Saturday, 27 December 2014

"Back Window" - Downloads/​Discussion

Hello everyone. Once again, it's another episode of Littlest Pet Shop that I totally forgot about!

This week, Russell witnesses a murder (probably)! Out of a window (maybe)! Through a telescope (probably not but that would make sense)!

HD from Discovery Family
HD w/o Watermark

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  1. I actually thought this was a solid episode, not great, but okay. I thought Russell being over protective of Blythe was kind of sweet and he is very likable. Though I wish he would stop blaming the Biskits and LEPS for everything, it is like all the evil in the world it their fault, I thought we were past that, at least Zoey seemed to have some what of the right attitude.

    The same can't be said about Penny who was very unlikable, I think like the first half of Book 2 Korra, we are not suppose to like Penny's attitude so I guess I let that slide.

    The pets tried to be helpful towards Russell and not just completely ditch him so they could focus on their stunts.

    But yes, can we please stop villanify the Biskits and LEPS, I thought we are past that, it is like the ponies always blaming Discord when something goes wrong, the Biskits they are reformed this season so quit blaming them for everything, besides if there was any villain mastermind trying to steal Blythe's design that most likely would be Ramon, that is his MO, steal Blythe's designs that is what he does, Ramon would be my number one suspects before the Biskits.

    I thought when Russell told Blythe what he thought Josh was up to, that she would be mad at Russell and not believe him, so I was so shocked she actually was buying this, other shows wouldn't do that, so I proud of Blythe. She doesn't know Josh that well, she know Russell very well, so she should give Russell the benefit of the doubt, any other show they would believe in the love interest they barely know over the friend they know much better. Nice to get more info on Josh's character and to see him become more fleshed out instead of a Gary sue generic love interest.

    Great to see Youngmee finally, but nothing about her knowing Blythe's secret, I don't know if this episode took place pre or post "Secret Recipe". I hope they follow up on that soon.

  2. While I consider this a High Tier effort for Season 3, Russel looked pretty stupid here - I'd rather this show not place blame on the twins for everything, as much as I hate them. It's just more annoying than productive and has really dome to hurt this show's quality, IMHO.

    Everything else was thankfully well - executed and entertaining here. That, and the pets got what they deserved for being stupid enough to imitate what's on TV, without forcing the moral, which is what I continue to expect of this show.