Saturday, 23 November 2013

'Pawlm Reading' Discussion/Episode

Yep. New episode :D
(No picture yet because I can't add photos on a phone - yes I'm that desperate to get the episode post up)
Hey everyone! So, new episode time! YAY. I was so hype about the mlp season 4 premiere, that I thought I could take a break from posting. Silly me, I can't because no one else is posting the episode discussion post.
Oh well. Check below the break~

Pawlm Reading (1080p)
 'Pawlm Reading' Ryaless Dailymotion upload(1080p) (New)

SD Episodes
HD Episodes

Here we go (please comment if you found episode link)


Controversy surrounds Littlest Pet Shop when a self-proclaimed pet psychic sets up shop in the store.

Livestream: [link]


  1. I don't know if anyone else posted it yet. But I do have a recording of the latest episode.

  2. A great episode, I loved Mrs. Twombry imagination of what the pets sound if they talked, as well the pets doing the opposite of what they normally do.

    I just wished that Blythe revealed her abilites to Mrs. T, come on Blythe, I know you don't want to go public, but I think you can trust Mrs. T, that is one thing that frustrating about this show and what seperates from My Little Pony, it is afraid to make changes to the status quo.

    And a second person is on the unemployment line thanks to Blythe this season, first Madison, and now this phony phychics, though they stink at their jobs, so what can you do.

    So far 5 episodes in, except for Youngmee (who I like, so no complants there) in the season premere, we haven't seen any of Blythe's human friends, let's hope that is a sign of things to come.

  3. anybody want to upload the episode?

    1. I found this if you haven't watched it yet:

    2. thanks no youtube links that i can find

    3. I already uploaded it. It's posted on my livestream account. Read the first comment!

      I'm surprised the admins haven't noticed or bothered to update the story.

  4. Haven't seen it yettt :( And away from meh TV

  5. I got Dailymotion in HD up. Sorry for the delay! Had to rebuild my PC.

  6. I love how the woman who claimed she was a pet psychic didn't know the pet's personalities at all.