Saturday, 31 May 2014

"Sleeper" - Downloads/Discussion

Well, Hasbro just refuses to waste any time aren't they?

Yes, despite the fact that it's been a mere two months since the last season ended, it's time for a new season. They just won't let me have a break.

Due to the fact that My Little Pony isn't on the air at this time, we can't rely on haxmega to stream like we could last month. Because of that, us non-Americans must wait until the DVD release to watch the episode... or we wait until someone posts it on the file sharing sites, whatever comes first.

Anyway, this episode is about a narcoleptic raccoon... I assume they were inspired by a Mad Lib.

On-demand (will be added as they become available)
TVRip from the Hub (Google Docs)
NEW ! HD from Ryaless

Any additional sources can be sent to me on Twitter @theblackwidower, or by email at, and I'll post them as soon as I am able.

If anyone in the US, with the Hub, has a capture device, please contact us at the Pet Shop Insider, or me directly, so we could coordinate something for next week, and offer any necessary assistance. Those of us outside the United States would be very grateful.


  1. A nice start to season 3. First of all I liked Blythe's haire in this episode, I liked all the callbacks fromt the LPS commercial, to the Pet Fasion Expo, to fun Russell, some nice touches.

    So they did a Weekend At Bernie's parodies, that is more for the parents than the kids, I am sure they wouldn't get it. The plot did seem to be more male focused, even the B plot was more Fisher Bisket than the Bisket daughters. This is even more of a sausage episode than "Eight Arms To Hold You" at least that had Blythe played a center role.

    But I don't mind we got to see the two best duos do their thing. First of course Vinnie and Sunil, the writers have answered our requests and gave us more Sunil and Vinnie. Though I have to question who has a ratcoon for a pet? I loved the song, that is awesome, I hope we have more of those.

    And the b plot, it is a human plot, that doesn't have much to do with Blythe, it is the Biskit family. And I like they were written, they were more neutral than out right villains, I guess they are still antagonist being business rivals, but that is pretty much it, they are just comic relief. And I can't help but feel sorry for Fisher, they have a Elmor Feud or Tom feel, that are such losers you can't help but feel pitty for them. And if they had a little more of a underdog status going for them, I might even go as far to say you can't help but root for them. And the Biskits disguices were actully good, I wish they did interact with Blythe more in disguise, maybe we might see some development in their relationship with Blythe.

    All and all a good start, looks like we are back to the season 1 type of goodness. I just wish the female pets had more to do, though I liked Penny's crush on Mr. Von Fizzlebutt, she is cute when she flirts. This episode I am sure Gene from the video store will love it, props to anyone that gets that reference.

    1. Yeah, not quite artsy enough for Vincent, despite Minka's best efforts.

    2. You got the refreence. Well Vincent has issues. Real funny comment, I am sure Vincent would like Minka at least.

  2. One of the pets gets a crush on someone...who ISN'T European!? I never thought I'd see the day.
    This season premier may not have been as eventful as the last two, but it was one of the funnier episodes of the series. Sunil and Vinne are in rare form here. Even the various Biskits seem more interesting. Season three is looking like a good one so far!

  3. Regarding 301 - Sleeper...

    This is probably the BEST season premiere this show has gotten, IMHO (Missing Blythe was great, but this effort felt more natural and well thought out in general!) - I can say that proudly, but at the same time with a feeling of shame, as I'm reminded this show would be way more popular than it is (even though it still would NOT be as good as Friendship Is Magic, however... ) if it had started out this good, period...

    The only real gripe here is that it is just another day at the pet shop. Nothing more, nothing less, besides the Biskits being their usual stupid selves (At least we know where the twins get it from... That "water" idea of yours was not one of your better means of drumming up business for yourself, now was it, Fisher?!)

    What matters most importantly is that Blythe (As much as I do like her and all, but this ain't really her show, which we all agree on by now...) didn't need to be on screen all that much to make this overall High Tier episode, IMHO, work. It was all thanks to focus on the pets, specifically Sunil and Vinnie, and their actually funny parodying of Weekend at Bernie's.

    Other than that, not too much to write about here, but still enjoyable overall - now here's hoping the next episode can build on this momentum we've got for now.

  4. Really good way to open a season, I love Vinnie and Sunil's episodes!
    Also, the song was great.
    I had some funny moments watching it, I'm looking forward to this season, it seems interesting!