Saturday, 16 August 2014

"The Very Littlest Pet Shop" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

This week, the shop gets miniaturized. So in honour of this non-sequitur, enjoy some Pepper fan art.

NB: Stream theatre has changed.

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  1. Okay at last my review of this episode. Well Dolores she reminded of Invader Zim. It is like Zim has invaded the Littlest Pet Shop. It seemed all the lesson Pepper learned from "Penny For Your Laughs" is thrown out the window, I thought she knew about sensitivity now.

    So the pets anger Delores and they and LPS are shrunk? This can't be real right? Conveniently Zoey had to go for a walk, it looked like she had to use the little doggies room.

    And if things couldn't get worst, the little monster is back. Alice from "What Did You Say" is back and for the second episode in a row we get an actually flashback, I hope the animation budget is okay. Actually I am pretty I saw Alice and her mom in the pet fashion expo in "The Expo Factor" and I noticed Vinnie and had a reaction, back to this episode. So Vinnie did tell the pets about his traumatic experience. We get more Vinnie and Sunil bromance. I tell you Alice's mom she is bad as a parent as Fisher Biskit maybe even worse. Maybe those two ought to go out and neglect their children together.

    Anyway Blythe and Zoey find Delorus she tells them what happened, and Zoey goes all police dog on us and find them. They find Alice and we she has no soul as she is not effected by Zoey's sad eyes, what is wrong with you? So there is a fun chase scene, and we find out Alice messed Princess Precious. And Vinnie is touched by that for some reason. Blythe makes a deal with her, LPS is restored back to normal.

    Than it gets trippy, and as we all suspected it was all a dream and non canon. Though I wonder when did things start to become part of Vinnie's dream?

    It is an alright episode, I am gald it is over and now we can focus on the epic next episode "The Secret Recipe". I think we are suppose to feel sorry for Alice. If so, didn't really work with me, it is like the opposite with the Biskits in the early episdoes. In the early episodes they are suppose to be villains are suppose to hate, but I ended up liking them and sympatise with them, Alice on the other hand I don't feel much for her, she is better than she was in "What Did You Say", but still I didn't cute or adorable or anything.

    Before you say I am person that hates kid characters, I don't some of them I love, like Elicia Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Asuka Connell from Fairy Tail (especially the Natsu and Asuka omake chapter, she is so adorable I hope that gets animated), or heck even Meelo from Legend Of Korra (though not so much this season, he is a little psychopath this season but in the past he has been okay) And no they don't have to be perfect angels, I like seeing kid characters be rumbunches, but balence with seeing their innocense and cuteness. I never saw a cute innocent side from Alice.

    All and all a good episode, 8.5 / 10 for me

  2. I kinda like the 'Majors and Mehs' format I used for Fish Out of Water. Which is my explanation of why I'm also using it here. It's a pretty good one, I think.

    -"Secret Recipe" is now the next episode!
    -The GIF-ability of Pepper shaking her butt is immeasurable. "Feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all!"
    -Pepper's infectious laugh. Also, her curled-up laughing pose.
    -Zoe's reaction to sticks reminds me of the chair-throwing joke from The Boondocks.
    -Holy crap, this is going to be a Pepper episode, isn't it!?
    -Pepper makes jokes that aren't found in joke books, which is a refreshing change for her.
    -Russel's fear of marshmallows is explained. It still doesn't make sense, but it's explained.
    -Lines for Mrs. Twombly.
    -Dolores' voice also reminded me of The Boondocks, in this case the Dr. Evil-y lady who runs BET.
    -Mrs. Twombly's absence explained in a way that makes sense. Which means I don't have to harp on her being irresponsible this week!
    -Magic being a thing helps keep the 'it was all a dream'-type ending less easy to predict. Somewhat.
    -Giant bugs has been done, but it works surprisingly well here.
    -Alice's mom sounds like she's just about to either snap or drink, and that's entirely understandable.
    -Vinnie's hilarious trauma!
    -Understated but genuine friend moments between Vinnie and Sunil.
    -Good bouncing animations all around.
    -They didn't overuse the "sh-sh-sh-sha-a-a-ak-k-k-ki-i-ng-ng' voice.
    -Zoe quickly gets on finding out what happened to the pet shop. Plus, her dog-forgetfulness is getting better.
    -Delores' blatant supervillainy makes Sugar Sprinkles' forced love magic seem no to bad by comparison.
    -"Hi! I'm selling...something...for my school?" Blythe is best liar.
    -After all the times I've seen Applejack talk to Rainbow Dash, I don't know why hearing two such obviously Ashleigh Ball voices talking to each other was so odd, but Blythe and Alice felt weird. In a funny way.
    -"I've never heard of a dollhouse dog-toy". Tell me Blythe wasn't just outsmarted by this kid. They'll let anyone be a mathlete nowadays.
    -The stick thing is used later to good effect. And I don't mind Alice knowing about Zoe's weakness because of how common it is.
    -Zoe getting the stick and giving it to Blythe is adorable and nicely dog-ish.
    -Those bizarre last few seconds of the fantasy sequence.
    -Pepper didn't learn jack, which makes sense considering none of the lesson teaching stuff happened to her.
    -The ending. Ha ha, it's funny because she made a main character miserable and now she knows where to find him!

    1. Meh:
      -Not so against having a laugh at other's expense, are you, pets?
      -Mrs. Twombly is dismissive of Blythe's confidence in understanding pets, completely brushing off her amazing track record of doing so.
      -Dolores' voice always feeling about four words from saying something very bad about black people. My own fault for thinking of The Boondocks, but come on. If you've seen what I mean, tell me you don't hear it, too.
      -"Why is everyone looking at me?" Take a guess, Pepper. Hint: it involves what you were doing to everyone two minutes ago.
      -Sunil promises Dolores space as the pets all crowd around her.
      -Zoe scratching Blythe's leg probably hurts more than she lets on.
      -Russel has something against trying to get Delores to laugh, too? Why? Blythe never said anything about not getting her to laugh.
      -The return of Alice. It's not the stuff she does to the pet shop that makes her a meh, she doesn't know what's going on. I think it's that she's always yelling.
      -Alice's mother's lack of concern with what Alice is doing. She's the Mrs. Twombly of children.
      -We don't get to see the other pets in tutus.
      -LPS is gone and a tiny exact replica of it is in its place. I'm not saying Alice's mom should have assumed curses, but that's a little suspicious, isn't it?
      -I have no idea how Blythe missed the lack of pet shop. Her eyes were open as she approached and unleashed Zoe and she even had her head turned in that direction. Zoe probably should have noticed, too. When Blythe did notice, she was 'totally cas' ' about it.
      -It's hard to tell what gets Blythe's disapproval sometimes. Pepper trying to win back Penny Ling's friendship with a joke: no like. Shrinking the pets, the pet shop, her home, possibly her dad and sounding proud of it: "aw, who's fault is this because it's clearly not yours".
      -Delores doesn't need to reverse the curse herself. I'm not saying Blythe should take her out to prevent this from happening again, I'm just saying it's not the worst idea she could have. Also, sweet kitty Jesus, Delores is an ass!
      -Alice is not moved by sad Zoe.!?
      -Okay, I know I already said Alice's mom doesn't seem to care, but letting her run out of the building with the girl who barged in on an obvious lie is!
      -Vinnie's fickle trauma!
      -Missed opportunity for tiny Roger.
      -How easy it was for Delores to go from twitching rage to laughing at herself.

  3. I actually have very little to say about this episode, compared to my usual multi-comment reviews. Pepper is kind of an asshole in it. There's a difference between being a funny person and disrespecting people's boundaries. So I dislike the frame story. The main story is more interesting, but turns out to have never happened because it was in a dream, a la Wizard of Oz. Though I do like how leading up to "Secret Recipe" the other humans seem to have been prodding at the understanding animals thing a lot more.

  4. Okay, quick review from me (I know, right before the mid-season finale... Been occupied due to girlfriend from S. Carolina visiting me for the month~)

    Loved this episode, it's a perfect example of what I'd like the show to do more of, creating dreams/imaginations to fabricate plots that sidestep the confines of reality. It felt a little short as the shrinking of the pet shop happens a little late in the episode but it was still nice to see something supernatural happen in the show.

    The "sub-plot" for this episode is directly involved with the main one which works pretty well. Plenty of screentime for the pets including Pepper, Russell, Zoe, and of course some Sunil/Vinnie bromance. Great episode, thumbs up from me~