Saturday, 9 August 2014

"If the Shoe Fits" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

This week, we see Blythe getting invited to the Biskits' birthday party. Try to keep the peace, girls.

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  2. Episode written by Corey Powell, he writes the Biskits the best so yeah high expectations from this writer.

  3. Okay this was a good episode, however it was disappointing, I didn't the stuff I was hoping or expecting. First of all no development on the Blythe / Biskits relationship. I hope we would get more of a followed up from "Doorjammed" instead the Biskits barely appear and the focus is more on some boy band. Though we get some info on the butler, perhaps he is trying to get Blythe and the Biskits together, he could be their guardian angel like the butler form Good Luck Girl. Second disappointment, no Cashmere and Velvet, that is a big disappointment, when will they appear again in a speaking role.

    This is the second episode in a row because of a guy or guys Blythe's common sense goes bye bye. I understand why, but still two episodes in a row of this, I want the sensable Blythe to appear again.

    The pets outright ignoring Blythe order not to show up at the party, if I look at Blythe as the mother and the pets as her kids, sometimes kids find loop holes to disobey their parents, though I like to see more of Russell argue with the other pets that this was wrong. How are the Biskits rich, they are all idiots. I know about the twins, but Fisher you to. Now I see where the twins get it from and why perhaps Fisher's wife let him if that is what happened, perhaps she was the only intelligent one in the family, and being surronded by idiots was too much. But it was still funny. And Roger was hillarous as always, but for an episode title the shoe is a very small part of the plot.

    Blythe and Youngmee fan girling that was over the top, but okay, I am glad Youngmee got some screen time with her own plot and wasn't just Blythe sidekick this time. We only two more episodes till "Secret Recipe", I can't wait. Youngmee was hillarous with the barking and the clucking. She has come a long way from the bland tooken character she was in the beginning.

    And some check the skys for pigs flying, check the tempture in hell, we had a miracle. Jasper was very good in this episode, maybe even excellent. I liked his trying to deny he is a fan of the boy band, but actually liking them, and seeing him chill at the party that was actuallly funny. Corey Powell is a genious, he wrote Jasper so well that is a possitive in this episode. I think we found a formula for Blythe's friends, Youngmee is the main friends who appears more than the others, and Jasper is the tooken male character, Sue is not needed. I thought Jasper was the problem the whole time, but no it was Sue. She is the bad ingredient to this formula.

    I was cringing at all the fan girling of the boy band, but I was plessent surprised, they are not a boy band, they are playing their own instruments, they are a real band. I could tell you a few bands and artists I would go to a concert with satin to see, so I relate to Blythe and her friends in this episode.

    The Biskits were like last week used more of a plot device, this episode didn't focus on them. Though I am glad their party wasn't ruined. And things ended mostly possitive, they didn't like Blythe's gift, that is no surprise, though I agree with them when they said "What did you expect?" What did they expec?. Really Blythe really? Weather you are friends with them or not, I think you know them well enough to know what type of gift they would like, perhaps you can't afford that, but at least get them something they won't hate, but a picture of Blythe and her friends, clearly she put no effort into this, if you going to get them a picture, get them a picture of themselves, they are so self absorbbed., Blythe should know that. Or a picture of Blythe and the Biskits perhaps from their temperary friendship in "Penny For Your Laughs".

    All and all a good episode, some good surprising like Jasper, but lacking things I was hoping for.

  4. Okay guys, I apologize for the late review for this week's episode; it's been a busy week for me. Better late than never. start things off, we get Blythe and Youngmee going gaga over some boy band and being invited to the Biskit twins party featuring them... The extra-loud squeeing was just WAY overdone. Seriously, one squee was bad enough, but to be treated to a second one lasting a whopping 15 seconds was downright annoying. Big negative right there for me and a bad start to an...otherwise awesome episode.

    Thankfully this episode does pick up after the introductory scene and it keeps getting better and better the longer you watch it. We get some nice Roger scenes and it was even fun watching him and Jasper interact with each other. Speaking of Jasper, maybe it's the week's stresses getting to my head but I honestly thought he was pretty entertaining in this episode rather than annoying. I actually felt like he added to this episode.

    We don't see the Biskit twins until halfway through the episode and even within the second half, we don't see them too often which really helped this episode a lot. I agree with whoever said that the Biskits work better in small doses. It was also cool seeing them in new outfits this time. Hell, I really liked all the outfits the characters wore in this episode. It was nice to see the humans other than Blythe also wear something different for a change.

    Even the pets have different looks, whether it was the spiffy-looking disguises in that brief scene or them pulling the "manimal" disguise, which reminded me of that one episode of Foster's. They were also really fun to watch as they managed to make their way into and around the party...and somehow gain the interest of Fisher and Roger. They even got a chance to rock with the boy band and end up being popular for it.

    There was also lots and I mean LOTS of comedy here. I'm not even gonna bother listing anything here because this episode was just chock full of it~

    A really great episode all around and probably even as good as Door-Jammed. Only negative here is the occasional super-loud squeeing of Blythe and Youngmee here and there, but everything else makes up for it. I wish I had the chance to see this episode when it first aired as I feel like I really missed out on this all week. Seriously, go see this episode if you haven't already.

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