Thursday, 2 May 2013

"Littlest Pet Shop" Song Nominated for Daytime Emmy Award

Wow! Never thought "Littlest Pet Shop" would be nominated for an Emmy award*! I mean sure, it's a great show, but Emmy??

Well, "Littlest Pet Shop" is nominated for "OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL SONG – CHILDREN AND ANIMATION":

IF YOU’RE A GUY” (Daniel Ingram, Composer; Roger Eschbacher, Lyricist)

Remember the song from Episode 9, "Dumb Dumbwaiter"? If not, listen to it again here!

Check out "Littlest Pet Shop" on the list of all the nominations here and here! Update 5/3: Official site!

*For those of you unfamiliar, The Daytime Emmy Awards are awards presented by the New York–based National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Los Angeles–based Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in recognition of excellence in American daytime television programming. Source


  1. Um. I don't really like If You're A Guy, but I'm still excited LPS got nominated anyways!

  2. While I'm confuzzled at their choice song (why not "Wolf-I-Fied" or "Humanarian?"), I'm ecstatic that LPS got nominated for a freaking EMMY. I mean, come on! IT'S A FREAKING EMMY.

    Here's to a hopeful victory!

    1. I agree, both "Wolf-i-fied" and and "Humanarian" were great songs. But I also like "Super Star Life" (Sharukh's song), and "The Sweetshop Song."

      I'm not sure how nomination process goes, but like other LPS fans, I'm stoked they got recognized!

      Cheers to LPS, Daniel Ingram, and Roger Eschbacher!

    2. Wolf-i-Fied and Humanarian have to wait until the 2014 Daytime Emmys. The 2013 Dayime Emmys only covers content that aired in 2012 (Humanarian and Wolf-i-Fied aired in 2013).

  3. Time to drink for victory.

  4. Oh wow. It's not exactly my favourite LPS song either, but I'm happy one of the musical numbers actually got nominated. Let's see if it stands a chance against Sesame Street.

  5. Don't you just love West Side Story references?