like " Hey we are only kids! Enjoy this fun before you gotta be al grown up."

    It seems as if I liked the episodes more as the season progressed.

    For me I had at least one point where I cracked up in each episode. 1- "we took that moving box thingie. Dumbwaiter. He what you just cal me?" 2- " like,meow!" 3- the slow-mo between Blythe and Zoe trying to get the mirror 4- ( leaf falls on sunils head.) " AHHHH!!!!" 5- some of peppers jokes 6- Blythe bonking head on lunch table crying. 7- russel moonwalks off a toy tower. 8- "that electronic box thingie" 9- Skinny Vinnie from papa New Guinea! Skinny? 10- snap pose! 11- some called like poly ester" 12- vinniezilla 13- we don't want you getting hurt! Now jump off the ledge. 14 school mascot 15 sugar rush 16 the reenactment 17 Minka trying to be olive 18 sunil thinks he should cut down on nighttime horror movies 19 killer rats -I was chanting when they said to bad we had to see her go "killer rats!- 20 Vinnie and the killer cakes 21 Blythe. Blythe. Blythe. 22 Kung fu quilting more popular than space travel 23 hammer time dance 24 Zoe's high soci-tea! 25 my small squirell 26 Blythe bouncing on her head
    There were more but that would take a million years to do

    In general littlest pet shop was a great show and I can't wait for season 2!

    P.S I think the reason the show won't be out till fall is Blythe left for summer in the last episode. It would only make sense we have to wait for more LPS while Blythe is at "summer camp" am I right? Does it make sense?

  18. Season one was great. I could barely find a flaw in the show, however, it lacks in popularity. If we made the show more popular, then we can have a bigger fan-base. That would improve the quality of the show. Over all, season one was deserving of its praise from the positive comments above and/or below me as well as deserving of an Emmy (which it was nominated for).

  19. Fav Character: Sunil
    Fav Minor Character: Shahrukh
    Fav Side Character: Sugar Sprinkles
    Fav Hooman: Blythe
    Fav Song: Suger Star or Humanarian (Sweet Shop)

    Cant wait for S2!

  20. My favorite character is Penny Ling.
    I love the Bff song and the Sweet shop song.
    I thought Buttercream was cute. I like all the characters but, if I had to pick a least favorite it would be Vinnie.

  21. Favorite character: Pepper Clark due to how funny and fun she is!

    Favorite minor character: Olive because it was funny how she would not leave her shell the whole episode!

    Favorite side character: Sugar Sprinkles because its funny how she takes nothing seriously.

    Favorite Human: Yung Mi because she can bake sweets!

    Favorite Songs: Wolf-I-fied and Humanarion!

    GO PEPPER CLARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!