Saturday, 5 July 2014

"Tongue Tied" - Stream/Downloads/Discussion

This week's episode is all about what happens when Blythe's super Blythe-powers become common knowledge among the local animal life of Downtown City.

Hilarity ensues.

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  1. Another excellent episode, season 3 is not disappinted me yet.

    The musical number right at the beginning that throw me off, didn't expect him. LPS songs are mostly music videos, this was a musical number which is more see more in MLP. It felt like a tribute to Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

    So all the pets know about Blythe's abilities, great but wake me up when a human knows. When will someone find out Blythe's secret, it has to happen one day, they have to change the status quo a bit if it wants to be on MLP's level.

    I liked Blythe's outfit this week, so far all of Blythe's outfits have been great this season, just like season 3 in general.

    So what pets did you see in the background today? I saw Mary Francis and Wiggles McSunbask, I am sure they are others.

    Zoey and Russell get some screen time together, I am sure shippers will go nuts over that, though Russell and Penny had a moment here. Though I find the conflict a little silly because there is no tv show, it is just make believe, the pets can be so crazy sometimes. And in the end, Sunil save the days, Super Sunil strikes again.

    I know the ferret was speaking korean form the beginning thanks to Adventure Time. Though Icesland was a nice guess Minka. And awsome job clearing up traffic Minka.

    But the person that really saved the day and saved Blythe's bacon is Yongmee, way to step up. And now we know she is korean. But I really wish Blythe would just fess up and tell Yongmee her secret. This episode further added to the Yongmee is worthy of knowing, Blythe you are not a superhero, don't be such a jerk friend and tell her already. Hopefully this is a setup for later down the line for Yongmee to learn Bltyhe's secret, it better be.

    And so 6 episodes in, no Jasper. We are Jasper free, 6 down 20 to go in the Jasper countdown.

  2. I kinda feel this episode (while not bad in any way) felt a bit off in overall quality... Russel and Zoe seemed like jerks here and Sunil (who was AWESOME at the end of this episode) would NOT have had to step in if such jerkiness behavior wasn't in play for them both. Then again, this usually is the result of getting caught up in their own fantasies too much for their own good, so it's not like it's inexcusable, just unfortunate.
    Also, Minka's confusing Korea with Iceland got pretty annoying to me after awhile (and made her look pretty stupid, IMHO, as well). And this is quite sad, as Minka NEEDS more good episodes to make her character stand out, especially after 2 whole seasons to do so!

    Blythe was awesome enough and relatable here, indefinitely - though that opening song was pretty cheesy, at least Ingram is getting increasingly better at producing music for this show - that, and her situation was pretty understandable, what with not understanding pet of the week and all. I have to admire that that didn't stop her from being the problem solver I've come to respect her for being...
    Doesn't change the fact that this is yet another missed opportunity to let a close friend in on the secret and NOT feel like a loner in expression of her truly beautiful talent, despite how weird it is (that shouldn't matter if it's useful, now should it!).

    Otherwise, this feels like a step down from last week, making it a Mid - High tier effort, overall - this new writer, FM DeMarco, still has a bit (if not a lot) to learn about the characters he's writing before I can truly feel comfortable with him on the team, IMHO...

  3. Wow, FANTASTIC episode. In all honesty it would have made a great finale episode. The opening song sort of reminded me of the opening song of "Magical Mystery Cure" from MLP, which is a good thing. I'm sort of surprised that Blythe being able to talk to pets (well, all animals really, since I sure hope rhinos and giraffes are not legal to keep as pets in Downtown City) is treated like a brand new thing. Many of these pets we've seen before in supporting speaking roles before, including in the presence of Blythe. Also for the most part the pets we've seen haven't expressed any surprise since Season 1, and with the sheer number she's interacted with you'd think it'd be common knowledge among pets by now.

    Minor complaint: Jebby's VA reminds me way too much of the female twi'leks in KOTOR, and if you've played that game that gets annoying fast (if you haven't, most of the characters that don't speak English (with subtitles) share the same voice actors and lines, with just separation between male and female. Otherwise they each have about five lines for a generic "angry," "happy," "surprised," "sad," etc. emotions while the subtitles take care of the actual speech.

    Russell and Zoe also sort of come off like dicks in this episode. Russell gets Penny's name wrong, they treat Pepper like dirt, and generally make their show all about them. That segment also felt unnecessary. However, at the end Sunil handles things great, with a great but subtle moral to conveniently get all the rest of the pets out of there by the end of the episode.

    However, I do have one MAJOR complaint with this episode. They FUCKING TEASED Youngmee finally learning Blythe's secret. At this point it should practically be obvious to at least her and Roger. (For MLP, this was the same complaint I had about Equestria Girls with Twilight being a pony princess from another world.) It would also make a nice dynamic of them being people she could confide in.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10. Probably my new second favorite episode. Door Jammed still takes the cake though. Now just give me other humans finding out Blythe's secret and confirmed Blythe/Whittany friendshipping and I'll be have a new #1 favorite.

  4. Oh hey, I just discovered this place. Might as well post my review here too. BTW, this is MethidMan.

    This was another AWESOME episode. Seriously, I'm having good feelings about this season~ The pets get plenty of screen time, we see lots of guest animals, including a cute ferret pet who speaks Korean (I had a feeling it was Korean before it was even revealed what language it was), we get to hear Youngmee and even Blythe speak Korean, and we also get a nice long fantasy scene with Russell, Zoe and Pepper pulling a Dr. Phil parody scene, and there's also some nice short scenes with Blythe's trying to understand Jebbie (the ferret).

    Is anyone here Korean? I'd like to see a translation of all of Jebbie's lines. Even though I don't speak Korean, I liked hearing her voice which IMO sounded really cute. She may very well make my top 5 favorite guest pets list.

    It was also nice to see Blythe and the pets act as shrinks for all the other animals, that was fun to watch. Speaking of Blythe, this is probably the first time I've seen her wear a skirt that extends down to her knees. I also thought it was interesting hearing her speak and learn Korean with Youngmee. Sounds like a cool language. The fantasy scene with the pet problems talk show was another nice treat and it went on for a long time which I really like since I feel this show needs more scenes where we get to see the pets either in human-like situations or just plain doing fun things.

    Sunil's supportive speech to the animals about living with their problems was just heartwarming. Setting things right in the end, he turned out to be the smart pet here whereas Russell came off as being a little too much of a conceited smartass; I think his increasingly closer friendship with Zoe is starting to rub on him. I'm starting to like Sunil more than Russell.

    The ending really had me on the edge of my seat... The moment where you think Youngmee has finally learned about Blythe's secret, and I think this would've been an appropriate episode for that to happen, but it turns out she assumes the secret was to travel to Korea with her... Awww... :< But at least it hints at a possible future episode where Blythe may actually travel to Korea with Youngmee which sounds like it'd be another interesting episode, and it might even foreshadow the possibility that Youngmee might yet actually find out about Blythe's ability. Here's to hoping.

    The only negative I can think of for this episode is they made Minka totally ditzy in this episode. Despite it already being made obvious that Jebbie's Korean, Minka kept thinking she was "Iceland-ish". The joke was just way overused throughout the episode and it got old really fast. At least Minka made herself useful near the end by helping Blythe reach the airport on time.

    Writers, for the sake of the show, please please please keep this up! I'm loving the way this season is shaping up. I swear when I read the synopsis for this episode, I thought it would've been run-of-the-mill or boring, but instead it turned out to be majorly entertaining~ This goes to show that you should never judge the outcome of an episode by its synopsis.

  5. This episode seemed like a step down from ones like "Sleeper", "Secret Cupet" and "Hamster Hoods". It wasn't terrible by any stretch, especially for a new writer, and as much as I like what the Biskits can bring to the show, it was nice to get a break from them this week. But there were some things I think are worth mentioning, not all negative, which I'll list as questions because I have a lot of them.

    -What was with Minka? The overused Icelandish thing has been covered, but wouldn't she admit she didn't have mastery over language when she couldn't understand what Jebbie was saying? They could have replaced the repeated jokes with one funnier one, and called it good. Also, yes, excess of Icelandish. She says Icelandish/Icelandia eight times (it felt like more, didn't it?), six of them after Blythe figures out which language Jebbie is speaking, one literally ten seconds after Blythe first says the word "Korean". Ya gotta let the joke go when it stops making sense.

    -Why does Blythe being able to talk to animals lead them to believe she can and will help them with complex issues? I can communicate with other people, it doesn't mean I can solve their problems. I know she did end up helping some of them, it's the assumption I question. She says she doubts she can and sounds annoyed when she agrees to try, which to me seems like she didn't really want to. Maybe the pets told them she would since she saved LPS maybe 30 hours after moving to the city, but they sang her a song first.To be fair, though, who could resist sad rhino? Look at his rhino-puppy eyes! She's not made of stone!!

    -Was Roger flirting with the lady at the airport? And was she into it? I notice women, and even girls Blythe's age, tend to like Roger, which is something I wouldn't mind seeing more of. Maybe not a 'Roger lays down game' episode, but more glimpses of it like when the nurse at Blythe's school 'gave him a smile' could be funny and explore his character more.

    -Did Jebbie have a plan B? There are so many strokes of unlikely luck that made this one work. If one thing had been off and going to Blythe didn't help, did she have another idea or would she have been boned? Because she didn't try anything other than pointlessly repeating herself and they cut it awfully close getting her on her flight even with circumstance on their side. Blythe and Minka went to some trouble to figure out what was going on, she could try to meet them halfway with a little pantomime or something. I'd say it wasn't a great plan to just assume Blythe would suddenly speak Korean, but she says something Youngmee never taught her, so what do I know?

    -Mrs. Twombly didn't notice a bunch of large, noisy, non-pet animals in her pet shop? Maybe I can buy that the many pedestrians that would have walked by when they were gathering in the alley (it's a big city) noticed but didn't do anything about it. I can buy that Roger, as he ran through the pet shop on his way to work (and if he didn't, how did Minka know which bag he took?) missed it in his rush or looked in, thought "that's weird" and kept going. But Mrs. Twombly, who had to be there because Blythe had the day off and if they were closed, the pets would have stayed home, didn't poke her head in and ask what in the name of something folksy all those animals were doing in there? Yeah, she has a history of not looking in during musical numbers, but the sounds she might have heard were identifiable as the regulars. Quacking, bleating, and the more exotic animal calls and then three of the regulars running out in a panic didn't attract her attention?

    With all I just said, you might think I don't like this episode, but nope, I actually thought it was pretty good. Not the strongest of season 3 but it would have been great in season 1. It's quite watchable in the present. It just raises some questions, is all.