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Yay, new episode time!


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  1. This is a poor man's version of MLP's "Green Isn't Your Color", not saying I don't like the episode, quite the contrary, just "Green Isn't Your Color" is way better and Rarity is a way better character than Zoey. These writers need to take a lesson from MLP with giving depth to characters.

    I thought it was too good to last, but Jasper is back, the party is over, but actully he is actully useful this episode, and was not annoying, maybe the writers found a way to improve him.

    I like the commentary on meme's, but Sunil becomes famous, is ever character on this show going to become famous, Blythe is over an hour of fame, but it was funny, seeing him all not want fame, I wish we got to see Shaharukh, he is kind of Sunil nemesis, at least he should be.

    And Zoey's jealous issues, they took the route of "Green Isn't Your Color" but they don't move on from that, Rarity was jealous, but they quickly moved on from that, and she tried to be a supportive friend, which is what they should have done with Zoey.

    As for the Biskits plot, my reaction is everyone else's reaction in the school after they saw the video in the school, what the? But it was funny, the butler was awesome, I loved his reaction to the song he heard in the beginning and destorying the computer, and of course rapping butler, that has to be meme. And Brittany for once was the one with the idea, normally Whittany is the brains of the outfit, and I loved Whittany she is like for real. And how it kind of worked, but didn't in the way they hoped, it like when the Cutie Mark Crusaders won that talent show award for comedy.

    But the ending, had a real great protental, that they wasted for a dumb joke, yes it is nice that the second episode in a row the Twombry and Biskits feud had a possitive ending, but really the one thumbs up, that should have Blythe. They even hinted when she said she almost felt sorry for them, so I was hoping she would have giving a pitty thumbs up, it would be a nice ending to that sub plot, but no, forget showing what a great person Blythe has the protental to be, nope let's do a joke.

    Anyway good episodes, but a few flaws, and showing why it is short of MLP's greatness, and wasted prodental with the ending of the Biskits plot.

  2. Daily Motion 1080P HD Rip:

    I also have episode 6 up:

  3. + I like how they're taking the crap out of how stupid so many of these memes get... That's a definite plus about this week's episode alone... While I should be annoyed at shows that take a piss out of popular culture, I'm more amazed by the abundance of shows that salute it, further degrading humanity as a whole. While I'm not a fan of this show doing stuff like this... it's because at the same time, I don't see it enough, either, especially when it's deserved.

    + Seeing the Biskits get silently booed (thumbed down, as stupid as that sounds...) as usual for just being unlikable characters makes this episode for me. Heck, they should be simply grateful even 1 person was crazy enough to consider their trash remotely good...

    "o" I know I should be mad at Zoe for acting like an idiot over something Sunil didn't event want because he's not that kind of person (At all, meaning he was legitimately in character here, making the situation believable!), but at least she apologized for acting like an idiot - which is one thing that almost hurt this episode for me, besides the Biskits making idiots of themselves as usual. However, Zoe, being a diva, was actually her being true to her character, so I can't completely hold a grudge here, as much as I should, too.

    - No matter how decent enough I think this episode is on any given level, I personally don't expect this episode to get much praise at all. This is because, yes... Jasper was in it - and it was because of him that all of this went down in the first place, so there's going to be backlash indefinitely just for that.

    "o" At least he didn't do anything too annoying to anger me, but that's because the Biskits thankfully did it for him. At least he helped Zoe set herself in the right direction with things in the end, so there's that.

    Everyone else, especially Zoe and Sunil seemed to be in character regarding the subject matter of this episode, so overall, this makes this a mid-high tier episode for me, though I'm sure something later on will hopefully top it - there are better episodes than anything regarding giving popular culture a good smacking (something I don't think this show excels at doing much of, anyway, hence why it's best done only in small doses...).

    @zoombie:Regarding your opinion on this particular episode, I'm sorry you feel that way, but it's been made clear by now Blythe doesn't like those two, and I don't blame her, either - I simply can't side with you there, as much as I'd love to...

    However, with what you pointed out about Zoe's behavior - if it's not because Jasper came back, it'll be because of Zoe (and how the writers' borrowed from a similar FIM episode) that this goes down as an unfortunately bad episode, even if I don't completely feel that way, but I know how the fanbase for this show is with stuff like this...Especially if people watching this show (Who might be fans of it) were MLP fans first or like said show more and can see what's going on here.

  4. Seems most of you morons are upset because this episode didnt adamantly drill at memes.

    read the subtext morons, if you couldnt then wow this show isnt for your demographic (BUUUUUUUURN)