Saturday, 21 June 2014

"Secret Cupet" - Downloads/Discussion

Hello one and all! It's time for another episode of Littlest Pet Shop.

This week, we have something that has been becoming more and more frequent on this show: a romance story.

Possibly two, as a matter of fact. And no, I am not presuming to know exactly who they'll be about, before anyone asks.

More good news: we finally have the episode on stream.

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On-demand (will be added as they become available)
TVRip from the Hub (1080p)
HD from Ryaless

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  1. This is the best episode of the season so far, and this season has been pretty good. It is like love letter to the fandom.

    We have a lot nod to the shippers with RussellxPenny Ling, and than later SunilxPepper and VinniexMinka. We have the mysterious cupid and thanks to the spoilers from the promos, I knew it was Sugar Sprinkles. Speaking of which, awesome Sugar Sprinkles back and she was hillarous. I love her being the crazy character but also we got to see a little bit of playing the straight man briefly at the end. Not counting her cameo in the pet jet song, this is the first appearance of Sugar Sprinkles that didn't have Buttercream. Nothing against Buttercream, just stating that travia.

    Seeing the guest pet fall in love and how he meet his love, it reminds me of the beginning of 101 Dalmations, anyone else feel the same way?

    I love Russell in this episode, first we see Cero MicFlip return, and later he jumped around like Pepi Lepue, that is an awesome nod to a classic. If it wasn't for the specie differences, say they were all human, I could see all the pet pairings work out, I find them all very compatable, though I am not sure about Vinnie and Minka, they might be too much alike.

    Now onto the other plot, well it is nice to see Youngmee, she is the only one of Blythe's human friends that I feel contributes something. I like just seeing her and Blythe as this dynamic duo, we don't need the other two. Anyway we see how Blythe has really lost it when she sees Josh Sharp. I love her dorky laugh, kudos to Ashleigh Ball for that laugh, has Applejack ever laughed like that? The laugh sounds familar. I didn't like how condecenting they were with the whole kids don't know what letters are. Letters are not obsolute, I get letters all the time. The writers try to hard to be hip sometimes, and this is an example, this is the one flaw that does hold the show down. Anyway we do get develop with Blythe's relationship with Josh, with Josh unknowing to Blythe falls in love with her thanks to Sugar Sprinkles.

    And now something new the Jasper countdown. So far we are 4 episodes in and we have not yet see the Ja Ja Binks of the series Jasper, so countdown is up to 4, so we will he appear, nobdoy knows. So keep it coming, hopefully the Jasper can make it to 26.

  2. HD!

  3. Regarding "Secret Cupet" and my overall thoughts on said episode....

    This is a miracle. THIS. IS. A. GODDAMN. MIRACLE - What should have been a GOD - AWFUL episode, both on paper and in practice is THANKFULLY another High Tier episode for Season 3.

    However, knowing what type of plot we're dealing with here and the subject matter involved, this is one episode that I feel could otherwise be forgotten easily, unless you only pay attention to what the pets are doing with the screen time given to them...

    To sum things up as best as possible...

    + It's good to see Youngmee being so well written and engagingly involved again, as well - She really is the best real friend Blythe has... And probably needs, going by the overall track record of human portrayals on this show and all the (otherwise deserved, unfortunately) flack they seem to get on a regular basis.

    + Yes, Blythe did act stupid here, but it was justifiable - she is hitting on someone. I'm sure we've all went through this. That, and acting any other way about it can be quite difficult without looking fake about it.

    + I also like how they didn't hook up Blythe and that boy at the end. That would have been far too cliche/forced, wouldn't have worked naturally, and ultimately only dragged things down ROYALLY, IMHO.

    + Glad to see Sugar Sprinkles is still her likable and engaging self - she really needs to be on this show more, if only to remind us that LPS is actually good - to - awesome with characters who happen to be cats (unlike far too many cartoons I've seen that mistreat and villanize them for stupid reasons!).

    + Though a minor plus, each and every pet got some actual screen time, and it felt organic in execution, rather than forced like some earlier episodes in Season 1 did to me... That's always a plus in my book.

    - I agree with penny82ling and Methid Man indefinitely on this regard... Hence this rant.
    Hey, writers! LETTER WRITING IS NOT OBSOLETE. IDIOTS. Seriously, I see this episode getting royally bashed for the whole postcard thing. It's quite condescending to the target audience, as there are people who can only write letters and rely on post offices to get stuff like that done in general. After all, the US is quite the impoverished and backward nation when it comes to wealth, resources, and access to technology, especially if you don't live in a high - middle class or urban are, unlike what this show is set in otherwise.

    Now, I'll admit that one negative I've found with this whole thing was thankfully not enough to drag this episode down, but deep down, I know it doesn't give people who want to give this series a chance at this point a reason to do so, nor stick around to see if it can better than this, especially when other shows out there I've seen have handled old - fashioned stuff like letters much better, for example.

    Either way, here's hoping Episode 5 can excel much further than this otherwise did, IMHO.

  4. When will characters on HUB shows learn that making others fall in love doesn't work out? Especially when it's one-sided and nobody involved is into it. hmm. Why was it one-sided? Even if Penny Ling didn't hear the tune in the park, Pepper and Minka had to have in the day camp. Why wouldn't it affect them? What keeps girls from being put under the spell? Could it be the same reason women never seem to fall in love with Poison Ivy? Does this have something to do with the jokes Pepper insists the boys won't get!? IS SUGAR SPRINKLES POISON IVY'S CAT, SORRY FOR THE SPOILER IF YOU READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING THE EPISODE!?!
    Ahem. aaaaanywhoooo...
    Overall, a good episode. I found it interesting how they made Sugar Sprinkles an antagonist, but still kept her both likable and in-character and I do enjoy a good Cyril McFlip bit. Though I have to wonder what happened after Josh Sharp heard the song (it works as meowing too?). Did he start trying to romance Blythe at school the next day? Did he use similar methods as the pets? How did Blythe react? Does the song wear off after a while and nothing happened? Why does Youngmee know where he lives?
    As you may have guessed, not everything in this episode is fully explored.

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