Saturday, 22 March 2014

"Sunil's Sick Day" - iTunes/Discussion/Downloads

Hello everyone, it's time for another episode of the place tiny animals hang out! You'd almost think it was a regular thing!

This week, Sunil and Vinnie have a falling out. On that note, it's very difficult to find fan art of those two that's of a non-shipping nature. What's up with that!? Seriously!

I mean, yeah, I expect that from Tumblr, but the rest of you! Get it together! :P

(Before people get angry, that was a joke... I'm joking. I love tumblr, some of my best friends are on tumblr!)

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Any additional sources can be sent to me on Twitter @theblackwidower, and I'll post them as soon as I am able.


  1. I will admit to something. I haven't been so interested in LPS lately. Its been at least a month since I visited this site. And its good to see its not dead. I've neglected LPS for the past month, just to watch it once the season is finished. I'll try to lessen my load once the season does finish.

  2. My question is why didn't Sunil tell Vinnie about the fake wand and Minka tell him about the shoes when he was clearly upset about both? And is there any chance we could get an HD TVrip on episode day instead of having to wait for Ryaless for our HD needs (which usually takes a couple days after air)?

    1. I don't think anyone who has the Hub Network is ripping it in HD, maybe they don't think the time it takes to rip it and upload it worth the whole thing. At least I'm happy to upload it 1-2 days later in FullHD right from iTunes.


    2. Well, you have to realize: Minka is thick. She just didn't realize that it was the basis for their conflict.

      And Sunil was just an ass. Though it might have had something to do with Vinnie being an irritating and needy jackass, and Sunil was sick of it. Also, Vinne was yelling at Sunil for something he didn't do, which I'm sure he didn't appreciate. So it actually does make a bit of sense.

      As for the HD cut, I can't do much about that since I don't have HDTV, and I don't have the Hub since I live in Canada. If you know someone who lives in the States with the Hub in HD, then we can just ask them to supply the stream. It wouldn't be that difficult to set up.