Saturday, 12 July 2014

"What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!" - Stream/Downloads/Discussion

This week, Penny meets the hosts of her favourite TV show. Of course it will turn out fine, just like it did for Pepper-Oh wait...

NB: The channel for the weekly stream has changed for this week only. Thank you, @WingedArtist28, for the heads up.

The Brony Network (King's Lounge)

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TVRip from the Hub (low quality)
HD from Ryaless

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  1. Okay this is an okay episode. I wouldn't say season 3 hot streak is over, this is not a bad episode, iti just not great like the others have been.

    A possitive was Blythe and the pets doing stuff together, that should be the foucs, the pets and Blythe's abilites, all of that was used upon in this episode.

    I thought Penny Ling was adorable in this episode. I want to hug her. Everything she did or said was just adorable, how can not love her.

    Blythe's abilties was showcased again, forget about fashion and focues on that, Blythe has a great gift. I also this week's Blythe's style was great, I liked her look this week. I don't know why she has to hide abilities, talking to animals is an awesome abilites and you should be proud of it and not be embarassed by it.

    The negative was the treatment of Vinnie and Sunil being punching bags. This writer can be mean spirted and you saw that here, especially the end joke was out of place and uncalled for.

  2. I'll admit it... Not as good as Sunil's Sick Day (easily William's best work on this show, PERIOD!), but not as terrible as I feared. I owe it thanks to how it ended. And despite being the typical misunderstanding plot, this was one of the better (I think calling it 'one of the best' is stretching it a little, it's still pretty early season to get away with such statements.) uses of it, unlike in most of Season 1, IMHO...

    So yeah, while I kinda feel this is Mid - High Tier material here, overall, seeing as I'm sure someone or another has been put in a bad situation like that (but not as exaggerated as here, I hope)... I'll consider this a High Tier episode, if only because this didn't end on a sour note, like I feared it would. That, and it helps that this WASN'T another unneeded slam on current generation media, like most episodes that tend to have these kinds of guests...

    Then again, I feel Mid - High Tier is a good fit, considering who wrote this (and how mean spirited this really could have turned out in comparison to how it did; I can't I say I care that Sunil and Vinnie were treated like punching bags here, like some people may have felt, unfortunately.)... I usually dread ANYTHING by this writer (Merriwhether Williams) and hold her to such low expectations and standards, compared to everyone else, whether on this show or MLP.

  3. I thought this episode was somewhat weakly written. It could've been done differently and more efficiently and instead just felt like a one long joke stretched out over 22 minutes with too many rather useless filler scenes. The general story is famous zoologist lady pays a visit to the pet shop, freaks out when she sees Penny Ling and it turns out she's afraid of both gorillas and pandas. Blythe discovers the reason why and helps Tess McSavage overcome her fears. A rather boring-sounding plot but it could've been helped if the events throughout the episode were laid out differently and if there were less useless scenes. The Wizard of Oz reference was a nice touch, but not too special.

    I think this episode could've been done without involving gorillas at all, and although the pets do get plenty of screentime, the scenes with the guest character, a female gorilla named Sunshine Sweetness, kinda take away a little too much time from them. This episode would've been better handled if it was about Tess overcoming her fear of pandas only and if there were a different guest pet in a different kind of subplot.

    Speaking of subplots, I also notice how this episode seems to lack one; the characters just simply split up and converge at different points throughout the episode. While I don't consider subplots to be essential for an LPS episode, this one probably could've used one because it felt kind of long and drawn-out for me. I would rather have two short, yet fully-formed plots than one stretched-out plot.

    I thought Mrs. Twombly was crazy but wow, this Tess lady was just downright insane... I'm surprised a woman like her could even be famous. She came off to me as pretty creepy.

    I did not like the ending scene at all... This episode could've really used a totally different epilogue. Instead we get Penny Ling explaining why she was brave enough to hug Sunshine, which I thought was weird enough; I know Penny Ling is sentimental but to just hug a random gorilla was weird even for her. But what really struck me was her saying something along the lines of "I just did what Sunil and Vinnie do...and then I did the opposite!" ...........Um...what? Sunil and Vinnie were right to be confused about that and why the hell were the other pets laughing? I'm sorry but that was a terrible way to end an episode...

    I don't usually do this, but if I had to give this episode a score, I'd give it a 5/10. I don't consider it a bad episode, hell, I don't consider any LPS episode to be bad, but they could've done better with this one.