Saturday, 28 June 2014

"Hamster Hoods" - Stream/Downloads/Discussion

This week, Littlest Pet Shop finds much of their merchandise has gone missing. Eh, It just fell off a truck. Don't worry, I'm sure Russell's on the case!

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  1. This was a very good episode. Not as good as last week of course, it is hard to top that. But I liked it, it is very solid. If you don't mind except for Vinnie and Pepper, the other main pets had very small roles.

    Fisher is a smooth business man, even in time of crisis he takes the opportunity to get some free of advertisement. Poor Monbam he is was the wipping boy or whipping robot this episode.

    So the stolen stuff ends up in the dumbwaiter, evidence to Blythe. I like that Blythe returned the merchandise even though it is from Largest Ever Pet Shop, if this was season 2 Blythe and the pets would probably keep the stuff because they are jerks screw them.

    S.C.I. what is suppose to be a praody of, I am surprise that is not an actual show on Disney. The Biskits and there detctive stick was hillarous, I love their outfits, I guess Blythe is not the only one who can wear different clothes. I loved the good cop / sad cop. I guess you could say they are antgonist this episode trying to proove Blythe is the theif. But they had legit reasons and evidence to suspec that, it is not like they knew Blythe wasn't the theif and planted evidence to make her look bad. If this was season 2, you might have saw that.

    It seems to me Blythe and the Biskits they are friends without admitting or even knowing it. Blythe's reaction to their good cop / sad cop bit, it was an endearing expression, they were three little kids playing games. I like the way Blythe and the Biskits have evolved from enemies to subcontiously friends. Blythe doesn't hate them anymore. I like that.

    So the theifs were hamsters, but unlike Tangler they did for good reasons, they weren't really villains. I love the Robin Hood fantasy, so far this is the closest we have seen the pets and the Biskits talk to each other in the fantasies, I am waiting for one day in which the pets and the Biskits talk to each other in one of these fantasies, obviously it can never happen in canon. I like these two guys, they remind me of characters from 1930's gangster movies. Again Pepper points out it is wrong to steel, so doing something wrong to LEPS is still wrong, in season 2 they wouldn't convey that message, you can do whatever you want to the Biskits family or LEPS because they are jerks and who cares.

    Very clever to solve all the problems, Blythe thought quick on feet and found a solution to help all those pets and animals that needed those items, by convincing Fisher to donate his old merchandise, and LPS will do the same. So you have LPS and LEPS working together, it is a miracle granted for different reason, maybe there is hope for world pease.

    And the ending with Fisher's reward, his reward was to give dog food all along what cheep skate, this season they are protraying as Scrooge McDuck, a rich penny pincher. First it won't hire actors for his commercial, and now this.

    Good episode, the only negative was lack of the other 5 pets, though they got screen time in the fantasy. 9 / 10.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention, another Jasper free episode. The Jasper countdown or countup is up to 5.

    Anyway here is a link for the episode.

  3. Wow, Ashleigh didn't even try to disguise her voice for Sally Hairspray. She was basically doing a less extreme version of Applejack.
    This episode was also sort of a clusterfuck of references, though I was sort of disappointed to not see Ace Attorney in there (possibly because I'm playing through that right now).