Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Littlest Pet Shop Episodes' Reviews

If you haven't seen the latest episodes, this probably isn't for you. Got some spoilers in these reviews... check below the break if you dare

Blackwidower is a blogger who has reviewed almost every single episode out there… so big thanks to him for taking the time to write some serious review :D "What Meme Worry" was the last one he's done.

The Links:
Season 1
Smallest Animal Supply Boutique review of "Littlest Adventure" Part 1+2
Anti-Socialization review of "Helicopter Dad"
Party in the LPS review of "What's in the Batter?"
Littlest Plotlines review of "What Did You Say?"
A Character-Development Walk review of "Bakers and Fakers"
False Love review of "Terriers and Tiaras"
Best Frenemies review of "Door-Jammed"/"Lotsa Luck"
Egos, Lies, and Dismemberment review of "Frenemies"
Littlest Kleptomaniacs review of "Blythe's Pet Project"
You Think About All The Friends That You Hate To Leave review of "Summertime Blues"

Season 2
Fashion Follies review of "Missing Blythe"/"The Nest Hats Craze"
Eight Arms to Spoil The Movie review of "Eight Arms to Hold You"
Of Snakes and Mongooses review of "Heart of Parkness"
Psychic Vs. Psychic review of "Pawlm Reading" 
Time, and Relative Characterization in Pet Shops review of "The Treasure of Henrietta"
The Memetastic Mr. Mongoose review of "Why Meme Worry?"

Just so you know, he does curse in his posts at times. He also does MLP: FiM reviews :B and he has a tumblr/twitter :) If he makes more, we'll keep you updated
Again, thank you, Blackwidower :D


  1. The season was off to a strong start but I feel like it's been steadily growing more mediocre as it goes on. Same thing is happening with MLP. I wonder if Hasbro is purposely trying to lose the older fans...

    1. Yeah, there are still some witty lines or two, but I feel like the episodes are getting less engaging. There are some good episodes sprinkled around lately, but most of them have me only paying half attention, both for LPS and MLP.

      Hasbro trying to lose older fans? Perfect way to gain less profit from MLP, and on a smaller scale, LPS. And while that would be stupid, it seems like Hasbro likes to do stupid things that the writers need to work with, so it might be happening, although it's not that likely.