Saturday, 16 November 2013

"Heart of Parkness" Downloads/Discussion/Streams

I couldn't find any pics of the episode, so have a cute Sunil!
What time is it? New episode time! :D
Description: After Sunil becomes a hero to the raccoons of City Park by facing down an escaped cobra, he must decide whether to stay and be their king, or return to his friends at the Littlest Pet Shop.
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Feel free to discuss below! (Please use spoiler tags)


  1. There are never any streams anymore. Are there?

      Can't promise it'll stream the new one, but it's worth a shot. (credit goes to Cole the Pony, I'm just re-posting it in case he doesn't in time)

  2. Next week Hax Mega will be doing it again

  3. I uploaded to YouTube and Dailymotion.

  4. Nice Shivers cameo at the end :) to bad he didn't say anything. It was an okay episode, it didn't have much of a moral though (not one that I could see) It was cool to see Mr Biskit :) Sunil worshipping at the end? Ummm.... :|

  5. I find it quite conisdental we had an episode that involve the whole Biskit family doing something together, the same weekend of the last four episode of season 2 of Legend Of Korra, which also involved father and twin children doing something together family, granted it was drasticly different, but it was father and twin bonding weekend.

    Onto the episode, I loved it for the most part, I have a couple of gripes, but I will get to that later. A Sunil is always welcome, we saw a real freakin Cobra, a Shivers cameo, and an awesome new pigin character, I love him already. I also thoughts the Biskits and when I say the Biskits the whole family was hillarous, I love the ending when motived Whitney and Brittany can get past their lazy streak and Fisher water skiing.

    That being said, I don't like Blythe and the pets being mean to the Biskits at the end, they didn't deserve it. They should use the Team Rocket rule, which is when they are good, they don't get blast off, Whitney and Brittany were not mean or antgonistic this episode, so leave them alone you meanies. Yeah they let the Cobra lopse, but that was just being stupid not mean, though Fisher did something illegal, though not knowingly, this is not Varrick we are talking about, sorry I got Korra on my mind this weekend. It would be better if just some force of nature caused the Biskits mishap at the end to happen, it is okay if karma does that, but our heros idental to do something like that, not cool.

    And I don't like them villanfy Largest Pet Shop, it is not an evil store, they might not be confortable as Littlest Pet Shop, but I don't like the implification it is okay to sabatage their business just because, it was not okay what they did in "Gailbreak", here it is better because Fisher was doing something illegal, but Blythe and the pets don't know that, it is the same thing with Madison, they villanfy her because working in a pet shop is not for her, it is not an evil store, this is not Katrina Stoneheart and her operation from the original Pound Puppies. It just grines my gears to quote Peter Griffin.

    But I loved the episode, and I loved "Gailbreak" it is one of my favorites even though I hated the lack of moral message, and telling because you don't like someone, it is okay to do something mean.

  6. Major:
    New kinds of animals introduced! I always enjoy seeing new character designs, and this week, we got a few.
    Maybe a bit controversial, but Blythe's little prank on the Biskits. I like that she has a mischievous streak and doesn't always wait to react to things they do to her. She has to know by now that it's an ongoing thing between them rather than isolated events. Or she was getting back at them for the whole abduction and keeping her from returning the nest thing from two weeks ago.
    Some good old-fashioned Minka craziness, which the show has been lacking for a while now.
    My own idea that just before Joey Featherton's ending speech, Shivers pointed at the Suniel statue and said "What the hell is that?".

    Two weeks ago, Fisher Biskit refused to pay for Blythe's phone to make his daughters take responsibility. Last season, he wouldn't let them cheat in a cake-making contest. Now he's knowingly committing a fairly serious crime by selling an endangered animal. I hate to even think of how he got it. Maybe he's not one of those 'lead by example' kind of people.
    "Hello, I'm Suniel." "I am Steve." "There, now you're friends!" Yup, that's how friendship works!

    Overall, it was major.

  7. Is it just me, or does the animation seem noticeably better?

  8. Kinda love this episode, Sunil done this saving thing for the second time (plus popularity points for being a hero). Wonder if Shiver has an idea who is on the statue though. The racoon tribe will always remember the heroism of Sunil and I guess it will pass on every racoon tribe generations for now on.
    And now he is going internet. :|