Sunday, 15 December 2013

"The Big Feathered Parade" iTunes/Discussion/Downloads

Here we go, new episode! Sorry we're late, I personally wasn't aware there was a new episode. Here we go:

iTunes HD
iTunes SD

"The Big Feathered Parade" Ryaless Dailymotion upload(1080p) (New)

Comment if you find a link please.

Black Widower Recording (link works)


  1. Awesone episode. I loved Minka and Vinnie in this one, hillarous. Zoey was good too as the voice of reason.

    I am glad we finally have a villain (Judy Jo Jamison is debatable weather she counts as a villain or not) that is not in the Biskits family. Finally the writers there are other people that can be antagonist, and not always have the Biskits be the villains, and that opens up to not have them be antagonistic anymore, which is a good thing.

    I am glad the bird got a new owner, and they didn't go the redemtpion route like they did in "Pawlm Reading", not every bad owner can change. Not to mention I want Ramon to stay a villain, thus Blythe has other enemies besides Whitney and Brittany, and maybe we can get some character from those two since the wrtiers have to rely on them to be villains.

  2. I absolutely loved the bit with Minka, Zoe, and Blythe at the end.

  3. Youtube episode (Official for puchase)

    Dailymotion at standard resolution:

  4. good episode. season 2 has been phenomenal. i guana more great episodes. 9.25/10 vinnie wasnt bad in the episode and the jokes were funny. support the show

  5. Without saying too much - This... right here... was definitely high tier material for me - thanks, Tom. You're definitely continuing to earn your worth in my book.

    For a simple story of dealing with a bully character, this just about hit all the right notes with me. And the ending, very well thought out and executed as it was, felt quite earned on all counts.

    As much as I liked this episode, the precedent set here with how the adults treated Blythe at first was pretty dangerous. Unlike other episodes that took this route, I'm just grateful this one actually ended well, IMHO - that was one thing I felt hurt this show when it first started out.

    If only to ensure the creation of less one - dimensional villains in general, don't need this show copying the stupider aspect of an otherwise good show (Codename: Kids Next Door being that example) before it when it involves Blythe; this is because unlike that show, this setting laid before us isn't as cartoonish as said example, nor should it aim to be UNLESS it involves the pets (where such cartoon qualities are A-OK, IMHO, as long as they don't offend, of course!).

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  7. The bird was cute >w< and I loved Minka!:D