Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Two Pets for Two Pests" - Stream/Downloads/Discussion

This week, the Biskits are persuaded to care for two chinchillas. Could this be a turning point for the two of them?

NB: Remember, the stream is back to the original channel this week.

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  1. I freakin love this episode, loved it, loved it, loved it. 10 our of 10, and that is saying something because you know who finally returned, thought he was an extra, so maybe I will save my Jasper return gag for an episode when he actually has a line.

    Anyway awesome, we saw great character development from Blythe, the Biskits, everyone. A couple of continuity grips like the Biskit butler being back, I guess they hired him perhaps his relationship with the Biskits is like Geroge Jetson relationship with Mr. Spacely. He gets fired and rehired all the time.

    We meet Violet and Cashmere, as soon as I saw them and their hair, and their personality, and I repeat saw their hair, I know everything would turn out fine in the end. They are desinted to be with the Biskits. There is a saying called "they deserve each other" and this fits the bill perfectly. And this is the scond episode in a row when a animal surprised Blythe can understand, I thought it was establish that all the pets in downtown city know, a little continuity please. I guess you can excuse that, Sunshine was in the zoo, and who knows where Violet and Cashmere were before this episode.

    For those that mis Pound Puppies, this episode can fell that void, this does feel like a Pound Puppies episode, especially the part when Blythe offers to find Cashmere and Violet find other owners, but they say no, they just know Whittany and Brittany are meant to be their owners, I have seen that many times on Pound Puppies, when the puppy of the week just knows who his or her perfect person is.

    I thought Penny and Vinnie were kind of underused, but they are supporting players in the plot. This more about Violet and Cashmere, so that is okay I forgive the writers.

    But I do feel the Sunil b plot was flat, perhaps they could have done without a b plot, I had no problem with the other pets not having a plot at all in "Some Assistance Required", it feeled forced in, and I love Sunil. Perhaps if they had a song, like the b plot in "Door Jammed" was also a weak plot when think about it, but it had a great song to make it seem better.

    Anyway I love this episode, I love how smart Blythe was using reverse psychology, Lucky would be pround. And she helped these 4 shallow people find each other, the Blythe in the beginning of the series wouldn't have done that. And the Biskits twins get some much needed character development, and I like Cashmere and Violet, I thought they were hillarous just like their owners, and I like how the writer made the point clear Cashmere and Violet didn't just want to be for the Biskits because of their wealth, that is part of it, but they like Whittney and Brittany, that seperates from the free loaders that go to the Biskits parties.

    I thought they could have gone farther with Whittney and Brittany unsure of keeping Cashmere and Violet, perhaps we could have saw the chinchillas orphanage which is really a pound, and find out if no one buys them within a few days, they will put to sleep. And that could have been the final straw to melt Whittney and Brittany's heart, like what happen to Ralph in the Honeymooners episode "Every Dog Has His Day", which everyone should check out, it is a classic hillarous episode.

    So 10 out of 10, I loved this episode, I hope Blythe is right we haven't seen the last of Cashmere and Violet, I wonder what role they will play in the LPS vs LEPS feud, they are on team LEPS so in reguard to that storyline, they are techinically villains now, so add them to Tangler as antagaonist pets.

  2. This episode rocked~ The plot concept alone really made this episode interesting and the guest pets were amazing to watch. The twin chinchillas and the Biskit twins made for a nice dynamic between the two pairs. I'll admit that I kinda groaned a little when I found out the chinchillas are basically furry versions of the Biskits, but the dilemma they were faced with immediately made me sympathise with them and it was very endearing watching them attempt to warm up to the Biskits in different ways. Speaking of different, it was also refreshing to see the Biskits having different opinions on something instead of always serving as each others' "me too"'s. I'm starting to like Brittany more.

    We also had a couple of cool scenes such as the chinchillas' fantasy scene with the Biskits and the scene where the chinchillas chase around Vinnie in the school gym. Both were pretty fun to watch and really added to the episode.

    The great thing about this episode is that you have pets in both plots. You have Penny-Ling and Vinnie along with the chinchillas in Blythe's plot, and you had the rest of the pets in the B plot. Speaking of the B plot, while it was a little less interesting than the main one, it was still nice to see Sunil try something new for a change. His constant failing to actually get paint on the canvas was a little too much exaggeration for my taste, but it was cute watching his attempts. I was hoping to see him actually paint something and it would've also been nice to see Minka attempt to do Sunil's schtick while he practiced hers, but it was nice to see them interact with each other for a change. Overall, nothing here that's enough to be a full-blown negative.

    There was one thing I noticed, though... What's the butler guy doing with the Biskits again? Wasn't he fired at the end of season 2? I thought it kinda weird that this episode gave absolutely no explanation for his sudden return like nothing ever happened to him.

    In any case, I was happy to see the Biskits finally decide to keep the chinchillas and I liked how Blythe's mentioning of seeing the chinchillas again hints that they'll be new additions to the cast. This episode marks the beginning of something I feel the Biskit twins desperately needed to give them some character development and I can safely say I'm looking forward to seeing their interactions with their new pets in future episodes. Well done, writers~

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  3. I'll say this with all due honesty (as much as I hate those damn twins!) while surprisingly another miracle like "Secret Cupet", if possible to call it that - as in... well, saying this:

    This episode wasn't as bad as "Inside Job", but Tom Minton is still a hack in my eyes after this. Simply because it still made me angry at the end of the day. At least Blythe (and the pets we come to see on a regular basis) was / were good in this - as she / they usually is / are!

    Those twins, man - so worthless. I guess I only really like it when they suffer. Not enough of that here, IMHO - not like it would have made for a good episode, either, if done the way I wanted it (Nobody needs to see the way I wanted things done, either.).

    So, it wasn't terrible - but I'm sure the writers are forgetting about it as much as I am (knowing that that butler is back for some reason - WHY is he back?)... We better not have to be putting up with them too much next week, as far as I'm concerned. Whatever good things may have happened here, any episode without those stupid twins is guaranteed to still be far superior to this going forward, IMHO.

    I also agree with this quote from another fellow reviewer enough to side with them on the issue here:
    The one positive thing I can say about this episode is that the twins at least aren't just acting like total (something I can't type here)s and Blythe isn't just letting them walk all over her and continually screw her over with them while receiving no repercussions like before..... I don't like when jerks get rewarded for being jerks, as a generally positive person who believes in karma and all that good stuff that just doesn't sit right with me. In the words of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory: "Being mean is lame; what's cool is being nice.".....

    Those are, IMHO...Words to live by. ALWAYS.

  4. While this episode was a couple steps down from "Tongue Tied" (the last one I reviewed, due to being at Fiesta Equestria when last week's was released), I still found it quite enjoyable. I've always said that, when used correctly, the Biskits can be one of this show's most valuable assets, especially when we start to see a hint of differentiation between then instead of them being a single hivemind (For a superb example of this, see Season 1's Door Jammed, which is still my favorite episode of the entire series and I'm still kind of mad they haven't followed up on Whittany's confession in it.).

    When the episode first started, I was worried that this was going to be another petification of an MLP episode (which we saw far too often in Season 2), specifically "Ticket Master." However, this portion gets over with rather quickly, so it's a bit of a false alarm. What wasn't a false alarm though was the Biskits buying (instead of adopting) two pets that were on sale just for one day, with the intention of ditching them right after so they could get a couple classes off. Here's where the differentiation occurs, as Brittany at multiple times considers keeping them.

    It takes a little bit of prodding from Blythe (and reverse psychology) to get them to finally go through with it, which lead to my other huge worry that they were quickly going to lose whatever interest they had in Cashmere and Velvet and they were going to starve to death. Thankfully, the Butler proves once again that he is the only sane one living in that home and assures Blythe that he would personally take care of them.

    While The P plot (I'm going to break the chain of previous reviewers by referring to plots involving Blythe "B plots" and ones involving just the pets "P plots.") was a bit less interesting from a story perspective, though I did find it quite entertaining to see Sunil jumping around the day camp like Minka would.

    Finally, in a sort of addendum to "Tongue Tied," even the Biskits have caught Blythe talking to the pets at this point. I feel like at least a few characters should have figured it out if they had some sort of brain. At this point my headcanon is that everyone in Downtown City knows and just doesn't want to be the first to bring it up.

    Overall score: 7/10, will hold me over until "Feud for Thought" (PLEASE WRITERS, DON'T THROW THIS OPPORTUNITY AWAY TO CHARACTERIZE THE BISKITS I BEG YOU).

  5. The triumphant if unexplained return of Francois, the butler whose name and accent disagree with one another! Oh, and other stuff happens too, I guess.

    They're certainly making up for the lack of Biskits the last two episodes, aren't they? It's too bad Largest Ever Pet Shop has its own day camp, it could have been interesting to see how the pets would react to having their own set of twin antagonists to deal with. Comparing notes on that with Blythe could make for a funny episode, but of course, the Biskits would never let their pets set paw in LPS. Oh well. I liked that Cashmere and Velvet were distinctly Biskit-y, but not exact copies. As I've said elsewhere, the Biskits can add a lot to the show, but two is quite enough.

    It seems like two of the big problems in this episode were easier to solve than the characters facing them would let them be. A lot of people in the livestream instantly figured out Sunil's ("actually TOUCH the canvas with the brush" and later "BRUSH! CANVAS! TOUCH!!") and choosing a pet had a fairly simple solution, too: Blythe's friends. Seven pets divided by four people at two each works out fine with a remainder of Buttercream. And yes, WE know the others had to stay behind for there to be a P plot (I kinda like that term, so thanks to EggheadDash for it), but Blythe didn't and until either Minka inherits Pinkie Pie's powers or there's some kind of pet-Deadpool (Petpool), the fourth wall seems mostly intact. It doesn't detract from the episode that they didn't figure these things out, a little frustration with Sunil aside, just saying there was a way to get all the pets some appreciation.

    This doesn't usually happen, but I actually liked Blythe's story more than the pets' this time. Sunil's attempts at painting was just a collection of quick gags, with which I have no problem since they worked consistently. But Blythe's plot was a good example of what makes her and her better stories so interesting; mundane situations that nobody else really cares about and would have turned out badly if not for her ability to communicate with animals.

    Good episode overall. Not perfect, but better than the last two.
    PS-I know she's semi-recurring, but where's Buttercream been this season?
    PPS-Petpool needs to be a thing so bad!

    1. You're welcome for the term! I've been using it for quite some time in my head, but this is the first time I've mentioned it. I didn't mention this in my review but I was thinking early in the episode that Blythe could let the Biskits each have a couple pets for the day and those four pets have to deal with that experience, though that still leaves one pet out.

      I've always enjoyed the B plots more than the P plots actually. I feel that since Blythe usually gets an entire plot to herself each episode while the pets have to share screentime, either having only a couple individual plots a season or having to deal with an entire ensemble cost for the P plot means Blythe gets a lot more characterization, plus it gives a higher likelihood of either a) Biskit characterization, or b) Someone learning about her ability, both of which I'm of the opinion need to happen at some point.

      I may get a bit of hate for this but I'm kind of glad Buttercream hasn't appeared this season. She's annoying to me and seems to be there for the sole purpose of being random.