Saturday, 8 March 2014

Leaked episodes

I mentioned in the previous post that a lot of episodes got leaked (not really leaked, because they aired on an UK tv channel). You can find a table bellow with the leaked episodes and the link to watch them. Last episode will air on March 11, 2014 (uk tv channel, no on The Hub)

Episode Nr. Episode name Link
20 Plane it on Rio! Dailymotion
21 Littlest Bigfoot Dailymotion
22 Sunil's Sick Day Dailymotion
23 The Hedgehog In The Plastic Bubble Dailymotion
24 Standup Stinker Dailymotion


  1. Any chance of seeing these in HD?

    1. I think the channel is only SD, if you want HD you will have to wait untill they get released on iTunes

  2. Well I saw The Pet Expo Pt 1, I doubt it was an intentional joke, but I laughed out loud at the part when Emma said she wish she was a dog. There is no way they would intentional make a Pound Puppies refrence. The season is almost over and it is offical Emma has contribute more than Sue all season. Sue has been really useless this season, even Jasper has contributed more. Maybe they ought to drop her from the show.