Saturday, 20 December 2014

"Snow Stormin'" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

Back for the second week in a row, it's a winter-themed episode of Littlest Pet Shop! Exciting stuff.

The pets are snowed in, and feral. What could possibly go right!?

And good news for those who hate waiting. This week's episode got an early release on NetFlix. Likely a glitch.

The Brony Network (one week only)

Early High Definition Release (courtesy NetFlix and WingedArtist28)
HD from Discovery Family
HD from iTunes
Another HD from iTunes

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  1. This was a very good episode, well worth the buildup that it had, it's no "Secret Recipe", but yeah it is excellent. Nope it is not Christmas so my hope of this redeeming last week's episode as far as not being Christmassy enough, those hopes are dashed.

    Good episode non the less, though how the snow just fell, the weather doesn't work like that. But the song was great, though we knew about this song for a long time, doesn't make it any less great. Daniel Ingram delivers again.

    The pets getting on each others nerve I know how they felt, I often have those types of days. Blythe's plan was a good plan, didn't work, nice try Blythe. I thought Zoey thinking that style would solve everything was pretty funny, I did get frustrated at the other pets for not realizing Russell is the plan guy let him do his thing. You don't see the rest of Team Avatar step on Sokka toes.

    Now as far as the B plot, Roger was awesome. Yes a lot of it was illogical. Roger should get his own show, and the poor cable guy he tries his best.

    As for the C plot, I sympathies with Twombry, the cable company does that all the time.

    Great episode, 9 / 10

  2. I'm gonna say it right now: SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST WEEK. However...

    - The Pets' arguing got grating after awhile (aka the whole episode, up until the end...).

    - I feel the ending could have been a bit happier, if only to take away from any mean - spiritedness that may have taken its toll on the episode as a whole from the pets' bickering.

    Real shame, because everything else was well done here, especially once the pets finally grew the heck up and helped save Roger. It also helps that Blythe was just a lot more likable and productive here - that's what I like to see in this darn pet shop show!]

    Also, Roger - he was actually pretty funny and helpful, as usual, to the plot when he needed to be, throughout.

    So yeah - I consider this to be a Mid - High Tier effort. Either way, still infinitely better than whatever we got thrown our way last week, that's for sure!

  3. Major:

    -I really want to put Vinnie's assertion that Pepper's rubber chicken jokes are lame under 'meh', and I would, except...well, it's not like he's wrong.
    -Blythe's rapping makes Snips and Snails rap from Rainbow Rocks look good. I mean, fly.
    -Blythe dresses like several of my aunts in this episode, and it was nice to be reminded of them.
    -We finally see Mrs. Twombley's apartment, something I didn't even know I wanted but it turns out I did. And it kinda suits her.
    -Downtown City has the same sudden blanket of snow as the valley from the comic Bone. And I like Bone.
    -I guess the pets' last names do come from their owners, as shown by Blythe talking to 'ms. Nevla'.
    -So I don't have to keep citing examples, I'll say it here: I really like Roger's parts in this episode. Also, that's a really good Swiss army knife!
    -That cute-face group.
    -The heat has been either off or out for most of the last two episodes and cold-blooded Vinnie does fine. I'd say this is a meh since it doesn't make sense, but since it prevents him from dying, I'm for it.
    -The astronaut food joke was pretty funny.
    -The Musical number. By which of course, I mean Roger's "diggety-dig' song.
    -The actual musical number.
    -"The people of Alaska, yeah, they do it many ways." (Mwah!) Good night, everybody!
    -Vinnie has really warmed up to tutus since his time with Alice.
    -Blyhte doing Buttercream's "What, what" bit. And a moment later, even Buttercream doesn't know what the hell Buttercream is talking about.
    -Sunil's Marty McFly jacket.
    -Pepper's post-joke grin. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Pepper has the best mouths.
    -The cold-air breaths. Minor touch, but it really helps and they stuck with it. Mostly. Even the timing on them is usually good.

    1. Meh:

      -I know Vinnie is dumb, but 'repetative' is easy to at least guess the meaning of.
      -No, Minka, that wasn't funny.
      -Stop jumping and swinging around? Russel, have you met Minka?
      -Okay, Penny Ling is clearly just eating that way to annoy Russel. I thought she couldn't do things that aren't nice.
      -Not sure why, but the line they go to the intro on doesn't feel like a good scene-pauser to me.
      -If the pets' last names are just their owner's last names, what about Olive Shellstein? Or Wiggles McSunbask? And was that guy from the season premier's last name 'von Fuzzlebutt'?
      -During the group mutter, the mouths stop moving before the voices stop griping.
      -"You mammals are all alike." Vinnie is...whatever the equivalent of racist is.
      -"Now take off your coats and hats." Oh my...
      -Blythe shines the emergency flashlight in her eyes for no reason. Good thing there's no emergency gun.
      -Zombies who crochet!? 2spooky4me, I mean children.
      -So, does Penny Ling want to come up with her own plan or not?
      -Being stuck in the pantry at Sweet Delights was fun? You mean when the pets fought and mistrusted one another and they were all sugar-tweaking? If you say so, Buttercream...
      -All the plans but Russel's. Hey, Pepper, remember earlier when you asked why Russel always comes up with the survival plans? Yeah, this is why.
      -"All of those plans sound great..." Blythe is a filthy, filthy liar.
      -How does Russel know what nuclear fission looks like? And did anyone ever find that notebook?
      -That weird layering with Blythe's hat and bangs.
      -I need to get someone down here, but who!?" Christie? She's right next door and you could talk through the hole. Or maybe Youngmee is there with her? Or Mrs. Twombley, who seems to live in the building and who Blythe could probably get to if she used the dumbwaiter? Or landline phones work when the power is out, that opens up some options. Granted, none of those probably would have worked, but if she's already decided not to rely on the pets.
      -How does Roger not notice Blythe talking to the pets? It shows that he can hear her when she talks. For that matter, why doesn't he notice or care that the pets took the door off the hinges?