Saturday, 14 June 2014

New airing time

At the end of today's episode, you may have noticed the new airing time Hub put up.
Mark it down, from next Saturday onwards Hub will be airing new episodes one hour later: 10:30am instead of 9:30am.


  1. Well this doesn't affect me in the slightest, as I watch on Dailymotion, unless this means HD isn't up by the time I wake up.

    1. That's the probably the only real downside to all of this - as for a real downside, this show is probably not doing all that well in the ratings, as it is - which is what I'm worried about as per usual.

    2. Yeah, it's usually behind a movie and like 6 reruns of MLP (which as we all know is their huge ratings success). This is actually why I find it odd that MLP has such a long hiatus (6 monthsish) while LPS only had a month and a half.