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"Fish Out of Water" - Stream/Downloads/Discussion

Another episode featuring Blythe. This time, she tries her hand at stalking. Because that's what you do on a children's show. It's not at all creepy!

Full disclosure: This premise briefly inspired me to search for the creepiest G-rated piece of fan art I could find, and post that to maintain a theme... 30 seconds later I found what I was looking for, and changed my mind.

At least this episode won't be worse than that!

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  2. The pet plot really excite me. It would show me something at the end of the episode if the guest pet passes away. Great opptunity to teach kids about death.

    As for the Blythe, Sue might be useful this time, give Blythe tips on how to be a crazy stocker. Better Blythe ought to get advise from Juvia from Fairy Tail or even better Mizore from Roasario + Vampire, now Mizore she is a master at stocking, she is a pro.

  3. Even though I still think this wasn't really a good idea... At least this wasn't anywhere near bad as last week, and THANK GOD. Not High Tier, but not Low - rank garbage, either. I thank the pets for that.
    So yeah - Mid - High Tier is a good fit for this... Mostly because of the pets (And that awesome enough goldfish, once time got decently devoted to it; shame it took place in a sewer. No one should have to go down there!).

    The main reason I wouldn't go all that high with this one: I'm sure we've all seen whatever Blythe did here done (at least a little bit...) better in another show(s)... Like say, Regular Show or Gravity Falls, for example. Thankfully, that's all I can / hope to have found wrong with this week's effort. It's just been done before is all - at least it ended much more happily than Secret Cupet ever did, so there's that, I'm sure.

    Then again, I don't know what I'm complaining about anymore, now - just Like Mordecai in Regular Show is / was with Margaret, or Dipper with Wendy from Gravity Falls... I'd just be letting the haters of Blythe get to me with their nonsense at this point! After all, what Blythe was doing wasn't too crazy (and could almost... ALMOST be normal as long as it doesn't become an obsession, period. OR ELSE!) for someone who needs to realize "relationships aren't everything". I'm sure some of us have acted the same way, too - but we're afraid to admit it, out of fear of looking stupid as well.

    Either way, ignoring next week (which I can only hope turns out OK at best!), things are only starting to look up from here, IMHO.

  4. Ever since I first heard about this episode, I was always eager to watch it. Was it worth the wait?

    Looks like it was~ We get to see more interaction between Blythe and Josh, the Biskit twins going gaga over Josh, some development of Josh's character, and it's all done pretty good. An awesome episode in my book.

    ...Yeah, I was only referring to the Blythe plot there. What can I say, that was the plot I was more interested in. I'm a real sucker for romantic development in cartoons. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the goldfish plot. I can actually relate to the goldfish's predicament... Being unable to enjoy what others do and all... Anyway, we also get an okay song and an adventure that takes place in the sewers. I always thought it would be interesting to see an episode take place in a sewer environment (Eight Arms To Hold You only lightly touched on this). I also liked how we see plenty of guest animals; not only do we have Goldie, we also see singing and dancing rodents and a Canadian-accented alligator. Even the Blythe plot had Zoe, Minka and the chinchillas. Plenty of animals in this episode which is good~

    Back to Blythe's plot, I was really hoping it would flesh out Josh's character more and sure enough it did just that. We see Josh being a sensible and considerate person, he cares for and loves animals as much as Blythe and he's not shallow to fall for the Biskits' shenanigans. He's not just a block of wood anymore and it's clear he shows genuine interest in Blythe's personality. Speaking of Blythe, I also like how she's finally overcome her shyness with Josh and is now capable of actually having real conversations with him. They even mention the events from Sweet Truck Ride which I thought was interesting continuity.

    I was kinda intrigued that Minka and Zoe didn't make such a big deal of LEPS, even looking forward to doing stuff there. I also notice how Blythe only acted depressed rather than jealous over the thought of Josh liking the Biskits. This episode throws out the idea of competition in every way possible.

    I thought it was funny when the alligator tried to tell the pets what happens to fish in the fan in a tame way with no success before finally getting frustrated enough to bluntly say "He's gonna get chopped to bits!"

    I liked that the Biskit twins went gaga over Josh, just as I predicted. I thought it was a good idea to give them the human flaw of doing stupid stuff for someone attractive.

    Sunil does no singing in this episode's song, which is a shame because I, and no doubt many others, feel that he really should have a solo song at this point.

    Blythe is kinda stalky in here but as I hoped, at least it was for good reason: it's the fact he took a job in LEPS that got her curious so you could say she had a business-related interest in wanting to scope out the situation behind his employment there.

    The ending abruptly shows Madison getting hired by the Biskits. What a way to end an episode and it further cements Madison's 'temporary employee' role which I think can take the show a long way.

    I really loved this episode and I'm already eager to watch it again~

  5. What an episode, I did say it would be a daring thing to do and kill off the guest pet and teach about death, this episode was enjoyable, a big step up from last week.

    The pet plot was great, the goldfish was cool. I like the song, it is okay, not as good as the song in "Tongue Tied" "Sleeper" and the song we will see in "The Secret Recipe". I love all those sewer characters, be cool if we had a turtle appear like a refrence to TMNT. Ha ha.

    As for the Blythe, when I heard LEPS meaning the Biskits are going to be in this episode, I was worried, I am a big Biskit fan, but even I admit 4 episodes in a row with the Biskits that is too much, the Biskits work best in small doses, you need a breather in between episodes, 2 episodes in a row is okay, but nothing past that, but here there role is small like "War Of The Weird", so it doesn't really count. Plus Cashmere and Velvet, that is a win in itself and the ending, I will get to that later. Also great to see Blythe and Youngmee interaction, but Youngmee please as they said on a old show called You Can't Do That On Television, don't encourage her.

    Nice to see Zoey and Minka attitude towards LEPS, they act like it is a normal pet shop, not hell on earth like the show tried to act like it was in season 1. LEPS is a rivial pet shop, not an evil pet shop, I am glad they are going away from that aspect of the show that they had before.

    I thought Blythe was going to be more stockerish, but is too creepy like Sue was in "Russell Up Some Fun". Though the Biskits liking Josh, is Josh is starting to get a harem, and his personality is like a anime harem protagonist, dull no personality. It is okay if Blythe likes him, but I don't every girl in the school to like him, please tone it down. Like I thought Josh gets fired, I thought Blythe would get him fired, but that is not the case, though part of me it would be cool to have a Romeo and Julliet aspet to the LPS vs LEPS, if Josh continued to work there, I don't Mrs. T would be cool with Blythe flaternishing with the enemy.

    I was going to say this episode was okay, but that ending, the Madision cameo that just made it for me. Fisher Biskit that poor man, LEPS won't survive this. You can survive with just Madison like LPS did, you can survive with just the Biskit twins like LEPS has, but put those three together OMG, poor Fisher. I kind of what to see that, who can out dumb who? I put my money on Madison winning the competition of stupidness. In other words the Biskits are less dumb. Perhaps Mrs. Twombry encourage Madison to hang around LEPS as part of her scheme to take down LEPS from the inside.

    The Biskits they have no idea what they are in for, I don't care how much you hate the Biskits, you have to feel sorry for them, for what they are about to go through, the old term wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy rings true here. Ha ha.

  6. Oh boy, where to start on this one. Since I watched the episode on the Hub instead of on Dailymotion like I usually do, I don't have the episode directly in front of me and have to go off of memory. Fortunately, the B and P plots in this episode are totally 100% separate, so I'll do them separately.

    The B plot begins with Blythe and Youngmee discovering Josh has a new job. Youngmee has the BRILLIANT idea to find out where he's working so she can pretend she goes there all the time. SURPRISE! Turns out he's working at LEPS, so Blythe can't really claim that. Instead, Blythe decides to go see him at LEPS, to stalk, er, rescue him from the Biskits, in true 'Murican style. (That joke would have been a lot funnier if this site allowed any of the strikethrough tags.) She decides to take Zoe and Minka to aid her in this endeavour, somehow.

    At LEPS, Blythe struggles to enter a door, because like most humans, when IN LOVE she sort of ceases to function. Inside, she discovers that SURPRISE! the Biskits BOTH also have a crush on him. M. Night Shyamalan would be proud. Somewhat discouraged to find herself caught in the middle of a love tetrahedron, Blythe decides to leave, but not before checking out the LEPS fashion line. Funnily enough, the LEPS fashion line seems to consist of human toddler clothing, complete with shirts and shorts. Before leaving, they hear what sounds like a three-way between Josh and the Biskits except only Josh is enjoying it, what with all the kissing he's talking about. I'm sure there's probably someone already in the process of uploading that to pahael. Except this is a kids show, so it can mean only one thing; he's talking to some cute little pets. Seriously, I saw it coming several seconds before it was revealed. Turns out he's caring for the chinchillas, since the twins are doing such a poor job of it. Nice callback, even if I would have to look up what their names were again. Turns out he needs some sort of toy for them that LEPS doesn't carry, but LPS does, which is surprising, considering LEPS is obviously large and THE CEO'S TWIN DAUGHTERS OWN CHINCHILLAS. Josh decides to walk over to LPS with Blythe to get them, but during their trip he gets a call from the Biskits and makes the mistake of telling them he's at LPS, which gets him fired on the spot. Status quo restored! We do get a callback to the Sweet Delights Truck incident, which is nice.

    I REALLY didn't like this plot. I'm ok with Josh being in the show, but I'm not so sure about devoting a whole episode to it. Also Blythe's stalking and the Biskits liking Josh too is just too plain weird for me. 2/10, would not watch again.

    Due to character limits, the P plot review will be in reply to this comment.

    1. P Plot time! Our special guest star of the week is a goldfish, named Goldy. To start, he's got about as much ability to show emotion as Maud Pie, which for the few of you who don't watch MLP, is not very much. This plot seemed dedicated to showing off Russel as a MacGyver. Russel builds some sort of contraption that allows him to move around, but he does so straight out of the day camp and into a sewer. To be honest, for the first time I thought they might have killed a guest pet. The rest of the pets minus Zoe and Minka (because they're stuck in the B plot, and Zoe would probably freak about being in a sewer). There they meet the rats from a few episodes back, that had the tube system. They love how the sewer is filthy enough to be the mutant home from Futurama so much that they sing a song about it and somehow get the rest of the pets in on it. Sunil points out that this is a waste of time when Goldy is probably swimming away. Oh, except he's too much of a pussy to actually go after him without a boat, so the other pets point out that the song wasn't a waste of time because it taught Russell more MacGyver skills in order to build a boat, and this sentence hurts my head.

      Now's the time where I should probably mention that the reason Sunil is being too much of a pussy because he believes there's a mutant alligator in the sewer, but SURPRISE! there is a mutant alligator in the sewer, except its mutations make it Canadian, not menacing. Seriously, this guy's got the accent, the ehs, and the apologizing. I'm sure he probably hoards discarded maple syrup bottles. He points out that the pets might be SOL with Goldy because he swam toward the water treatment plant. By the way kids, Finding Nemo is a lie. Flushed fish die. They spot Goldy trying to swim away, but Canadagator refuses to go any farther. But Russel might as well have been guest voiced by Richard Dean Anderson, because he's making a life preserver thing. The goldfish didn't die! Yay! I don't really remember what happens after that.

      Surprisingly, I liked the P plot in this episode better than the B plot, because normally it's the opposite. The B plot was downright awful, but the P plot was just forgettable. 5/10, I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

  7. Anyone know why we haven't got any watermark-free versions of the two latest episodes?

    1. Looks like according to the comments on Ryaless' DM channel, he's been having trouble with DM not processing his uploads.

  8. I know I'm usually quicker with these but this time...I wasn't. Aaanywhooo...

    I wrote a comment/review in my usual paragraph form, but lost it and since I really don't feel like re-writing it all, I'm using the "Everything Wrong with ___" style instead, with two differences. First, I'm also including positives, since there were parts of this episode I liked and second, I'm calling it "Majors and Mehs", because Littlese Pet Shop. This also means that some of what I say will be just as a joke rather than actual praise or complaints.

    -Youngmee being a shipper on deck is not only cute but also helps establish her as Blythe's best friend.
    -Youngmee's picture of a cat with a wig in her locker.
    -Cutting away from Youngmee's post "you're so smart" face midway. I know that seems like a meh, but it's not.
    -Predictable twist is predictable...but still works.
    -Zoe's manual echo effect.
    -Sunil had ramps built around him and didn't notice. That must be quite a book. Trust me, that's a major.
    -Pepper's smile after Sunil leaves. Pepper always has the best mouths.
    -"Jumping the shark" joke.
    -Derpy-Minka stares into your soul.
    -Indecisive Blythe as relatable as she is funny.
    -Being in a cart blows Zoe's mind somehow.
    -Goldy's cart thing apparently handles like a dream.
    -"Sorry, I didn't see you standing there." "You never do." And now Biskit-teleportation makes a little less sense. Yes, that's meant to be in the majors. Also, Whittany says a sentence without a single "like".
    -The Biskits being happy about something other than making Blythe miserable (intentionally) makes them kind of endearing.
    -Zoe's adorable wagging tail.
    -"Myth" joke is funny the first time.
    -Penny Ling's jump down the manhole.
    -Pets are unaffected by long falls onto walkways. This could have been a very dark episode otherwise.
    -Penny Ling seems to have a thing for raccoons.
    -Once again, Pepper-faces, this time during the song.
    -Just after the song, Sunil speaks for the audience.
    -Sunil's "screw Goldy" attitude.
    -Opportunity to reaffirm the chimmycherrychillas' Biskit-ness was taken, this time with the person they all like.
    -Zoe's realization barks.
    -Myth joke is kind of funny again.
    -Whistling is a very positive way to describe being chopped up. Try it next time you're talking to someone about Raiders of the Lost Ark. "So Indy is fighting this huge guy and he's getting beaten pretty bad. Then the plane turns and Indy ducks an (whistle)".
    -"Do you mind if I, uh, walk over there with you?" Flutterblythe is adorable.
    -Big Al's hat is surprisingly clean.
    -Josh has already had more character development than Flash Sentry.

    1. I'm confused by your "Majors and Mehs" formatting. Are they all supposed to be mehs unless otherwise stated? You start off with "Majors" at the top like it's a whole section of them, but there's no "Mehs" section and some of those I wouldn't exactly consider good.

    2. Meh:
      -"Casual"! Say the whole word!
      -Josh can't see Blythe skid to a stop right in front of him. He's be a great Genome soldier.
      -Mrs. Twombly is in the room when Minka does a possibly dangerous stunt. Instead of stopping this, she chooses to suprise-fish them.
      -Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends did the shark-jumping joke better.
      -The idea that the unholy union of Steven Wright and Ben Stein not only exists, but is somehow a fish.
      -Day camps exist to keep pets taken care of and to prevent them from running away or messing up their owner's home while they're at work or on vacation. He's a goldfish!
      -I'm pretty sure the pets are trolling Goldy with their game suggestions. That's messed up.
      -No actual lines for Mrs. Twombly.
      -Mrs. Twombly didn't hear hammering and sawing. Also, she let the pets have a hammer and saw.
      -Goldy stops the cart-thing, even though Russel later says it has no brakes.
      -"Lets see how you handle more speed!" Dammit, Vinnie.
      -Goldy is able to make sharp turns but doesn't try to get back to the day camp.
      -Mrs. Twombly doesn't hear wheels, a parade of paws or the loud impact of wood on the door coming from inside the pet shop and she's not wearing headphones. Didn't she used to be more observant than this or
      -Largest Ever Pet Shop rarely has customers. How does it stay open?
      -The buildings across the parking lot and street are more visile through LEPS's door than Blythe a few feet away.
      -"They may like him, but that doesn't mean that he likes them." I mean, they're just pretty, rich twins who like to do everything together and can make his job into a paid paradise. What's to like?
      -"Well, if Sunil won't come with us, there's only one thing to do." Respect his wishes? Oh, drag him into terror against his will, of course.
      -"I'm nocturnal and I can barely see." Pepper has always been seen active during the day. Does she not sleep?
      -I can see burger wrappers and leaves ending up in the sewer, but how is there most of a bike, several TVs, an oat canister and an entire, untouched bone-in ham down there?
      -Raccoon singer has no name until credits.
      -Overestimation of burger-wrapper boats.
      -Myth joke less funny the second time.
      -Zoe condemns LEPS's pet clothes, despite having previously given eager approval to a fire hydrant hat and covering Russel in balls. She has odd taste.
      -Zoe is staunchly anti-tickling?
      -Big Al thinks the pets are trash, even though they're all calling for Goldy.
      -Imagining what Big Al's breath must smell like.
      -Sewer is completely feces-free. Maybe that one should be a major?
      -"Describe this goldfish." I refer you to my previous "He's a goldfish".
      -Russel ties the rope to Big Al's upper jaw, even though the lower jaw is the one that does all the chewing and biting and, you know, moving.
      -Goldy claims to have seen a whale in the sewer. He is a filthy, filthy liar.
      -For nearly all of Goldy's visit (I assume one workday), the day camp has been either filled with construction or empty. Mrs. Twombly didn't notice any of it. You know, mrs. T, if glancing through a big window every few hours in order to make sure the living things your customers are trusting you with is too much trouble, maybe owning a pet shop isn't for you.
      -"I wasn't crazy about working for the Biskits, anyway." Why not?
      -Outdated promo.

    3. EggheadDash-The Mehs list hit some length-restriction snags, so they took a moment to be posted. Believe it or not, this list was revised and edited a few times to fit.

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