Saturday, 7 June 2014

"War of the Weirds" - Downloads/Discussion

Good 'morrow fellow pet-store-media enthusiasts. It is another day of Littlest Pet Shop.

This week, the pets encounter a UFO.

No stream again this week. Hopefully this'll change in the near future.

On-demand (will be added as they become available)
TVRip from the Hub (megatronacepticon)
TVRip from the Hub (spazz)
HD from Ryaless

Any additional sources can be sent to me on Twitter @theblackwidower, or by email at, and I'll post them as soon as I am able.

If anyone in the US, with the Hub, has a capture device, please contact us at the Pet Shop Insider, or me directly, so we could coordinate a stream for next week, and offer any necessary assistance. Those of us outside the United States would be very grateful.


  1. There may be a stream at

  2. Well I see Largest Ever Pet Shop recovered quickly from the last episode. As soon as I heard the radio advertising, I knew where they were going with the whole ufo thing. I knew LEPS was behind it, I though this was going to end up with them trashing and vandalising LEPS again and show no remourse or aplogetic for their action. I have seen our so called heros do that a couple to that a couple of times to LEPS or the Biskit family, so thankful no. The writers finally get it, you can only give comeuppings to the Biskits and / or LEPS when they actully deserve it.

    The aliens in their imigination they look just like the aliens in the first episdoe of South Park. And where is Kent Brockman when you need him to welcome our new overlords. We get some continuity with Minka's Mars visit and the other pets still have not come clean about their trick. And they still haven't. And Blythe not a smart move to ask the guy that believe in Big Foot to be rational about aliens.

    And Madison is back, I thought she could be the Larry and Steve of this series, and have recurring gag of jumping from job to job, that would be a good role. Though here is Trombry hiring her again, I have to give it to Mrs. T, she has a good heart, giving that idiot another chance.

    And Fisher Biskit he has Scrooge McDuck cheep rich guy personna. If he is so rich, why not hire real actors for your commercial instead of his daughter, cheep skate.

    The twist at the end, Mrs. T saved the world, and Uptown does excist, I knew it.

  3. So Bisher Fiskit wins Ultimate Troll of the Week award in this episode XD

  4. - How did those Biskit scumbags manage to rebuild so fast after their stupidity in the very last episode??? Seriously... Cartoon or not, there should have been no hope of a comeback for them, especially in today's economy..... Just putting that logic out there, everyone.

    - Once again, Twombly's naivete (or unfortunate stupidity) is what got her into a mess and gave us our conflict for the week. Worse still, it's those Biskit scumbags who beat her, too. There must be retribution in the future for this - OR ELSE (the protagonists' business is in trouble...).

    + However, to be fair on the show, seeing anyone I like on this show (Blythe, Twombly, or the Pets regardless, win too much, would get old and boring, anyway - so we have a legitimate conflict now... Here's hoping these writers can continue to deliver in a positive light on it... By not having our heroes win too much, for starters, like zoombie pointed out better than I am trying to do here.

    I guess I'm still shocked (And angry) that Twombly lost to those idiots. A pity, really.

    + Once again, the pets are made the driving force of the show with their overactive imaginations, except there is some rhyme and reason to it that makes it work, even in the most subtle of ways.

    + I guess it also helps that how the pets were handled with being afraid of something they didn't understand was infinitely better handled here than in Door - Jammed, for example (call it blasphemy, I just like what I saw here much more - and this episode didn't even need a musical number to make it work for me, either, which is bonus points in my book!).

    Yeah - this is definitely another High Tier effort (without going too deeply into it, like I usually aim not to do, unless necessary!) for LPS Season 3 and I'm glad to have finally sat down to it - keep up the good work, LPS.

  5. #WatchLPS - This is one of the great episodes of the series so far! More Pets' Funny Interaction, Blythe involved with the Pets to support, Minka's fearless mantra and commentary on Purist Fanboys (Sunil really trashed Minka in this one), War of the Worlds parody spot on! And I for one welcome our new set of twists and turns in the third act! The only thing that felt flat was the B story, being a bit boring at times, but then payed off in the end. 8.5/10

    By the way, if the Pet Shop Insider is hearing this, the premiere Episode got 78,000 viewers. Bombing number I know. Apparently the early morning time slot and no MLP episodes may have affected the ratings.

    Teenage Fairytales Dropout was 62,000 to 78,000 (New LPS) to 166,000 (Rerun LPS) to 259,000 (MLP Rerun 1) to 300,000 (MLP Rerun 2) to 292,000 (MLP Rerun 3) and to 260,000 (MLP Rerun).

    That's 6:00 AM Pacific to 9:30 PM Pacific / 9:00 AM Eastern to 12:30 PM Eastern. So yeah, most kids at Pacific or Mountain Times, don't wake up that early for that time slot.

    In case anyone's aware of my long post at DerpyNews on LPS' optimism run this summer, this evidence seemed to wash all hopes because with bad ratings, means a cancellation threat from the Hub Network, thus making MLP the Pony Channel for next year. I made a Tumblr post on the issue, and contacted Julie McNally-Cahill by Twitter to let her know of this situation, and she said not to fear and enjoy the show because of new toys coming this fall, and international ratings and toy sales way higher than America. So it's best to spread the word to the cast and crew, mainly the heads of Hasbro, Hub Network, and Hasbro Studios, plus the families and kids on Twitter or Facebook to be aware of the Hub Network and Littlest Pet Shop. If we don't act now, it'll join the axe with Pound Puppies and Dan Vs. in favor of MLP taking all the attention and profitability for the bronies.

    There's still time to support the show. The main factor is for the families with kids to be aware of the brand, show, toys, and comics to help support the franchise.