Saturday, 29 March 2014

"The Hedgehog In The Plastic Bubble" - iTunes/Discussion/Downloads

Hello once again. This week is all about Russell and Blythe and I'm guessing military-grade quarantines.

Ooooo. I loved Contagion, that was a great movie!

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Not So Interesting! (mirrored from haxmega)
(I feel the need to apologize, since apparently the show started 30 minutes earlier than expected, which means I was unable to properly mirror or record the stream as I originally planned. Sorry.)

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  1. I'll admit Blythe looked great with the whole vampire get - up, but she acted pretty stupid here... Which made this hard to deal with, overall. And that's putting things lightly.

    I think more time would have been best dedicated to Russel's situation and how the pets were dealing with it, as it was the best part of what's otherwise an easily bashable (mid - tier at best, low - tier at worst) episode, IMHO.

    One more thing... Whoever wrote this episode - stop with the Twilight parodies. It's dating this this show badly.

    I'm going to admit, I'm being quite lenient here. Everywhere else I go regarding reviews of episodes for this show - this episode has been savaged to a painful death.

    Then again, this wasn't the best way to prepare us for the coming season finale, IMHO, either, so I'm NOT blind nor naive to why this episode got so easily bashed elsewhere...

    1. Is it a Twilight parody? Looks more like an Anne Rice parody.

      But on that note, there's a difference between parody (which is what this was) and reference (which is what you're conflating it with). The difference is parody is funny even if you don't recognize what it's parodying. Reference isn't funny at all. Reference just points at something and says, "Recognize this and laugh, you sheep!"

      A parody doesn't get old. Case in point: Spaceballs. Almost as old as me and still funny.

      I thought this episode was great. Not the best, though. Not much happened, but what did happen was kinda fun.

      Admittingly, I am getting tired of the old: "oh shit, something's going on. Let's get Blythe, she'll solve everything." Can't these pets learn to handle shit on their own!? Just once!

  2. @ BlackWidower

    ..... Damn. I'll never learn fast enough. Thanks for that.

    Either way, I know the next episode will hopefully be better than Blythe acting like a vampire shut - in...

    1. Oh, characters losing their grip on reality is always fun. Don't be such a downer. :D

  3. Yeah... Re - watching the episode itself. you're in the right here that I'm over - analyzing, thus being a bit of a downer (despite how I still feel how Blythe conducted herself was none too smart here.).

    I'll admit I let the negative comments on some 4chan ripoff about this episode get to me. Pretty bad, too. I've got to learn to stay away from that place, honestly. I admit to this because while it's not the best I've seen out of this show, it's much better than those guys made it out to be (I'd consider this to be between Mid - High Tier material overall, but mostly High - Tier material especially if we focus mostly on the pets' side of things.).

    That, and it showed me that (what people still don't seem to get) is that at least Blythe isn't a mary - sue and is capable of having messed up moments, if her acting like some vampire is any indication. Yeah - I'm sure people will debate me on THAT, but that's the least of things I deal with when it comes to any issues with this show at this point.

    1. People argue that she's a Mary Sue? Must've missed that one. How!? Oh, she's the main character and she has superpowers. So is fucking Twilight Sparkle, what's your point. If you want to talk Mary Sues, look no further that Once Upon a Time. A show that is essentially commercialized fan fiction. Our main character is an orphaned messiah-like figure and daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Neh, heh, heh. Show's still good though.

      Here's my advice, stay off any forums until you've crystallized your own opinions. That way you know what your personal opinions actually are.