Sunday, 1 December 2013

New Segment: Spotlight

Hey, everyone, we're opening a new segment - Spotlight for artists :) Find out more after the break---

There are plenty of talented people in the Littlest Pet Shop Fandom, so we're going to open up a monthly Spotlight on Petshopper artists! YAY :B

1. The artist must have a minimum of 6 Littlest Pet Shop fan-works.
2. You can suggest others, but not yourself, via emailing
3. The people chosen will always have good-quality art, music, writing, etc. It has to be presentable and creative
4. Include links to their art
5. Please include the artist's website, like Deviantart or Tumblr. If that person is chosen, he/she will be contacted
6. Interviews might be given; we're not quite sure yet
7. Spotlights may not be chosen every month, but that's our goal

^ Subject to change overtime.

Please include this form:

Type (can be more than one): Artist, Musician, etc.
Artist's Website:
Links to Artwork:
Why did you suggest him/her?: optional

Keep in mind this is not about popularity. Anyone could be chosen; their work speaks for itself. Thank you all for contributing your artwork, music, etc. to the fandom! ... we all appreciate it :3 :B


  1. Minka is working vigorously on that painting

  2. ooh I love the petshoppers artists >w< I want to see more of them